How to Season a Stainless Steel Pan

Do We Really Need to Season a Stainless Steel Pan?

Do we really need seasoning of the stainless steel pan? The short answer is no. It is beneficial to season your stainless steel skillet regularly and it works really well! However, over time, you can learn to manage the heat and use the pan without seasoning and with a little oil. We get it, you are hungry and so is your family, so we are testing your patience asking you to wait until the pan reaches the proper temp. It’s all about heat management and to be fair, it can be a little different for different types of stainless steel pots and pans. Basically, no-clad, capsule bottom, tri-ply, multi-clads, etc. need different amounts of heat. Multi-clad pans take some time to heat whereas capsule bottom pans heat up quickly. Don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions on these. 

So, How Do I Season My Pan?

The goal of seasoning is to create a non-stick surface, without toxins. If you are wondering what toxins we are talking about, learn more on our Are No-Stick Pans Safe? blog. Seasoning the pan before cooking, like making an egg omelette is very easy and works like a charm and that too with very little to no oil.

There are different oils people use for seasoning, here are the steps with coconut oil. 

  1. In a clean stainless steel pan, add 1 tbsp of coconut oil. 
  2. Heat the pan on low to medium heat, till the oil melts and you start seeing light smoke.
  3. Tilt the pan so that the oil is applied all around the pan.
  4. Turn off the heat and let the pan cool down.
  5. Pour out the oil from the pan back in the coconut oil container and using a clean paper towel to wipe the pan lightly. Your pan should appear like a mirror now. A very thin layer of coconut oil gets applied to the pan.
  6. Now you are ready to make an omelette in a very clean and neat way. A glass lid is a boon that helps cook the egg on the top side much faster and you can see it through! Check our stainless steel frying pan with clear glass lid!
  7. Check out a quick video to see how it’s done and how easy an omelette can be made HERE.

That’s it! Simple, easy and no mess. Give it a try and you will be happy you learned how to season your pan!