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Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

18/10 STAINLESS STEEL FRYING PAN: 8 INCH Fry Pan with lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy Pour Spouts on Both Sides.


(133 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

Our double-riveted frying pan with its wide flat base, shatterproof glass lid was specially constructed to evenly distribute heat on all types of cooktops. Pour spouts on both sides accommodate right-handed and left-handed cooks. Perfect for searing steaks, chicken, fish, shrimp or chops.

Frying pan with strong clear glass lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent ugly scratches. Mirror finish outside to look beautiful.

  • 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: Matte finish interior with easy-to-read measurements that prevents scratches and keeps the surface neat.
  • PROFESSIONAL FRYING PAN: Try-ply base eliminates hot spots, spreads heat evenly. 
  • INDUCTION COMPATIBLE: Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen cooktop compatible.
  • Versatile: Sloping sides with pour spouts for preparing eggs, omelette, browning potatoes, searing steaks, chicken, fish, or chops.
  • Best Quality:Made with 18/10 food grade stainless steel which resists rust, stains, cracks.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

We want you to love your product just as much after decades of cooking together as you did on day one,

or we’ll refund or replace your purchase.

133 reviews for Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

  1. MucoolB

    Good quality frying pan.

    Was looking for a frying pan with a lid and was going to buy the Cuisinart- but saw Avacraft product as a sponsored item. We have bought a Avacraft mixing bowls set before and a big fan of those – so thought I’d give it a shot. The pan is sturdy and good quality. We have just used the pan to sear some fish fillet and happy with the pan. The spouts on both sides is a neat idea – and came handy dripping out the extra fat/oil from the pan.
    The product packing says it is a woman driven startup! Incase that is a motivator for you.

  2. Kathy Amidon

    This works well.

    The pan produces even heat across the bottom surface, and it cooks well. I like that one can buy a lid with the pan instead of having to look for one.

  3. Lenin Aelluri

    Pleasant Surprise

    We bought this frying pan on brand recommendation from a friend, impressed with the looks, quality and weight. Received quickly over weekend and immediately put to use on Sunday brunch. Works great with even heating on all sides, the spouts were pretty handy, very thoughtful. Cleaned easily.

  4. K. M. Martin

    Great Covered Skillet

    I needed a new small (8 inch) covered skillet and saw this one on Amazon. I liked the size, pouring spouts, and cover. I’ve used it a couple of times already and it performed just as well as I had expected. It is nicely heavy and sturdy. I recommend it.

  5. C. Fred Smith

    Excellent for cooking

    The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive–I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!

  6. Robert Otterstein

    Perfect size for omelettes!!

    I was extremely pleased that I was able to find a small frying pan with a lid.

  7. Cyn56

    Love it – Just give it a try!

    I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.

  8. Thomas Breazeal

    includes lid with a vent

    Purchased this pan for basic frying of shrimp or French fries (not deep frying but shallow frying) and it works great with small batches. It has pouring spouts on either side so draining the oil into a receptacle is no problem. Pan is light weight with a great handle. The glass lid has a vent hole. We like this pan.

  9. pcol6642

    Very pleased with product

    Nice weight to pan, easy to care for, beautiful finish.

  10. RKE

    A good 2 egg omelet pan

    I like to use this pan for making gravy and 2 egg omelets.

  11. Robert Whitefeather

    It’s OK.

    Works just fine.

  12. KarenS

    Excellent Quality

    just received this pan and used it last night … the construction and weight is comparable to more well-known brands, such as Cuisinart. The handle stays cool so no need for a hot pad. The handle of the lid is coated, as described in the product description, so need for hot pad there either. I’ve used commercial pans in the past, so I have no trouble recommending this brand at this point.

  13. michael

    great value

    nice pan

  14. Moviegirl44

    Nice Stainless Pan

    Switching back to stainless pans from non-stick. Quality product. Provides fast, even heating. Great sturdy handle. Love that it comes with a glass lid so you an see food while cooking and you don’t lose the heat (no need to hunt for a potholder). Exceptional customer service. Would recommend this company to a friend.

  15. Chris

    THANK U.

    I like it.

  16. 16falcon

    Very nice pans, well designed and executed.

    I purchased all 3 sizes of these Avacraft sauce pans and am very happy with them. The design is well thought out with the gradation markings on the inside, the pour spouts and clear straining lids. They are great for draining vegetables and pasta, for pouring gravies, and for seeing what is cooking without always lifting the lid. They wash well in the dishwasher or with a little Bar Keepers Friend to clean stuck on food or to make them shine like new. Great product! I also like that they are produced by a small woman-owned business.

