Why is AVACRAFT Different?

Avacraft is more than just a company that makes quality stainless steel cookware. It is not a corporation, but is the passion of a woman: a woman who puts family first in addition  to you, her client.


From the Heart of a Wife and Mom

Avacraft was born of a woman’s passion for food and family. For Asha, owner and founder of Avacraft, family is of the utmost importance. One way she shows her family love is by feeding them delicious and nourishing foods. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen learning and creating new recipes.

Asha wanted to have the best possible cookware for her kitchen and culinary treats. She searched for high quality stainless steel cookware that met her needs but came up short.

Asha had previously been working in the electrical engineering field. She realized she didn’t enjoy working a 9 to 5 day, taking her away from her family and her passion for cooking. She thought, since she’s always in the kitchen, why not enter into this field herself? Thus, Avacraft was born.


Hands-On Involvement in Product Creation

Asha and her husband, Vivek, don’t source out to design or test their products. They are involved in the production process of Avacraft products every step of the way.

Avacraft owners testing product in their home kitchen.

The two work as a team to design Avacraft products. They have to make decisions about details like:

  • Metal composition
  • Production
  • Quality

They test firsthand the usability of Avacraft cookware. They make sure it meets their needs so that it also meets yours.

Asha and Vivek carefully select manufacturers to create Avacraft’s products. They make sure they understand everything to know about the production process. They meet potential manufacturers face-to-face and inspect their production facilities in person.

They make samples, or prototypes of each product first. Unlike celebrity chefs or scientist chefs, Asha then tests them in her home kitchen in Dallas. It is only after rigorous testing and meticulous modification that prototypes earn approval.

Avacraft test kitchen

Quality Customer Service is of Utmost Importance

Avacraft knows they wouldn’t be possible without our customers, who we care about. They pay personal and genuine attention to their customers’ needs and desires. They take customer feedback seriously. We receive a lot of feedback from customers and use it to change our products for the better.

Unlike big corporations, we won’t turn our customers away because of time passing. Our customers can contact us any time – even after they have purchased a product and owned it for a year.

Asha and Vivek want their customers to value Avacraft for its high quality products. They also want their customers to have a relationship with the brand. Avacraft wants their customers to have something they can believe in and trust. The customers are an important part of Avacrafts brand.