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Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom Saucepan 2.5QT

18/10 STAINLESS STEEL SAUCEPAN: 2.5 QT saucepan with lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy to read measurement marks inside.

(274 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom Saucepan 2.5QT

Our tough, double-riveted saucepan with its shatterproof glass lid with straining holes on both sides specially constructed to evenly distribute heat on all types of cooktops. Pour spouts on both sides accommodate right-handed and left-handed cooks, handle stays cool even when the pan is not.

Ideal kitchen utensils to measure, mix, boil and strain in same saucepot. AVACRAFT’s stainless steel saucepan designed to last like new for lifelong!

  • 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: Matte finish interior with easy-to-read measurements that prevents scratches and keeps it looking pristine.
  • All-IN-ONE FUNCTION: Measure, boil, strain and s and cook in the same pot.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Tri-ply stainless steel base with pure Aluminum encapsulation that avoids heat spots and distributes heat evenly.
  • STAY COOL HANDLE: Ergonomic handle stays cool even when the pan is not, for a firm grip.
  • Best Quality, Durable:Made with 18/10 food grade stainless steel which resists rust, stains, cracks.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

We want you to love your product just as much after decades of cooking together as you did on day one,

or we’ll refund or replace your purchase.

274 reviews for Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom Saucepan 2.5QT

  1. Marnie

    Looks & feels great, the overall quality is very good

    We are regular saucepan users and were out looking to replace our old one. The saucepan is the right size, not too big or not too small. Looks & feels great, the overall quality is very good, much better than what we had, heavy lid that stays on tight. There’s something unique of the handle, it’s thicker at the end, gives pretty solid grip and never gets heated. The straining and spouts on both sides are so useful, it can help both right and left handed. Very happy!

  2. Venky

    Perfect size and Quality!!

    Very good quality material, can feel it. The handle, lid, straining holes is perfect. Looks very good and the fact that it won’t get scratches inside is really awesome.

  3. Vinay

    Really good product quality

    Really good product quality. We had a branded saucepan but quality of this is much much better than that. We use this for multiple foods. Something’s unique of this product, well thought. It’s very easy feeling while using the product. The built in strainers and spouts are big plus.

  4. Belinda

    Good one !

    This came well packaged. As soon as we took it out of the box, we could feel the quality. A lid is heavy and really good quality glass. The best part of this saucepan is, it’s induction compatible. Looks beautiful and yet sturdy. I made pasta sauce and came out really good; will use it very long time and retire my old one

  5. Rao

    The quality of the pan was great with a sturdy handle

    The straining lid pleasantly surprised me with the ease of making pasta while eliminating one additional utensil to clean. I was able to decant out the extra water directly and cook. The quality of the pan was great with a sturdy handle. I couldn’t feel any heat on the handle at all. The different sized spouts on either side is an additional great feature providing flexibility. Overall, recommend this strongly.

  6. Dad@home’n’school

    Misleading Description: 2 QT, not 2.5 QT – Otherwise thumbs up.

    Bought this for my kid who wanted to make the mandatory mac & cheese college staple. The strainer lid works well and is very handy in that a separate strainer isn’t needed.

    My only gripe with it is that it’s not really a 2.5 quart pan (4 stars vs. 5 stars). Yes, if you fill it to the top it probably holds that amount but it’s not useable that way. The top-most marking on the inside wall is 2 quarts, so that’s really the capacity of the pan. Kraft mac & cheese directions say to use 1.5 quarts of water to boil, so this is the perfect size for that.

  7. Irenea

    Very Good/Excellent

    The AVACRAFT 2.5 Quart Stainless Steel Saucepan is a well made saucepan of a good weight and with an excellent handle.

  8. sanfranNan

    Very nice.

    Nice pot with measurements on the inside, and a nice, see-through, tight lid with strain holes (2 different sizes). I took away one star only because the pour spouts are the primary reason I bought this pot, and I guess I did not look close enough at the photo to see how small they are. I have used it just one time, and it worked fine, but I wish the spouts were a bit bigger/deeper, like my old Farberware one that I am replacing (handle is breaking). I do like the heft of this pot, and the lid handle does not get hot. I will be using this pot a lot, so if I think of it, I can come back later with a more experience review.

  9. MucoolB

    Very happy with the saucepan!

    Posting on behalf of my wife. Bought this sauce pan few days ago and I am really happy with my purchase. I love that the steel quality is excellent and yet it is very lightweight, unlike my other sauce pans.
    The handle is perfect ergonomically and doesn’t heat up even while cooking at high heat. Love the lid with built in strainer, it comes in handy for making pasta. Also the measurements marks inside the pan is a bonus. I can see myself using this saucepan a lot! Way to go Avacraft.

  10. artemesia

    Bit disappointed.

    I found this saucepan a bit thin and light for my purposes. The see-through top is great though!

  11. Rebel

    Just what I needed.

    A stainless steel pan with a pour spout and a nice lid. Its heavy duty its well made. Fairly priced. I got it specially for herbal teas that need simmering. I can strain large matter with the lid . I am really happy with this purchase.

  12. Saifee D.

    Quality, Features, Looks – Too Good!!!

    Truly worth the value. The quality is too good and so is the look. The measurements on the inside are a plus point.The handle is great ergonomically with a good grip and doesn’t heat up. I personally love the strainer and sprout features which were missing in my old pan. This saucepan will go a long way for sure. I would definitely recommend this product. High five Avacraft 🙂

  13. Sunder Sarma

    Beautiful Saucepan

    Loved the quality and feel. The handle has a very good grip and doesn’t get hot. Strainer and clear glass is really useful. Easy to wash and use. Looking forward to use this for a long time.

  14. Yauheniya

    Great high-quality saucepan!!!

    The saucepan is very well made and sturdy. I use it all the time. It is made of 18/10 stainless steel and is definetely a high-quality pan. I like straining holes in the lid, heat-resistant handle and the measurement marks inside the saucepan. Also it is easy to clean. I am very happy with this saucepan. Highly recommend. The customer service was also great!

  15. Ingaffa

    Great size. Took me a while to realize the …

    Great size. Took me a while to realize the strainers on each side are two different sizes. Which is great, because at first I was disappointed that was losing rice through the holes. But rices stays in the pot when I strain through the other side. Easy to clean.

  16. D. Judith Martens

    Every cook should have this one.

    This sauce pan more than meets my expectation and needs. Stainless steel – so very easy to clean. Handle that does not get hot. Two pouring spouts. A see-thru glass cover with two different size strainers. What more could you ask for (maybe that it be produced in U.S.A.). I would definitely recommend this pan to everyone.


    Highly recommend.

    REALLY like it. Excellent quality and features. Hope to purchase other sizes in the future. Reasonably priced for the quality.

  18. Julia

    Now my go-to pot!

    Love this pot. Great size. Easy pouring. Light weight. Handle does not get hot. Bought it for my new induction stove top and it is just great..my go to every day pot now. I love it so much I bought a second one for my son. He loves it too. And it is great price point.

  19. Harry L. Harvill

    Stainless Steel!

    We really love the straining feature of the Pan. It’s also great quality. Price is good too.

  20. Cooker Mom

    Perfect size

    Nice heavy pan. No more getting out the colander. Love it.

  21. Kay

    Perfect for cooking pasta!!

    I’m very pleased with the pan. It’s just what I needed. Good luck with your business.

  22. Soumya

    good quality stainless steel Saucepan

    I love the size and material of the saucepan. The markings on the inside are very helpful. I would have preferred it was slightly heavier than the current weight.

  23. Knoxgate

    Works Great on Induction Stove

    I purchased an induction stove and am in the process of replacing many of my pots/pans. The Avacraft 2.5 quart pot works great and I like the convenience of the pour sides/top and the measurements on the side.

  24. Jack A.

    Actually better than the one we were replacing

    This pan was a pleasant surprise in quality. Actually better than the one we were replacing. I would recommend this pan to anyone.

  25. kelly olesinski

    Five Stars

    Made very nice. Works well

  26. Wilbur

    Five Stars

    Very nice. We really like it, especially the pour spout. Arrived quickly, as described.

  27. tucsonheberaz

    Perfect size, weight and configuration

    Perfect size, weight and configuration. Great spouts and lid! Excellent product and would be interested in other sizes so I can use the 25% discount.

  28. Tabeaty

    Buy!!! Do not hesitate

    I recently threw out all my sauce pans because they were not performing well, even though they were expensive well known brands. I ordered this stainless steel saucepan from Avacraft and let me tell you, i will search no more for the perfect pan. This thing cooks evenly, is the perfect size and very easy to clean up!! I have zero complaints and have used it daily for a few weeks now. Do not hesitate to buy this brand, you will be very satisfied!!!

  29. Drucilla Duffer

    Five Stars

    I absolutely love my cookware works great on induction cooktop

  30. Charlie

    Five Stars

    It’s perfect, just what I needed.

  31. icecream4god

    Great purchase

    Great saucepan! I bought this to make pastry cream and I love that the handle was long enough for me to stir with a whisk rapidly. The round edges at the bottom of the saucepan allows that you get to whatever you are whipping together so that it does not burn.

    Great quality purchase!

  32. Enigma

    5 qt sauce pan and was very pleased with it

    Review: ” I got a chance to use my new 2.5 qt sauce pan and was very pleased with it. The two side pouring spouts was the main reason I purchased it, such a common sense upgrade. I was additionally pleased with the nice glass lid with vent and two different sizes of strainers in the rim. The rubber covered handle is a very nice touch I hope it stands up to some dish washer top rack cleaning. The solid handle is a great safety/convenience feature for those of us who cook on gas. Hollow handles channel hot gases into the handle making it burning hot very quickly. Wish all of my pans had these features. “

  33. Dotted Dog

    Nice size pan. handles well.

    Super nice pan! I love it! I just wish there were more sizes of sauce pans to choose from. If they become available I will buy them!

  34. Marian B

    Thoughtful Design and Great Quality

    Great product, with all the upgrades I could dream of in a saucepan, except non-stick coating. I particularly like that you are a woman-owned and managed company in the good old USA!

  35. candle carver m.c.

    Pan with built in strainer

    I bought this for my wife. She’s always needing a strainer…so I saw this one had a built in strainer in the lid. It also has a steam release hole in the lid. Bonus! She absolutely loves this piece of cookware. I wish they had other sizes though. I would def recommend this cookware piece.

  36. Jan Zigbe

    Five Stars

    Very nice pan. I dropped the top glass cover when opening the box. Not a scratch.

  37. mary mcdonough

    any new pots to view

    as a leftie love the 2 spouts all over design is great feels like it was designed by a woman keep up the good work a happy purchase hope it cooks as well as it looks

  38. Victoria

    This pan will be around for a long time.

    Love this pan with its easy clean up and the lines for measuring liquids on the inside of the pan! The lid fits perfect. Pretty sure this pan will be around for a long time.

  39. Brittany Bullock

    Loving This Pan!

    I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I’ve found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven’t used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I’ll admit that I’m not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I’ve just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.

  40. mommysris

    Watch the sizing. This is BIG

    But a lot larger than I thought I was getting. Looks like good quality, but it has to go back.

  41. Minami

    nice pan, like that you can strain from the …

    nice pan, like that you can strain from the lid.

  42. A.B.

    Five Stars

    Love the “pour” feature on this, it’s why we bought it and exactly what we had hoped for!

  43. Dylan

    Great Product – Heavy Duty, Well Made

    I’ve used this daily since I received it (heat water for French press, cook dinner soups, etc.) – excellent pot. The lid fits snugly down and I like the two-sided straining option. Great product.

  44. STO1119

    Wow! I’m impressed with this pan. It is …

    Wow! I’m impressed with this pan. It is well made, affordable, and has features I’m surprised no one thought of before now. If they did, I missed them. I am hoping for other sizes. I’m not generally this excited about a saucepan. It works well on my induction cooktop too!

  45. Zuherna Bahari

    Good product!

    I have been searching a induction-ready saucepan with spout. Finally I found it. It works nicely. Thanks Avacraft

  46. Irene L.

    Five Stars

    Perfect. And beautiful pot for spaghetti.

  47. carl j

    Well made and sturdy

    This saucepan is sturdy and we’ll made.i
    Look forward to using it for years to come.

  48. DennisW

    Excellent saucepan!

    So far, real good. The double vent is great for times when you want the convection of a lid but want to steam off liquid. Very nice saucepan and lid combo with the added benefit of measures along the inside of the pan. Very thoughtful.

  49. Marcus

    This is a great, quality saucepan for the price

    This is a great, quality saucepan for the price. Durable, light, effectively cooled handle. With added perks like the measuring lines and lid strainer.

  50. Gerry

    Perfect pasta cooker for small family.

    Perfect pasta! I looked for a smaller pasta pot, one I could manage more easily yet big enough for two servings, ad this pot is just what I wanted. It’s beautifully balanced and cooks evenly. The glass lid is a bonus and the two pouring spouts make for easy emptying when the pasta is cooked. Quite simply, I love this pot.

  51. Donte


    this is really a nice saucepan. if avacraft made more pots and pans I would buy them after using this one. OK Asha, I need 9 and 10 inch frying pans, 3 or 4 qt sauce pans, steamer basket, etc, etc………….

  52. Doris M. Zinna

    Five Stars

    great quality Just love the strainer built into lid

  53. HCS

    I like everything about the pot

    I like everything about the pot, but haven’t used it yet. All indications are that it will be a great addition to our kitchen.

  54. kelly warfield

    Five Stars

    Great item,well made,great price!

  55. MarTac

    The curve between the bottom and the sides was easy to get a whisk or spatula into and the …

    I used the sauce pan for the first time the other day to make a meat sauce for stuffed shells and I was very impressed. It sauteed my vegetables quickly and evenly with no hot spots and the tomato product didn’t stick. The curve between the bottom and the sides was easy to get a whisk or spatula into and the pan cleaned up beautifully. The lid is exceptional as well. I follwed that up with Chinese BBQ pork (Char Siu) sauce. Great results, no messy clean-up. Thanks AVACRAFT for making a quality product at an affordable price.

  56. Hilary

    Great saucepan!

    Cleans easily. Love the pour spout with the strainer lid!

  57. rose robinson

    This is a great product. It makes straining pasta so easy

    This is a great product. It makes straining pasta so easy.

  58. M. O.

    Well made

    Update: Pot was defective and replaced by company. Great customer service! Only one improvement would be to have a polished interior, but I suppose it’s my preference.

  59. bluemoon

    … made but much lighter than I thought I really like the handle and spout to pour our liquid We…

    It’s well made but much lighter than I thought
    I really like the handle and spout to pour our liquid

    We primarily make soup in it and works well

    Size little big for my need, a 2 qrts made for the same shape and weight will be best in my opinion.

  60. J. Fielding

    This is a great pan, I use every day

    This is a great pan, I use every day. The size is perfect and like the measurements on the inside of the pan!!

  61. Gail C. Hull

    … only had it for a week but it is beautiful and i love that it’s made in America

    I’ve only had it for a week but it is beautiful and i love that it’s made in America. It does everything i need it to do. I might want more pieces.

  62. Susan

    Great induction pot.