  17. JC

    Made in USA and a great product

    I purchased this product as a Christmas gift for my wife as she wanted a small frying pan with a lid. I waited until she had used the frying pan a half dozen times and asked for her comments. She said: “I love it; it is small yet big enough for cooking for two, light weight and has a clear lid that I can see through without removing the lid.” From my perspective, It is easy to clean fitting into the dishwasher nicely or cleaning by hand. While I purchased the frying pan because of its size, the lid (my wife specified lid but I like the clear lid figuring you could see your food without removing the lid), and its looks, the pan was inexpensive and made in the USA. I see no negatives at this point. I will suggest that my wife look at similar products made by this manufacturer.

  18. barb boss

    love my frying pan with lid

    thank you

  19. EG Smoker

    Nice pan

    Nice pan. Good quality. I like the glass top

  20. Valentine

    high quality

    Very well built 8 inch frying pan with a glass lid. I have already used it a lot. It has two small spouts to pour out excess liquid. Happy with purchase.

  21. C. Kollars

    steel pans are “different”

    I came from the PFT(Teflon) world, where I could sort of get away with anything, but after three years I needed a new pan no matter what. My first fear was the handle would get too hot to hold, like a similar handle on my old pan did – but that didn’t happen, this handle stayed astoundingly cool to the touch. Steel pans require WAY less heat, as well as different care. I learned about “seasoning” the pan and drying the ingredients. But it still wasn’t enough, and first time I used the pan I burned it horribly. I got some helpful hints from the manufacturer (cover with baking soda, add vinegar to make a slurry, heat until it bubbles all over, for steadiness wedge the pan in the corner of the sink, and scrape with an old _wooden spoon while still hot). With patience and elbow grease, I got all the burn out and am now ready to try again.

  22. M’s Mom

    Great little pan!

    I like the quality of this pan, as well as the well fitting clear lid. The price is great. I will be using this pan a lot!

  23. Sharp


    I have used my new pan several times and what I like most is the size and it came with a lid.

  24. pat glew

    so far

    was looking to get away from unhealthy frying pans and this stainless steel pan made in the USA in just the thing. so far, it’s been great. easy to use and easy to clean.

  25. Donna Hopkins

    Sleek easy-to-use multi purpose with a nice glass lid.

    I like the lid, the ease of handling it, the size and the pour edges on each side which makes it more multi purpose cooking.

  26. Jeffery Rowan

    Quality pan with even heating.

    Nice pan. Even heat and just the right size for a single guy.

  27. Jeffery Rowan

    Quality pan with even heating.

    Nice pan. Even heat and just the right size for a single guy.

  28. Bubbles

    Your kitchen Not Complete Without This Pan

    I was a bit turned off at first because the pan was very light, but the manufacturer did say it was made that way. This pan has pleased me in many ways. For example, with its depth I can fry chicken, fish cakes etc. It’s my little deep fry pan. Also, it good for making stews as well. Actually, I do everything with this little pan, stir fry too. Please note that there are other sizes and I bought the 10 inches for I am a family of two.

  29. Happy Consumer


    I ordered this 8″ by accident, as I meant to buy the 10′. However, I liked it so much I chose to keep it anyway.
    It heats up quickly, so be careful not to scorch butter or oil. It seasoned in one day, and I fried eggs with
    little sticking the following morning. Fried some Salmon for supper. I over heated and burnt the oil, but it cleaned
    up easily with Easy-Off. Remember, you do the same thing with an iron skillet all the time but it doe not show.
    If you like you stainless steel pans nice and shiny, just a tad of Easy-Off will do the trick. Just avoid the seasoned center of your skillet.

  30. Sharon A. Simmons

    Great Product!

    I like this pan so far. I have only had it about 10 days. I use every morning to cook eggs for breakfast. I like that it is high quality stainless steel, the lid fits well. Following the tips for cleaning and use really make it a really nice pan.

  31. RC Winstead



  32. SVSUMan

    Great Frying Pan!

    Fabulous pans…met all my criteria: stainless steel, not too heavy, comfortably shaped saucepan & frying pan handles, stay-cool lids!!! Bought all the saucepans, the 8-inch fry pan, the 11-inchChef’s pan, and the stainless steel mixing bowls. Thank you!

    Looking forward to purchasing the 10-inch fry pan once those are back in stock. 🙂

    Additionally, Avacraft’s customer service is excellent! …the lid of the 3.5qt saucepan fit too tight and Asha was extremely prompt to respond to my inquiry. She’s sending me out a new lid and I don’t even need to mess around with sending anything back!

    Thank you Asha & Avacraft!

  33. Carson Wilcox

    Great pan

    To start with, I’d recommend that you ignore most of the bad reviews, this is a great pan. I suspect at least most of the bad reviewers have no idea how to use a stainless pan. I have seen no hot spots, very little if any sticking and very easy cleanup. I’ve even fried eggs in this pan with no issues at all.

  34. Geoff

    Every kitchen should have one of these pans.

    Great product. Top quality. Fairly priced.

  35. Miko


    Perfect frying pan for Omelets. Exceeded my expectations.

  36. Jesus R Martinez-Raga

    Excellent and affordable stainless steel cookware

    I purchased the stainless steel (SS) frying pan and the 1.5 quart SS saucepan . This is my first SS cookware. I have been hearing for a long, long time the possible health effects of cooking using Teflon, ceramic, and non-stick “stone” cookware so I decided to give SS a chance. I then tossed away my old cookware.

    I like the new pan and the saucepan. They look elegant. I like the external mirror finish. I think the spouts on the rim are a great idea because you eliminate the mess when pouring stuff out of them. They heat up faster than I am used to, so I am being careful not letting anything to burn. The food making direct contact with the pan’s surface while cooking tends to stick.

    The very first time I tried to fry an egg without oil to see how it behaved. When I scooped it, a good amount was left on the pan. However, I filled the pan with water, let it sit for a while, and then scrubbed the egg away with a soft sponge/scrubber with soap. It can be easily cleaned. The next time I fried another egg I used Pam and it did the trick. I have read that SS cookware can be “cured” to make it non-stick, but I will check on that later.

    Lids are elegant and practical. The glass allows you to see inside the pan and the insulated handle never gets hot. I like the saucepan’s lid because it has a strainer. That was clever. I could also toss away my plastic strainer.

    By the way, the pan’s and saucepan’s all-metal handle does not get hot at all. Also, although the SS may be resistant to scratches, I bought a set of silicone utensils to avoid scratching the surfaces.

    All in all, I think that this is an excellent and affordable choice. I would dare to say that food tastes even better. For the price, you are getting a great product. Of course, I still need to see how they perform in the long run.

  37. RobertP

    Wonderful and practical skillet

    Excellent heat transfer. I had been setting my electric range to 7 to boil and 4 to simmer with my old skillet. With this skillet I set the range to 4 for a quick boil, and 2 to simmer. Using lower temperature settings means it is less likely that anything will burn or stick. The skillet cleans quickly and easily. The lid fits snuggly, with gaps on each side for pour spouts and a small vent in the top. The pour spout works wonderfully when I do a small batch of pasta. This is my new favorite. I am using it for everything from soup, to pancakes and it works perfectly every time.

  38. AnnieB

    Truly a wonderful pan!

    I bought this pan quite a while ago and am quite pleased with it. Although I did “coconut oil” it, as I had read online to do before using, I did have a minor problem first time I used it. I asked AVACRAFT and received answer very quickly. (I had not used enough oil, stainless steel pan uses more.) And, it took me a few times to realize this pan cooked quicker than my old pan. However, now that I am used to it and comfortable using it I do not want to go back to non-stainless steel frying pan. It is wonderful: easy to clean, cooks quickly and evenly, and is pleasant to look at. Also, I was very pleased at how quickly my question was answered; I believe I can ask AVACRAFT if I have another question/problem and will receive answer as quickly. I recommend this product without reservation and I will probably buy more from AVACRAFT.

  39. David Weda

    Healthy cooking!

    I’m very happy with my new 8″ pan. I chose this to get away from toxic non-stick coatings. A little butter and medium heat is all you need.

  40. LIc2shp

    Nice pan with a great handle

    This is a great little pan that takes a little getting use to. We have a gas stove, so I have to keep the flame down to a 2 or lower. It heats up fast and if you don’t want food to stick then wait for a minute or two to let the pan reach its even temperature before you add in the food. Also a small amount of butter or grease/ spray before cooking make for an easy clean. It does clean up well and the exterior is beautiful shiny but the interior can turn slightly stained looking, as others have commented. Love the handle! It’s never hot and very solid. The pouring edges of the pan are also a great little advantage most fry pans don’t offer.
    UPDATE: I’ve had this for almost a year now and love it! It is very comfortable in my hand and cleans up beautifully.

  41. eclectic buyer

    stainless steel

    Completes my stainless steel cookware set for daily use.

