Best Cookware Gifts for Mother’s Day

Among the best gifts for Mothers’ Day are those that make mom’s life easier. In addition to flowers, candy, breakfast in bed (which she really loves), give her something she’ll enjoy every single day of the year — Avacraft cookware — and do it during our Mothers’ Day cookware sale!

Modern Cookware Options

Aluminum, cast iron, non-stick — you have more kitchenware options than any time in history — but stainless steel remains your best option.

Aluminum makes a good cookware component; it helps distribute heat quickly and evenly. All-aluminum kitchenware, however, is light; it can warp if it goes straight from cooktop to sink. It also oxidizes (like iron rusting) and that oxide can transfer to food — aluminum ingestion is a major Alzheimer’s risk. It stains easily when exposed to acidic foods like tomatoes or vinegar.

Cast iron is healthy, it adds iron to food. Cast iron, however, is also porous; the oils that soak into the metal decompose, like all things organic. Do you want to cook in oil that your mother or grandmother poured into that skillet? And, for heaven’s sake, don’t drop it! That’s not an argument your floor tiles or your toes will win.

Non-stick pots and pans give off unhealthy fumes when heated to medium and high temperatures. Far worse (to the real cook), nonstick pans just don’t sear or brown like stainless steel pans, foods just basically steam in their own juices. That’s good, but not good enough for your family.

The Best Cookware Gifts for Mothers’ Day

Stainless isn’t perfect — nothing is — but weigh the pros and cons and stainless always comes out on top.

It can be tougher to clean — no butter- or oil-free cooking — but steel is non-porous, so your coating won’t soak in, and we now have very healthy options to replace lard.

It’s low maintenance. You don’t need to worry about seasoning or coatings. When scorched, you can scrub with cleansers and scouring pads without damaging. Steel doesn’t react with foods, so, your family is as safe as they can be.

It’s lighter than cast iron, heavier than aluminum. You want the heft of a good pot, it’s quality you can feel, but you don’t want your cookware to replace your gym membership.

It looks good — you see it hanging from your ceiling or stacked in your cupboards and you smile. The almost-mirror finish and almost-infinite shapes are beautiful. Yeah, the other stuff is painted pretty colors, but suppose you move. Steel matches every décor.

It can be pricey, but it is affordable. You can always find a “Beverly Hills” cookware collection that outprices your college tuition, but the careful shopper (like the ones who visit the Avacraft website) can unleash the chef within, well within the average family budget.

The Craft of Cooking

In small apartments or mega-mansions, cooking is a skill. You need the right tools to do it well. Avacraft is dedicated heart and soul to the craft of cooking. Founder Asha Kangralkar has committed her company to easy customer service for mothers (and others) looking to improve their skills; easy-to-use and -clean equipment fashioned using the best manufacturing practices. Some of our most intimate, most personal memories happen at mealtimes. With Avacraft, you’ll be making those memories for a lifetime — or two. Purchase an Avacraft product today, and connect with us on Twitter for more ways to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable!