Vege-Cooking & Avacraft: A Wonderful Relationship

At Avacraft, our mission has been to bring great stainless steel cookware that we have designed and customized to customers around the world that they will use for years to come. We are also dedicated to exceptional customer service, and we love receiving feedback from those who have bought and used our products.

Dawn Hutchins of Vege-Cooking is one such customer who has reviewed our cookware and connected with us to tell us her story. Avacraft is so proud and honored to be a part of her culinary dream!

About Vege-Cooking

Dawn started her Vege-Cooking culinary program initially as a method to help her daughter overcome her autoimmune disease and severe food allergies when antibiotics and ear tubes simply weren’t working. She decided to return to the cooking methods her grandmother had taught her as a child by adding more whole foods to her daughter’s diet, eliminating processed food, and cooking at home.

In a short period of time, Dawn noticed her daughter’s allergies and ear infections fading into the past and her focus and behavior had improved. After seeing these improvements, she decided that she would make it a personal mission to help other families get the benefits from home cooking and whole foods that her family had already enjoyed.

Chef Dawn’s Mission

At her daughter’s school, Dawn realized the students were not getting the foods they need to be healthy, happy, and productive. She worried about their current and future health, so she decided to make a change. 

After quitting her corporate job, she began to focus on cooking, nutrition, and permaculture. She also earned certificates in plant-based nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. The principal at her daughter’s school also invited her to teach cooking classes which would eventually evolve into the VegeCooking Club. Since then, her dream of spreading the word about healthy cooking and eating has soared.

A Match Made in Heaven

After speaking with Dawn, it was very clear that she and Avacraft share some of the same philosophies including the need for hiring passion-driven people in your company. One of the reasons she was so pleased with her purchase of our 11 inch stainless steel stewpot was not just the quality of the product but because Asha responded personally to Dawn’s email. Dawn was expecting an automated, impersonal email reply, but at Avacraft we personally respond to every customer’s email. We want our customers to know we have a passion for customer service.

Dawn has been using our stewpots in her cooking classes, and she and her students love the product as she explained in her review of the stewpot on her blog. We are so happy that our product could help her achieve her goal of showing adults and children the benefits of healthy cooking and eating.

Thank you Dawn for your wonderful review, and we wish you luck with Vege-Cooking!