  42. Joni Baraniak

    Learning to cook with stainless steel

    I just got it and have only used it a few times. I’m not used to cooking with stainless steel. I’m still learning. It’s a very nice skillet and lid.
    I have a gas stove and need to just experiment with temps and oils. I want cook wear that is safe to use so I’m getting one piece at a time to try. There are pieces I use more often. I may try ceramic as well. Overall this 8 in skillet with lid is a nice addition. I’m keeping it!

  43. J P

    Good value

    Prompt service, excellent packaging, expedited shipping. Fine frying pan with a heavy-duty bottom that should resist any warping in normal use. Properly priced pan is a nice value and is recommended for anyone wanting to add an eight inch pan with a proper glass cover.

  44. J P

    Good Value

    Prompt service, excellent packaging, expedited shipping. Fine frying pan with a heavy-duty bottom that should resist any warping in normal use. Properly priced pan is a nice value and is recommended for anyone wanting to add an eight inch pan with a proper glass cover.

  45. Larry F.

    On Par with my All Clad

    Just wanted to mention some basics when using 3 ply cookware. Some have mentioned stains, spots, etc and hard to clean, whereas with some basics, one can clean this cookware by rinsing it in the kitchen sink. Most important is that one never uses more than medium in cooking with 3 ply. Medium heat using 3 ply is the equivalent of high on other types of cookware as the entire pot or pan will heat uniformly where everything you cook will be equally done, and not having partial undercooked or overcooked. Next tip is to never put anything into the cookware until it has been totally heated. Now it is ok to start out on high for a few minutes if you are primarily boiling water, but then turn down to medium before you place food items into the boiling water. Once empty pot has heated, put a small amount of room temperature oil in the pan and let that heat properly in the pan prior to placing food items in the pan. If fryin, turn the heat down to low or medium low and wow, nothing is sticking and making scorch marks and such. Plus your food will soon me tender and moist. Dishwashing detergents have different chemicals than does Dawn Ultimate, thus placing good cookware in a dishwasher will surely get the pots clean but if you don’t like streaks and spots in your cookware, then hand wash. I have a complete large set of All Clad, as well as expensive SS Kohn pressure cookers and none of them have ever been in a dishwasher and my 20 yr old All Clad looks like I purchased it yesterday. I purchased an 8″ pan with lid to try this cookware on my induction burners. I am in Florida and Induction cooking is a must in our summer climate. This brand is equivalent to All Clad on induction burners. I’ve also ordered the 2.5 qt pot with lid as I appreciate seeing how things are cooking with the glass lids. Just some tips from a guy that appreciates culinary skills and some I’ve learned at weekend classes at the Culinary Art Institute! Course I’m still learning new things too from the many reviews posted on Amazon. My main cooking surface is glass top with side induction burners. I’ve tried several pieces of cookware that proclaim their induction rated, but in fact, they are not. Yet I believe that all 3 ply pieces will work just fine on induction burners as this brand does. I might add that it is very helpful to have markings on the inside of a pot to confirm levels and most of your better cookware, such as Kohl, also have measurement markings on the inside of their cookware. Very handy! I’ll also add the lids with this cookware are superb! I’m just waiting for them to produce a 12″ pan with lid. Needed for lengthy cooking times for Risotto!

  46. Rina

    Great Product

    Outstanding Quality and Value. Beautiful design and super utility. Thank you.

  47. PearlGirl

    My experience was positive

    I wanted a small pan I could use for everyday quick cooking. This little pan cooked very well the first time but I should used a lower heat setting. The middle of the pan seemed to burn. It was so easy to clean. I let it set a few minutes in water and the burned parts rinsed off quickly. It has a clad tri-ply bottom but is not heavy. Some people may not have such a good experience, but it is definitely worth trying.

  48. Ruth A Roberts


    Quality was better than expected. Looks like gourmet quality. Made of stainless steel allowing for even heat distribution

  49. John R

    8 inch pan and see through lid

    I am extremely happy with the pan and lid,I’ve used it this morning first time for a personal egg omelet.came out perfectly and pan and lid cleaned up easy.Thank you

  50. j d hager

    as promised

    Very good quality, i will definitely buy from them again

  51. Jeannette

    It’s Me

    Overall, the lid fits well and the size is what I expected. BUT, I’m from an era when pots were bought by the pound. My other cookware reflects those advantages of lower cooking temperatures and more even heat distribution. I will keep this skillet, but I much prefer to cook with cast iron and heavy gauge stainless steel.

