Dreaming of Stainless Steel Cookware – An Inspiring Story!

Recently, Asha and Vivek Kangralkar were interviewed by Justin Murphy for his podcast on iCoach Nutrition Radio. They discussed how Avacraft was founded, the challenges they face as an entrepreneurial couple, and the happiness they have found creating their own line of stainless steel cookware. Their biggest focus has been and always will be, to be with the customer and to amaze them no matter how big Avacraft becomes.


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Starting a Dream

Back in 2015, Asha initially formed the idea to design and manufacture her own line of stainless steel cookware because of her experiences in her own family kitchen using the cookware she had purchased. She had questions concerning the cookware including what kind of steel was used during the manufacturing of the pots and pans, so she contacted the manufacturers. To her dismay, she never received a reply. Asha could not understand why it was so difficult to get answers to her questions, so she and her husband Vivek decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey in 2015.

In addition to designing their own stainless steel cookware and choosing the exact right material to make it from, they were determined to provide exceptional customer service. They want to take care of the customer and use their cookware for a lifetime.

Why We Sell Stainless Steel Cookware

Because Asha had questions about the cookware she had previously been using which were never answered, it became critical that Avacraft stainless steel cookware was exactly what she had been looking for. Asha and Vivek carefully and diligently searched for a manufacturer who understood their vision and would meet their designs and composition requirements. Even though it took 5-6 months to find the right manufacturer, they knew the long search was worth it. 

Cooking with stainless steel can be tricky, especially with heat management, so Asha and Vivek make sure they are always ready to answer their customers’ questions. They know how frustrating it can be to receive no reply, so that is why they try to answer any inquiry within an hour’s time. They are also happy to receive advice and recommendations for improvement from their customers to ensure they are manufacturing the best possible product to meet the needs of their clients.

The Future of Avacraft

Asha and Vivek are always looking to the future and hoping that Avacraft will be able to expand to be one of the biggest producers of stainless steel cookware out there. But they will always reassure their customers that customer service will continue to be their number one priority. Their goal is to be a one-stop solution for all the kitchen cookware someone might need, but no matter how much their company grows they want the quality of customer service to remain the same. Every customer will receive the same attention in the future as they do now because that is the most important part of their entrepreneurial journey. The customer always comes first!

Image Credit: Dallas business journal & The Identity Project