    Your Review: ” Love this pot. I made melted cheese on an induction cook top and it cooked it evenly. The cooktop came with copper pots, but it burns things in the middle and doesn’t cook them around the edges. This part did great and it cleaned up really easily. “

  63. Lianna

    The pan is beautiful – very functional with measuring lines right inside the …

    The pan is beautiful – very functional with measuring lines right inside the pan! Plus I love the pour spouts on both sides. Only thing I didn’t expect is how light-weight it was – not that it’s a bad thing only that I expected it to be heavier? Still I love the pan – thank you!

  64. No G.

    be careful or you may have a tough cleaning job

    I like the design but I can’t say the same for the quality of the stainless steel or finish which is why I only rate this 3 stars. The first time I used this pot, I tried making potato soup. I’ve done this dozens of times with other pans with no problems but this time I screwed up and didn’t watch the heat carefully enough and I overfilled the pot too so food burned at the bottom. Okay my bad, but I’ve burned food in pans before. Unfortunately, this pan turned out to be the most difficult I’ve ever cleaned and it wasn’t just the food stuck on the bottom. The food along the side of the pan that was dried on was also very hard to clean even after soaking overnight. Altogether it took a couple of days before I finally got %99 of it clean but now there are small pit marks on the bottom. I can’t remember any time where I’ve pitted a stainless steel pan or pot no matter what I’ve done to it. Scratches sure, pitting no. It’s only a small part but pitting drives me nuts.

    Anyway, I tried again with pasta. When I made the sauce, I watched the temp carefully, which wasn’t easy, and then rinsed the pot thoroughly right after. There were a few bits on the bottom but minor cleaning. Of course, boiling water is no issue. Making pasta, is very easy. The pot heats up quickly and cooks well with the lid on. I like being able to strain from the pot and if I leave the lid on after cooking it seems to keep the pasta from getting dried out and sticky.

    No issues for me with the lid or handle except I did notice that the lid expanded at one point with the stove on medium high. I didn’t expect the lid to stick so when I reached to take it off and it didn’t give, my natural reaction was to pull harder which wasn’t the safest thing to do. Live and learn.


    I’ve had this for several months now and the pot cooks quickly and evenly but you have to be very careful about overheating and burning the bottom. It’s not the best quality stainless steel and the sides are not very thick. Periodically I have to get rid of scaling on the bottom with vinegar although it’s not really a health hazard as much as cosmetic. Can’t get rid of the pitting though.

    Vinegar on stainless steel is magic. I’d accidentally left a different pan on the stove that was empty. I know, I know, very dangerous. I’d never done that before but no excuse. Anyway after several mins, the pan was scorched and I thought it was ruined. But you take a certain amount of vinegar (google it) and then bring to boil and simmer for 10-12 mins then let it sit overnight and voila it’s as good as new; after you wash it of course.

  65. Tilden

    Well made!

    Great product!! Nice weight, well made with a handle that is firmly attached. The glass cover has small venting holes and larger venting holes so no boil over! I love it so much, I won’t share it with the men in my home!

  66. Rose Lilac 369

    LOVE IT! The pouring spout and strainer built in …

    Top quality pan! LOVE IT! The pouring spout and strainer built in the cover works perfectly for pasta, veggies and more. Very happy with this purchase!

  67. Nelson King

    Quality boiling pot at an excellent price

    I’ve had an (ancient) aluminum boiling pot for literally decades – it was time to put its battered frame to rest. After considerable searching for a metal boiling pot with well designed ability to drain, I settled on the AVACRAFT saucepan. It’s made with high quality stainless steel, has a well built handle, a good glass lid (which needs to be held in place while draining) and an excellent design for draining that has two outlets with a pouring lip. Well built, good looking and at a value oriented price – low middle price for high quality. Quite happy with it after considerable use.

  68. Ganter

    Five Stars

    was exactly what I wanted and works great

  69. Sarah C.

    And I love that it’s dishwasher-safe

    There’s 2 features I haven’t seen before that I wish every pot had. First – strainer built right into the lid! No more washing an extra colander, or trying to get the sink cleared out so I can put my colander in it. 2nd, measurement marks on the inside of the pot – HUGE help if you’re doing calorie counting or portion control. Figuring out how many servings/cups I have just cooked no longer takes any effort! And I love that it’s dishwasher-safe.


    Well made.

    A very well made product at a very reasonable price. It does everything that a stainless steel saucepan should do.

  71. Satheesh

    Good quality

    Have been using this for a month. No complaints so far 🙂

  72. Disco

    Four Stars

    Great pan to pour from, heats liquids quickly. Unfortunately it does stain and takes some scrubbing.

  73. PMRC

    Excellent product. Fit and finish are top quality

    Excellent product. Fit and finish are top quality. Love the handles. Expect to use this for 20 years or more.

  74. Matt

    I use this pan all the time

    One of the best pans I own. I didn’t expect a lot for the price. Nice even heat, and the straining feature is great.

  75. Pat

    Very well made pan!

    I love my new saucepan! In particular, I really like the holes in the lid that make it easy to drain your pot. Also it is really nice to have the markings inside the pan so you know how much liquid you have put in.

  76. Wad Ujj

    really made a good choice buying this

    Solid build, really made a good choice buying this.

  77. SnowKnitty

    Great pot with unexpected features in this price range.