  52. Donna E.

    Recommend Avacraft stainless steel cookware!

    Love this little 8″ stainless steel frying pan with glass lid! Purchased a 10″ SS frying pan with glass lid also several months ago. Love them both. Avacraft makes good products. Lightweight yet sturdy; love the pour spouts on either side. Easy for me to pick up with one hand. Handle stays cool as long as not directly over heating element which it shouldn’t be anyway! Shiny on the outside, easy to clean interior.
    Searing the outside of meat is always going to leave residue in pans. To clean either boil a little water in pan to deglaze pan (or better yet, put some vegetables in there with a little liquid and cook to absorb the flavors, unless burned or lots of oil) Or fill with hot soapy water and soak in sink for about 1/2 hour, scrape out debris with plastic spatula, then clean with non-scratch sponge. Use some Bon Ami cleansing powder (NOT Ajax!) with sponge to keep stainless steel as shiny as possible. Use Bon Ami also to keep stainless steel kitchen sink shiny, by the way.
    Cooking with stainless steel pots and pans requires some type of oil and only cook on medium-high to low heat, never high heat like I read Teflon users did. I don’t use Teflon or non-stick anything so don’t know why high heat.

  53. Richie C

    Cooks evenly and is easy to clean

    Awesome pan high quality

  54. H Segura



  55. lane67

    So far, so good!

    When I first received this pan, I was a little skeptical because it was not as heavy as I expected it to be. So far it seems to work well. The lid is of a good weight and seems to be well made. The pan has stained a bit, but that can happen to most pans when foods of different types of acidity are cooked in them. The lightness of the pan has not seemed to cause any problems yet and I have had it for a few months now.

  56. Clara Kent

    Great pans

    I love these pans. They cook really well and are super easy to clean. I love the higher sides and the lid. Highly recommend!

  57. Andre

    Material felt a bit cheap, and thinner than I expected

    Extremely sensitive as far as heat transfer, so I actually burned my food a few times as it took a while to get used to how sensitive the heat transfer was. Overall, a solid pan, but it felt a bit cheap as it was really thin material, and it had sharp edges which could potentially cut you if you aren’t careful.

  58. Kelsey Jubinsky


    As described!

  59. Judy H.

    Handle does not get hot.

    After trying many nonstick pans , with no luck. I decided to go back to stainless. I bought this 8 inch and their other 8 inch , like both of them

  60. Djduane

    Cooks up a storm!

    I absolutely love this pan for working with our induction cooker! Great construction and value!

  61. Nancy C

    Kinda sharp edge around the circumference of the pan

    Like the pan very much except for the edge. Hard to imagine that the designer didnt realize this.

  62. Brent 516

    Look no more–buy this versatile pan.

    Live the sturdy stainless pan. Excellent quality pan and tempered glass top. I’ve had many pans throughout the years but none as sturdy and versatile. I do everything from cooking eggs to fresh spinach to sauteing shellfish and poaching eggs. Most of all it’s a fantastic value. Very well made.

  63. Kimm


    Great frying pan

  64. Tina Willingham



  65. Robert T.

    This AVACRAFT frying pan with lid – not just a flash in the pan

    With a new induction stove came the need for new induction capable cooking tools (a totally exciting collateral opportunity!)
    After a couple of hours researching, AVACRAFT, and in particular, this 8″ frying pan with lid and side spouts, met all of my newfound culinary needs.
    Ordering it made me happy, taking it out of the box, and handling it made me excited to get to cook dinner!
    The pan is well crafted, lightwieght, and the sidespouts have already come in handy!
    Totally appreciate the dishwasher eligibility!
    Thank you AVACRAFT for a box to stovetop to dishwasher capable tool!
    In full disclosure when I was complimented on the delicious dinner that night, I did not extend credit to the pan; but for the record, I know this AVACRAFT is not just a flash in a pan!

  66. Shiloh

    Food sticks to pan

    I was extremely disappointed how food sticks to the pan. As I’m so happy with the pots

  67. cynthia



  68. sasha

    well worth it

    so far, it has been great in using the pan as it cools quickly when you retrieve it from the oven. the only thing is it takes some time to clean the bottom but not too long like other pans.

  69. Paula Vasquez

    Very satisfied

    Love my pan !! Good quality


    Love it!

    Super great pan! This is the way to go!

  71. Jarden

    My new favorite small pan

    This goes perfect with my larger pans (I bought the 8″) and comes with the glass lid that I use a lot. Very professional looking pan. Perfect for two eggs in the morning.

