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Our Story

To the owner and founder, Asha, creating tasty, beautiful meals is a love language. She understands some of the best memories are made in the kitchen and around a table, with family.

What began as a search for the perfect cookware for her own cooking, quickly became a one-woman mission to bring quality kitchen cookware to every family’s kitchen.

Working directly with the select manufacturers to manufacture the highest-quality materials, Asha painstakingly tests every AVACRAFT prototype in her own home kitchen in Dallas, Texas. Only after rigorous testing and meticulous modification, do they earn her mom-chef approval.

AVACRAFT is committed to the idea that good cookware should last a lifetime – sometimes even two.

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“We take our kids to see where we grew up – to show them where we were and where we are now. Everything is possible.” – Asha

Good Food

“I enjoy cooking for my family. I like to learn all the new cuisines and try making them at home. I’m always in the kitchen, so I thought this would be the best field for me.” – Asha


“Asha gets a lot of feedback from customers and has actually gone ahead and changed the whole mold and process. She wants to create something people can believe in.” – Vivek

How we do it.

Having an idea

Well, it starts in Asha’s own home kitchen while cooking for her loved ones and with suggestions from customers like you. Yes, we take your suggestions seriously because only you know what works! With the idea of cookware, Asha talks to more customers like you to understand the problem better so that a good design or design change can come out that can make everybody’s life easy. The analysis ranges from design, material, size/shape/weight, use-cases and also being healthy.

Idea to reality

Asha works with her designers to reiterate the design until it works in the computer simulation. In parallel, she and Vivek work the metal composition and start working with the manufacturers. It often takes several flights to sit face to face with manufacturers to ensure they understand the product, materials, quality, manufacturing criteria, and the price target. The first step is to manufacture prototypes. The prototypes are tested in Dallas, in Asha’s home kitchen just like you would use it. Many times prototypes are designed & manufactured multiple times till it works right!

Bringing to customers

Manufacturing is often a mammoth task. Asha travels to the manufacturers and personally looks at the production line, review the quality inspection criteria to ensure it is done in detail and in the right way, even if it takes more time. Avacraft stops working with manufacturers that do not follow the strict manufacturing and quality guidelines. Only after the rigorous quality process, the product is brought to the customers! From the moment it gets in customers’ hands Avacraft stands with customers forever.

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