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John Wilson

“As a CAD/CAM Engineer, I find the AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan to be excellently engineered, beautiful and very functional; it heats well, cleans up easily, and maintains its shiny, polished surface. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a robust, extremely functional, yet beautiful piece of cookware.”

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“Fabulous pans…met all my criteria: stainless steel, not too heavy, comfortably shaped saucepan &amp; frying pan handles, stay-cool lids!!! Bought all the saucepans, the 8-inch fry pan, the 11-inchChef’s pan, and the stainless steel mixing bowls. Thank you!

Looking forward to purchasing the 10-inch fry pan once those are back in stock. 🙂

Additionally, Avacraft’s customer service is excellent! …the lid of the 3.5qt saucepan fit too tight and Asha was extremely prompt to respond to my inquiry. She’s sending me out a new lid and I don’t even need to mess around with sending anything back!

Thank you Asha &amp; Avacraft!”

Mindy R

“Lightweight but still solid. I used to have Allclad pans and thought they were the end all be all. After pairing down some kitchen wares for camp I started branching out. Now I mix and match with what works best. The Avacraft is light but solid with good heat distribution. The graduated sides and strainer lid and slight pour spout are fantastic. I figured out that I really loved my Alclad for the clean look of the design but used other brands more often for their equal cooking but better features. The Avacraft is my new go to.”

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Karen - Director of Sales, Marriott