  72. Deborah Morley

    Disappointed, no instructions on how to use effectively

    Maybe I need to learn to cook with this type of pan. Tried different cooking methods for my eggs and lower heat, still having problems with sticking on the bottom. An orientation or instruction sheet would be helpful. Nothing was provided.

  73. Sergio


    I bought this for a gift so I haven’t used it burritos nice looking, heavy and professional.

  74. Linda Joy Myers

    Hard to clean, too lightweight

    This skillet did not work as it should have. I always put oil in it and warmed it up, I didn’t overcook or burn, but even in short cooking cycle, one side would get too hot, and was hard to clean, nearly impossible even with steel wool rubbed for a long time. I’m going to see if I can get a refund. Or give it to Goodwill. Tired of cleaning it. It’s lighter than I thought it would be, thus I supposed the problem.

  75. C. Stewart

    Love my new pan

    The frying pan is the perfect size and it has a lid. I love it!

  76. Emma

    Solid buy

    Great value good construction

  77. rosalyn

    So far I like this brand
    I like the glass lid, haven’t use this pan yet but the prior ones I purchase I really like them.

  78. Gini

    Little but mighty

    I followed their directions for seasoning the pan and it has become my go to pan. I love this little gem. Nonstick surface created by seasoning makes cooking and cleaning so easy. I like that I do not need to use high heat.

  79. Lin S

    Very nice pan

    I use this pan every morning to cook two large eggs, using cooking spray to make it non-stick. It is a thing of beauty. I love it.

  80. Esteban

    Well Worth the Purchase

    I have enjoyed this pan, and would recommend it, for the quality, and price..

  81. Murphy

    This cookware seems like very good quality

    This is the 1st Stainless Steel cookware I’ve owned, once I got the Barkeepers powder, it’s much easier to clean.

  82. JSF2

    Just what i wanted

    I needed a small stainless steel fry pan, and could not find one locally and after going to all the stores and only seeing sets of pots that I don’t need or just nonstick in the stores, here is what I found and I am delighted, arrived quickly, sturdy construction, and looks good as well, thank you.

  83. Joe

    Great product.

    The product has exceeded my expectations. Great Price. First time use of stainless. It looks good.

  84. MAYJ

    Looks beautiful.

    Very happy with this purchase. I will recommend

  85. Janice Rogers

    Easy to clean

    I love this pan and am happy to no longer be using teflon for health reasons. I gave it a 4 star only because it may not be as easy to clean as teflon, but it is really easy most of the time. If something gets stuck, I just let it soak a little then use a scrubbing cloth and it’s no problem.

  86. Peter

    Good quality with great customer service

    Excellent customer service with great quality products !!

  87. Ellen McCorkle

    An excellent frying pan

    This is a wonderful pan. I have used it for frying hamburgers eggs and vegetables. I will be buying the 10 inch pan.

  88. NNFITZ22

    Great Product and Great Price

    I replaced some Calphalon pots and pans- and honestly- these are much better. They also can go into the dishwasher – which is super convenient.

  89. Jeff

    My wife loves it!

    The quality is excellent! Looks cute. My wife loves it. Good enough for two people. Want bigger size like 8 inch!

  90. Tangie A. McMillan

    Best Stainless Steel Purchase Ever!

    I love this product! It actually cooks evenly, the handle stays cool, cleanup is easy and the clear glass lid allows for keeping an eye on your meal without lifting the lid while letting out heat from the cooking process!


    seems OK

    It was shiny.

  92. L

    Excellent Value

    Beautiful pans, I now have two. I love cooking in them, easy to clean, and they are safe on my new ceramic cooktop. Wish I’d bought these sooner – at least as good as pans that cost several times as much.

  93. Grampa Joe

    Fantastic fry pan forgot how good it could get

    Having bought non-stick years back, which are horrible. This pan brought back how good frying could get.
    Seeing eggs sliding around he pan with ease reminded me of how cooking used to be. This is one fantastic fry pan. Easy to use, easy to clean. Glad we replaced two of those non-stick junkers. Grampa Joe
    UPDATE: pans work fine fried goods slide just fine. No sticky messes.

  94. john flinton

    Safe and easy to use.

    All stainless steel pans have been difficult for me to clean after cooking eggs, fish, or meat. After I finish cooking I immediately fill the pan with water and let it soak. After eating I scrub the pan with soap and a cleaning pad and it comes clean after several minutes. Not as easy as tiffon pans but much safer. Other than the cleaning I love the stainless steel and use it at least twice a day. I will definitely buy another one.