    Heats evenly and the volume markings inside the pot are handy when you’re supposed to “reduce by half”, etc. I also like the perforated rim on the lid. It reduces the incidence of boiling over when making pastas and such. Cleanup is easy.

  78. Amanda

    Was very pleased to see this size pot with a spout.

    This was bought for my brother and shipped to him. Delivery was ontime. The price is very reasonable for the design of this item. My brother has not used it yet but he likes what he saw.

  79. Dave

    Can’t beat it for the price!

    Great all around pan. Versatile with a beautiful appearance. Looking forward to a lifetime of use!

  80. Alin James

    The one to grab

    This is a beautiful very well made pan. We just used and very happy with the results. It cooks evenly and love how it easily pours.
    Cleans up nicely…well worth it. after a couple of normal uses we cooked a coconut rice and unfortunately burned the bottom….oops too high gas burner….well we salvaged most of the rice and after soaking the pan overnight…it cleaned up nicely in the morning…back good as new…

  81. cory bluemling

    It’s a saucepan, and it works! I’m a …

    It’s a saucepan, and it works! I’m a single guy that uses this for more than boiling pasta. It has served as a bread holder, a temporary plant pot, and storage container quite well.

  82. Ann Sheldon

    This saucepan has it all!

    This saucepan is wonderful. It has two pour spouts, a measuring guide and a straining lid. Also the pot is a nice weight and I look forward to many years of use.

  83. Jo

    Five Stars

    Great saucepan, lovely quality!

  84. Jeanette M.

    High Quality Pan with Great Features

    I purchased this pan as a Mother’s Day gift for my mother-in-law. It’s a high quality pan with great features (ergonomic handle, pour spout, strainer, clear lid, and graduated markings). I love it so much, I plan to purchase one for myself. I can’t wait until these pans come in more sizes!

  85. Junior Noel

    Four Stars

    Awesome product works great

  86. PL

    Looks very good

    This was a gift to a friend

  87. Melanie R. Yates

    This is now one of my favorite pots! The handle didn’t get hot when cooking …

    This is now one of my favorite pots! The handle didn’t get hot when cooking and it cleaned up just like new. Love this!

  88. Rebs

    5-star saucepan!

    I love this saucepan! It works great! And, it heats things up evenly inside the pan.

  89. Thomas J. Mcdonald

    I was pleased and slightly surprised at the quality for the money

    Needed something reasonable and effective for cooking at work on an induction cook top. I was pleased and slightly surprised at the quality for the money. Great value and works perfectly for my quick ramen fix.

  90. Kyra Collins

    Great saucepan !!!

    We absolutely love this new saucepan. Well made, heats evenly, pours perfectly. Wow!

  91. JingyiWang

    Five Stars

    Fantastic! It worked very well and had a gorgeous appearance.

  92. Jacquelin Percious

    This is a very nice little pan

    This is a very nice little pan. I love the lid. I bought it to use on my induction cooker. It’s fine.

  93. Maple

    Stainless steel pot with pouring spouts, measuring lines inside and glass top with straining spout.

    This was gift for granddaughter who had only hand-me-down cookware most with Teflon coating. I liked that this was stainless steel, had pouring spouts, a top with strainer, and measuring lines inside. Although I have cookware, I am considering getting this for myself due to all the special features.

  94. Blondie

    I love this pan

    I love this pan. I can put it in the dishwasher. I wish they had a whole set I would buy it.

  95. Ray

    Five Stars

    Super pan! Just as described. Arrived very quickly. This is my go to everyday pan.

  96. rayandkiyo

    Good saucepan. Price is right.

    I love this saucepan! I enjoyed cooking with it. It is easy for me to handle because it is not too heavy. It cleans well after use.

  97. Janis Kravet

    Love the strainer lids, easy to clean pots

    I needed to replace a 2 qt nonstick pan. After shopping at the local stores, I found that the selection was very poor. Amazon was next and had many choices. I bought both the 1.5 qt and 2.5 qt pans. Love the look and the strainer lids. Helpful measure marks are nice. The no drip spouts are well designed. I’ve been able to clean up after oatmeal super fast. These are a great choice at a great value.

  98. darrell granholm

    spots in bottom of pan will not come out.

    my wife boiled some egg noodles for a salad and the pan had little spots in the bottom when she washed it and they will not come out.whats next?

  99. Jessica

    I’m impressed

    I wanted a stainless steel saucepan and this pan is even better than I hoped for. I didn’t expect such high quality from something that was within my price range. I love that is has a strainer built into the lid, which was a definite selling point for me. When ordering it, I didn’t even realize it also has measuring marks and would be lightweight enough to hold with my bad left wrist. I’m so impressed with its quality, I plan to buy more of their products as I upgrade my kitchenware.

  100. Iris0532

    The best saucepan I’ve ever had

    This cooking pot is such a good one. I usually cook food and need someone just for one serving. And I found this saucepan, with decent size. And it’s light weighted, perfect heat conduction that I don’t have to wait so long for the boiling soup. In addition, I think the stainless material is better than the non-stick coating when they are all easy to clean. It looks healthier without complex chemicals. Highly recommend this item.

