Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

18/10 STAINLESS STEEL FRYING PAN: 8 INCH Fry Pan with lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy Pour Spouts on Both Sides.

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SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! 18/10 FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL FRYING PAN: 8 inch frying pan with wide flat base and glass lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for beautiful and stylish look.

SAFETY FEATURE: Shatterproof glass cover with silicone covered lid knob for safety. Pour spouts on both sides of the rim for right and left handed. Long and large ergonomic handle for firm good grip. Designed for air flow to keep handle cool even when the pan is hot. Double riveted for strong and life long use.

EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Specially constructed base with aluminum encapsulation that avoids heat spots, distributes heat evenly, saving energy. Designed to use with gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, induction cooktops!

BEST QUALITY, EASY TO CLEAN AND DURABLE: Made only with high quality 18/10 food grade stainless steel, which is highly durable, resistant to rust, stain, corrosion or crack, and to top it, designed to look elegant in kitchen. Dishwasher, Refrigerator safe.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: AVACRAFT® is the most trusted emerging women driven brand! At AVACRAFT®, we’ve always got your back! Buy the best, lifetime guarantee for the product bought from AVACRAFT® with 100% refund!

2 reviews for Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    J P

    Good Value

    Prompt service, excellent packaging, expedited shipping. Fine frying pan with a heavy-duty bottom that should resist any warping in normal use. Properly priced pan is a nice value and is recommended for anyone wanting to add an eight inch pan with a proper glass cover.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Larry F.

    On Par with my All Clad

    Just wanted to mention some basics when using 3 ply cookware. Some have mentioned stains, spots, etc and hard to clean, whereas with some basics, one can clean this cookware by rinsing it in the kitchen sink. Most important is that one never uses more than medium in cooking with 3 ply. Medium heat using 3 ply is the equivalent of high on other types of cookware as the entire pot or pan will heat uniformly where everything you cook will be equally done, and not having partial undercooked or overcooked. Next tip is to never put anything into the cookware until it has been totally heated. Now it is ok to start out on high for a few minutes if you are primarily boiling water, but then turn down to medium before you place food items into the boiling water. Once empty pot has heated, put a small amount of room temperature oil in the pan and let that heat properly in the pan prior to placing food items in the pan. If fryin, turn the heat down to low or medium low and wow, nothing is sticking and making scorch marks and such. Plus your food will soon me tender and moist. Dishwashing detergents have different chemicals than does Dawn Ultimate, thus placing good cookware in a dishwasher will surely get the pots clean but if you don’t like streaks and spots in your cookware, then hand wash. I have a complete large set of All Clad, as well as expensive SS Kohn pressure cookers and none of them have ever been in a dishwasher and my 20 yr old All Clad looks like I purchased it yesterday. I purchased an 8″ pan with lid to try this cookware on my induction burners. I am in Florida and Induction cooking is a must in our summer climate. This brand is equivalent to All Clad on induction burners. I’ve also ordered the 2.5 qt pot with lid as I appreciate seeing how things are cooking with the glass lids. Just some tips from a guy that appreciates culinary skills and some I’ve learned at weekend classes at the Culinary Art Institute! Course I’m still learning new things too from the many reviews posted on Amazon. My main cooking surface is glass top with side induction burners. I’ve tried several pieces of cookware that proclaim their induction rated, but in fact, they are not. Yet I believe that all 3 ply pieces will work just fine on induction burners as this brand does. I might add that it is very helpful to have markings on the inside of a pot to confirm levels and most of your better cookware, such as Kohl, also have measurement markings on the inside of their cookware. Very handy! I’ll also add the lids with this cookware are superb! I’m just waiting for them to produce a 12″ pan with lid. Needed for lengthy cooking times for Risotto!

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