Where is AVACRAFT Made?

Avacraft is the vision of a wife and mother who wanted better quality cookware. So she could cook with the best products for those she loves most. Who doesn’t want perfect cookware for their own culinary pursuits?

Many of our clients have asked us where and how AVACRAFT is made, and we happily answer that question here. 

Our products are designed and manufactured with our clients and their needs in mind. What matters most to us is that our clients are satisfied with the quality cookware we create. We have learned with trial and error that it is worth it to go the extra mile. We choose better materials, higher standards of quality, and smarter design.

Choosing our Manufacturers

We are very careful about how we choose our manufacturers. Before looking into the technical and manufacturing capabilities, we look at the soft skills. We ensure that manufacturers have a:

  • Strong customer service attitude
  • A hunger to win
  • A solid problem solving attitude
  • A desire to grow together rather than looking to seal a one time deal

We talk with prospective manufacturers by email, phone discussions, and in-person visits. We, at Avacraft,  travel to our prospective manufacturing facilities. We care about every detail when it comes to creating high quality cookware that you can trust.

Even if it is top manufacturer, we won’t stick with them if we don’t get a good sense of the above soft skills.

If a manufacturer passes this phase of inspection, we move on to the manufacturing capabilities and expertise. We ensure that the aspects of manufacturing are done correctly. Because of this we are able to produce products that are top quality. Travelling to the manufacturing locations ensures the products are made to our standards. This ensures the best possible outcomes for you.

Unlike larger corporations, we do not pursue quotes from hundreds of manufacturers. Instead, we start our discussions with manufacturers by meeting them. It is only when we find the attitude we want that we start talking about product options and quotes. We are willing to pay a little more for high quality because our biggest focus is the end result. We want the best possible quality and service to you, our customers.

Our manufacturers are currently ethically sourced from china. We have plans to pursue U.S. manufacturers in the near future. The China factories we source right now are the only two that met our standards of quality and an affordable price point.

Avacraft owner watching pots and pans being made.

You Play a Part

The production of Avacraft products does not stop at our doors. Our ears are always open to how our customers feel about our cookware products. We continually review customer feedback and that plays a huge part in the further development of our products and our brand as a whole. We value our manufacturers for helping us produce quality cookware.