  101. IslandLady


    I’m delighted with my two sauce pans. They are so well-designed. Also, I notice I can cook with lower heat and get the same result as a higher heat on my old pots.

  102. YCH

    Stainless Saucepan

    This replaces a teflon saucepan with draining lid that I used for lots of years. I specifically looked for a replacement with the strainer lid and side pour spouts. I like the stainless steel. Using it for the first time today and it appears to be just what I wanted. The size is perfect for most things that I make as I mostly cook for just for me.

  103. Debra K. Corazzelli

    There is nothing to dislike here

    All of my cookware is Scanpan, but I wanted a sauce pot that was made of thinner metal, without being so thin it seemed cheap–the thick gauge of my pan collection means things can take a long time to cook. This sauce pan is perfect. The gauge of the stainless steel is thinner but still high quality, and distributes the heat evenly, but I bought it specifically to brown butter, and it worked great in less than half the time of my other sauce pan. As a bonus, it has measuring marks on the interior, AND has two pouring lips–as a lefty, this is very important! The lid fits tightly–I will be trying it for rice next. All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this pan, and would try others from this company.

  104. Homer

    Great pan and just the right size for me!

    It’s not too heavy like my last one was, so I love this pan. I also love the measurements inside. Also it can go in the dishwasher. What’s not to like?

  105. Jason

    Solid but it rattles

    EDIT: The seller sent a replacement pot. It came with a handwritten letter of apology and did not even ask me to change my original review, which is amazing customer service. The good news is that the new pot does not rattle during normal use. The bad news is that, if I actually shake the pot, it does rattle, although not as loudly as the original pot I received.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: The pot heats well without the handle becoming hot. The problem, probably just with mine, is that there is something loose or broken inside the lining of the pot. It rattles every time I move it, which is annoying and makes it feel cheap even though it looks nice.

  106. Cheryl

    This pan is great!

    I boiled potatoes, drained them, and used my mixer to whip them. It out performed in every area. So light weight that I don’t have to struggle to hold a heavy pan in one hand while draining into a colander at the same time. I was astonished by how easy this pan is. Easy to clean up too.

  107. Nancy Nesheim

    Wonderful pan!

    Very nice pan. Well-made. Comfortable handle. Measuring scale on the inside. Love the strainer lid. Nice heavy bottom . Also looks very nice. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and will definitely look for more cookware in this line.

  108. flipflopsforever

    My elderly mother is happy!

    I bought this pan for my elderly mother who wanted a nice pan to make her annual Christmas candy in. When I found this pan it seemed to be everything she was wanting in a “candy pan”, so I had it sent to her. She said, “It’s a lovely pan.” That was good enough for me! I’m happy if she’s happy!

  109. Mary W


    This first time I cooked popcorn, the pot will not get clean. The oil is now stuck onto the bottom of the pan. I have tried everything to clean it up. Bummer.

  110. Juliet E. Bell

    Product just as expected

    Perfect service, well packed, looks just as I expected. This is a gift so I won’t be testing it out myself, but I’m quite sure this will fit the bill. It’s a good sturdy usable pan – quite happy to give as a gift.

  111. Angela K H Smith

    Great pan

    This is a gift

  112. Chris8680

    This is a quality product at a reasonable price.

    Love the finish and the feel of this pot. Came out of dishwasher like new. Love it!

  113. Tlace

    Works great

    I wish I had a whole set of these now!

  114. BK

    Impressed. Good buy.

    No complaints

  115. Polly

    Had to get another one for my office.

    My mom and I enjoy the first one so much, i had to order one for my office. Also picked up the pan version with spouts. I look forward to using them everyday.

  116. Noah

    Could become a favorite pan!

    I ordered this pot for spaghetti & used it immediately. Does a great job & easy to handle.

  117. A. Lohrum


    I could go on and on about this! The lid is FANTASTIC for draining fluids, the design is simple but wonderful, and it has MEASUREMENTS for liquids in it! We’ve used this almost daily!

  118. francois

    Thoughtfull design!

    I’m a very happy left handed person! Having a sauce pan with two pouring spouts is great for everyone. I have a recipe of chicken broth with fresh herbs for treating a cold and it is great to have the strainer and the pour spout to fill a mug with no mess! Would like to have another that’s a 1qt., please. 🙂 Nice quality, nice price!

  119. Alazzo

    So far I love it.

    Replaced an old coated 2qt sauce pan that I wore out. I cook everyday and was looking for a replacement pan that was not non stick. This one is terrific. At 2.5qts it gives me the extra room I need,cooks evenly and is easy to clean. I would buy this brand again.

  120. Becky

    Great pot!

    Very impressed with this product! Love the measurements on the inside as well as the easy pour for noodles. A Mac Cheese lover dream come true!

  121. Kun Lin

    Looks elegant but works poorly

    This saucepan is no doubt very nice looking. But, it is unreliable when it comes to cooking. This picture was taken after I used the saucepan for the first time, to poach an egg. I only used water and salt, and the bottom of the pan was somehow stained and I couldn’t scrape it off. Will return it for sure.

    Update: so after a month of use I wanted to give it a fair review. It is actually a decent saucepan if you use it right. It does get sticky at times but most of time it does its job. After using it for dozens of times, and washing it in dishwasher for a few times, it still looks brand new. It is no doubt a high quality saucepan if you can bear with occasional sticky situations.