  95. MJBrady

    Very happy with this purchase

    I purchased this pan to replace a pan, of similar size, that had non stick coating that I did not want to use anymore for various reasons. I have been very happy with this purchase and plan on getting other sizes from this company!

  96. Betty Birnbaum

    Beautiful and useful

    Very nice pan. The best one I own. Thank you.

  97. Quality Seeker

    Stainless steel at its best!

    Everything cooks evenly a little lower on an electric stove with a little oil or butter.It cleans like a dream with a simple old fashioned brillo pad either right away,or after soaking overnight and remains in great shape!!! Oh & the handle didn’t get hot! I have 3 Ava Craft pieces & it is the same for those as well. This is a brand I trust and the company really understands the needs of they’re customers in the kitchen safely,& efficiently!!!!

  98. Armando

    Good product

    Good product

  99. Deb

    Very high quality.

    Perfect for fixing eggs for breakfast.

  100. Joel Louis Mayes

    Best made and most beautiful cookware I own.

    Best built and most beautiful pan that I own . I like it so much that I ordered a larger one. I will also start ordering pots too.

  101. Priscilla

    This company is so supportive.

    They worked with me until I found the right pan. I love it. Glad such a good product exist and proud of them.

  102. Allan L Topolosky

    Stainless Steel frying pan with lid>>>THUMBS UP!

    As a “senior,” I have been looking for awhile for a frying pan that is light weight, cooks/fries food evenly and well on an electric glass-covered stove top, and cleans easily. I finally found it ALL in the AVACRAFT stainless steel frying pan with lid…and with an added bonus: spouts for easy pouring, too!!!!!! I bought two different sizes!!
    I also LOVE the easy to read and very helpful TIPS for cooking (such as, “Always heat pans on low-to-medium heat BEFORE adding oil…”
    You will love it!!

  103. David Miller

    holds heat very well

    great product us it ever day also bought 12″ fry pan and 2 sauce pans 1.5 quart & 2.5 quart

  104. venusinmarin

    This 8″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan is SUPERB!

    My AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Glass Lid, (Tri-Ply Capsule Bottom, 8 Inch) is SUPERB!
    Excellent price & value for high-quality cookware. Every morning I use it to saute eggs with a little olive oil & they come out perfectly. Healthy cooking & easy to clean! My go-to favorite pan *~

  105. Kahlmann

    No more teflon in my diet

    Cooking with stainless is a new experience, all good! This is now my omelet pan. The lid makes it easy for my final step, tossing in a little water and covering, to melt the cheese and fluff the egg. Nothing sticks (I yse a little butter). Amazing how well this cooks with medium heat! I’m very happy with this pans construction. I’m moving from non-stick to stainless steel one piece at a time for cookware that will last and to add the non-stick coating to my diet.

  106. Niranjan

    A very good first impression . Value for money!!

    We have been using this pan since last week and the initial impressions are that this is the kind of frying pan we were looking for. Light to hold , has a good grip and easy to clean. The bottom is completely flat allowing the food to be cooked properly. Value for money !!!

    Will update my review after long term usage

  107. Linda J. Mcdaniel

    Great little pans!

    I wanted a small skillet that I could put in the dishwasher and these are great. I’m moving on out of the “Teflon” era and these fit right into my plan.

  108. Fry

    Great Pans

    Currently only fried burgers and hot dogs. It cleaned up well. Plan to use it on top of the stove and be able to put it directly into the oven.

  109. I miss Prince.

    Good buy!

    Fits the 8″ pan I bought recently. (And I tried 4 other different ones) You can tell it’s good quality and sturdily made as soon as you take it out of the packaging.

  110. peggy


    Liked the size. It sticks awful.Very hard to clean.

  111. Cynthia

    Good Pan

    Good Pan and am very happy with lid handle. The pan is very light weight though and seems to maybe have aluminum in the construction (?). Not heavy like stainless steel pans. But so far cooks and cleans well.

  112. D J

    Good product to roast ingredients for one person.

    Even heat distribution, good quality but little bit difficult to clean.

  113. Cham


    I really like the depth of this small frying pan. Having a glass lid Is also very nice. The heat is evenly distributed. It’s a great frying pan for the price.

  114. Ann

    Not pleased at all

    I gave this 3 stars but im not happy with this pan. I like tha size and the fact it has a lid but for this small pan and the price i believe it should be a heavier pan. It is medium in thickness/weight and i am also unhappy with how it cleans up. I have used it about 3 times now and it now has a big dark spot that cannot come off. I have seen another purchaser shown the same spots on her pan. I dont think it is worth this high ratings and definately not this price.

  115. pk

    It’s beautiful

    I use this pan almost every day. It has a good feel and weight to it. I not only use it to fry in, but also boil a few vegetables such as frozen peas, etc. You can easily pour off the excess water after with the top on and by using the small side spouts. I read other reviews that mention the inability to clean it. When frying with oil or other fat, it tends to leave a burn area that is difficult to remove. It’s almost as if when it was manufactured, that they forgot to put on the last layer of something that would prevent this from happening. Sometimes must scrub and scrub. But it is a nice weight and looks great on my new stove. I’ll keep it.

  116. Penny Greenway

    Follow the instructions that come with it

    I have purchased a lot of cookware in my life, but I am very pleased with this little skillet. You heat it on low, spray it with oil, and cook whatever you wish, from low heat to high heat, even into the oven. My husband is obsessed with putting everything in the dishwasher, including the skillets, so you saved me on that one. I will be looking at more of this cookware in the future. Thanks

  117. KEITH and DEB

    OK so far

    Have only used it once and it worked fine. Cleaned up nicely, Little to much weight in the handle. Since I have only used it once can’t really say much about it.

  118. Bernie


    I just like the pot it is worth the money.

  119. Lizzie

    Just what I was looking for

    This pan is well made, solid, and the glass cover makes cooking splatter free. I highly recommend it. I plan to get another in a larger size.

  120. R. Ray

    Works well

    To stir fry my vegetables. I’m a vegetarian.

  121. Bernadette Vines

    Just the right size – 8 inch. YES, BUY IT!!!

    As a single woman living in a small apartment I’m always looking for smaller pots and pans sold separately. This 8” pan is perfect for cooking single meals. I thought I’d ordered the 10” but maybe the cooking gods know what I need. I needed a quality pan that goes from stovetop to oven and this one got lots of good reviews, not to mention the price. I’ll be pan searing chicken breast tonight so I’ll get to see how well it holds up. Then I can come back a give a better review. If all goes well I may have to get the 10” for the rare occasion of company or even leftovers.

  122. Shubhansh Jain

    Great piece of kitchen utensil

    It meets my expectations and is as mentioned in the e product details.

  123. Rita


    Tired of lids that don’t fit right and pans that wobble on your stove eye? No problems here-VERY impressed by the workmanship. Also love the depth of the frying pan. Can stir-fry for one! Thank you and I’ll be buying more. Rita

  124. Richard Peterson

    Best quality at a competitive price.

    Great quality and efficiency. It get hotter faster than the original pan that came with my inductive cooktop.

  125. MAUI

    don’t use high heat…..med to med low

    i love it…….i’m single and its a perfect size for me when frying

  126. Jill

    Just what I was hoping for

    I got this pan to use in my travel trailer. I wanted something healthy, small, with a lid and pour spout. The pan is gorgeous, and I’ve been trying it out at home. I’m super happy with how it works, handle doesn’t get hot at all. I may have to get one for my kitchen because it’s just so cute and the right size for one person’s food.

  127. the shrike

    Cooks everything evenly

    Perfect!! Just what I was looking for. Cooks everything evenly. Easy to clean.

  128. Blake L

    Best little stainless steel skillet ever!

    Best stainless steel skillet I have ever owned. I would recommend it 100%.

  129. ladym

    Just might be my favorite pan

    I am completely enjoying this Avacraft pan. I use it for cooking a variety of foods. In fact almost anything that the 8″ size accommodates ends up being cooked in it. The quality is excellent. It has some weight to the pan. The heat distributes very nicely. I clean mine with Bartender’s Friend but it is not necessary with every use. I cook several times a day and refuse to use cheap or inferior pots and pans. Stainless steel is a much healthier way to prepare food. If you are new to stainless steel you will get the best results if you warm the pan on low first. With this Avacraft pan you don’t need to turn the heat up very much to have an excellent cooking experience and avoid burning or sticking. I’ll purchase more in the future. Very, very pleased. By the way, all stainless steel is not created equal.

  130. rocky2606

    Top quality pan

    Good pan, I just have to adjust to cooking with nonstick pan.

  131. Michelle Self

    Great value

    Nice weight to the pan. Food cooks evenly. Easy to clean.

  132. Ella Saunders

    Well designed

    It’s great to have a skillet this size with a lid. Nice wide cooking area. Sturdy and attractive.

  133. Jag151

    Great Fry Pan!

    Outstanding all around fry pan, easy to clean, even heat distribution. Well done!

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