  122. Hong S.

    Light weight

    This is the best sauce pan I have so far.

  123. Mary B

    My new sauce pot

    Asha, I wrote my review last night and now I need to add something. My husband washed the dishes from dinner and so I looked at them after they had dried to put them away. I noticed little spots on the inside bottom around the rim and a water line around the upper edge of the inside of my pot. My earlier remarks were just from my initial wash and dry when I received the new pan. These spots and water line came from boiling water for a few hot dogs. I’m concerned that these spots were more in one area and wanted to make sure that it was made evenly. My husband asked where these pots are made. Please reply. Mary B

  124. frenchgirl

    well made , attractive

    lovely pot,it pours on both side, and I like the lid also because it allows for the steam to escape.

  125. Ellen A Himberger

    Awesome purchase!

    Exactly what I was hoping for! I was back and forth between this product and Cuisinart. I definitely hemmed and hawed awhile over this…. what sold me was the rave reviews this pot got. Now I can do the same. The size is perfect…. Cuisinart’s handle is a tad long. I love the rounded sides and the double sided pour spout. The feature I like best is that you don’t need a colander! It’s a nice looking pot and heats well and cleans up great. Totally satisfied!

  126. DDB

    Great Pot!

    This pot is a great size and weight. It has a pour spout which makes transferring the contents onto a plate or into a bowl very easy. I used it to replace a much lighter weight pot that would get scalding hot when being used. It has done the job well. Definitely might get more of these!

  127. charles c hanson,jr

    It does its job!

    Cleaning the pan was fair but realized that it has after burn marks revealed at the bottom of the pan. Is it an indication of cheap material been used?

  128. Bleeding Fingers

    Nice Quality. Intelligent Design

    I ordered the 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 quart versions. I will start with quality. This is a nice quality stainless. I cooked steel cut oatmeal and got busy doing something else. Normally burned oatmeal is a mess to clean up with lots of soaking and scrubbing. The clean up with this pan was very easy and did not stain the pan.

    The design is of equal importance. After all, without a good design, this would be just another pot. The inner measurement markings are really nice, making it almost interesting for me to start following measurement directions. The lids are high and clear so you can see the contents. The glass seems to function solidly. The holes in the lid make it very easy to drain off the liquid. The handle and the lid handles remained cool under high heat.

    The only question I would have is to what temperature can you keep them in the over? I will be ordering the larger pot as well.

  129. zeke

    light weight

    I have terrible arthritis so I need cookware that is not too heavy to lift. The glass lid is great to keep an eye on food and the por spouts of different sizes ar wonderful for pastas.

  130. jackthecat

    Quality replacement.

    The two spouts with lid strainer make for a safe pour when removing liquids.

  131. aloma d alber

    great pan with a great lid

    get this for yourself or as a wedding gift. you can use it for pasta or veg. wonderful product and quality.

  132. ehdy

    excellent pan, BUT!

    I love using this pan. the clear lid, the straining, the light weight, it really is great. For what it is, it’s fantastic! BUT, my other same sized steel clad pan ‘cook’s standard’ is a much higher quality and heavier gauge steel. you can beat up all day the cook’s standard pan(for years), but this avacraft pan is really nice to turn to for pasta, and when you want to see your food cooking.

  133. yulia-julia

    AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan 2Qt

    Perfect size for a small family. Great look. Easy to clean. Handle stays cool. Ordered first one as a gift, decided that I definitely want one for myself too.

  134. Francis Joseph

    Good cooking and good looking for our glass top stove!!

    Rarely does such quality come at a very reasonable price. We are delighted to have this beautiful and well crafted , good cooking and good looking pan with nice glass cover
    We are very happy with our purchase

  135. Bill

    AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid, Strainer Lid,

    The pan heated properly , lid worked well, easy to pour out liquid. Was surprised the stayed cool.

  136. Judy Farrington

    Easy draining

    Love the versatility. Two spouts are great.

  137. leann sullivan

    Perfect size

    Pot is the perfect size. We use it almost daily. If anything happens to stain it, a little Barkeepers Friend and a sponge and it looks brand new. Also love the pour lid.

  138. uvetta venerdi

    smooth pot for many cuisines/recipes.

    First it had stains that did not want to come off – after a few more uses it has become spotless + is now easy to clean. it has many uses in our small household. the perforated lid is VERY useful indeed – not having to use a strainer . . .!

  139. Dorthea

    Nice pot

    Love it. Easy to use quick to boil water. And love the drain spout.

  140. Linda R. Ragsdale

    Versatile design

    Throw out the strainers this pot does everything except cook. It has a glass lid so I can see how my food is cooking. There is a spout and a two size strainer built in, plus measuring marks on the inside. As I get older I also appreciate the lightness of this pan. It has quickly become my go to pan.

  141. Cynthia Hernandez

    Light weight, easy to carry.

    What I like the most it has a strainer in the lids great idea.

  142. Hogan

    good qualit sauce pan

    Now for me it was expensive. But I needed a quality stainless steel pan to make Essiac tea. I have lymphoma and this tea is one of the protocols , ie Budwig and Organic Sulfur reference Cancer Tutor and Dr. Axe if anyone is interested. I do not do the mainstream medicines for cancer.

  143. Doreocookieo


    I’ve already used it in the oven, and it worked great. Came nice and clean also!

  144. Zelda

    Love this pan

    After using it for a few month, I can safely say this pan is great. I bought it to replace a stainless steel pan that I had and really liked and this has proved even better. Its slightly larger than my old pan and that’s great. I’ve used it for all sorts of cooking and it always cleans up nicely. Its still just as shiny as it was new.

  145. GRP

    My wife and I both love to cook.

    We enjoy having nice “tools” for our cooking. These pans are wonderful, they feel well balanced and have a nice fit and finish. It seems like the handles are well attached and will stay that way. Also, the lids fit snugly on both pans. We purchased the 1.5 qt and 3.5 qt sizes as these give us a nice range of sizing for our needs.

    The only one negative experience was the advertising leaflet that was included with the cookware. With the 1.5 qt pan there was a “thank you” leaflet indicating that because of their appreciation I would receive “up to 15% discount” on my next AVACRAFT product. And with the 3.5 qt saucepan the offer was “up to 25%” discount on the next purchase. DON’T BELIEVE IT!

    Even though we purchased 2 pans I received a code for a meager 10% discount code and I had to request it 3 times over a 24 hour period. I was actually going to consider buying another pan – the 2.5 qt – when and if a 25% discount came through. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed when I saw the 10% discount code.

    Why offer 25% and then give 10%? It only sets up the customer for disappointment. I guess they feel it is necessary to get you to sign up on their Website. But it left such a bad feeling it would have been better if they didn’t offer anything. 10% is not enough and after this I will look at other brands. I don’t like deceptive practices. If this is any example of their business model they are in trouble.

    However, the product is nice. It’s too bad they ruined my heretofore pleasant experience with their deception.

  146. Yuliya Armstrong


    I thought it would be heavier. The quality is not as expected. Seems a little cheap. But I love the cap! Must have for kraft Mac and Cheese 🙂

  147. M. W.

    Well Designed!

    We love this pot. It is light weight but the heat distribution is even and substantial. The pour spouts on either side are helpful. The drain holes on the lid eliminate the need for a separate colander. The grips on the handles make for a sure grasp. We had not purchased this brand before but probably will in the near future.

  148. Laura V.


    Love ut. Was what I wanted. Thanks. And reasonably priced.

  149. Kate L.

    LOVE this Sauce Pan!!!!

    I love this sauce pan — the glass lid fits on it perfectly and it has a handy pour spout at the side. The stainless steel is high quality, Heats everything up extremely well, and easy to clean. For a great price!

    The only thing I would warn about is that Amazon defaults to the smallest saucepan size on this brand — if you aren’t watching it–you can order yourself a mini saucepan (1.5 oz) when you really want a normal size one. That’s what I ended up doing, but I loved the mini one so much, I kept it and then ordered this larger sauce pan one (2.5 oz), and then also the 11 inch saute pan – which should come in a few days.

    So I thought I would just get one–but ended up with three pans. There’s a method to their madness! – LOL.

  150. Gordie

    Great value!
    I was a little hesitant about ordering these, 3.5 & 2.5 qt., after reading some of the reviews about sharp edges, etc,.
    Fortunately I ordered them. There are a couple sharp edges in handle cutouts, not a big deal at all to me. They are in a place where you really don’t contact much & they are not sharp enough to cut or scratch . I bought these in January and used them every day. 6 months later and I love this cookware. I’ve had Revere, Belgique, Cuisinart and All clad. I take excellent care of all my cookware, washing it often with Barkeepers Friend. This cookware is easy to use, heats evenly, comfortable to hold, the strainer covers are a big plus. I prefer it to my 4qt All Clad tri pot with loop, $200. plus for candy making . The All Clad retains to much heat. Short story is, these pots are in the same condition as when I received them, no spotting or stains inside or out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

  151. No kidding

    Nice but…

    The handle on this is very comfortable. Nice enough pan for replacing my cuisinart. I would’ve given this 5 stars but it arrived with 1 small dent/crease on both pouring lips. There’s also the fact that it’s not a 2.5 quart pan. It is if you fill it up to the very top of course then you can’t put anything like a ladle or the lid. Before ordering I went to the AVACRAFT site it gave the impression of being made in the USA of course it isn’t. However it feels sturdy and in the end it’ll do the job. Another excellent selling point is how heavy duty the lid is.

  152. susan nelson

    Lid loose

    The lid doesn’t fit snug enough. When I tried draining spagetti, it just came out the gap.

  153. Lynn Runge

    Nice pan
    Wonderful pan. It’s exactly as described. Great size for every day use.

  154. Marilyn Williams

    Great pan!

    Just the size and durability that I wanted in this pan. Easy to clean.

  155. Kindle Customer

    Great Design!

    I bought this to make popcorn in. It works great. The lid design also is great for boiling pasta in and draining it.

  156. Kent Doyle

    Good pan

    Works great. I like the cup markings on the inside and that the lid is a strainer.

  157. Carol

    Great pan!

    The best thing about this pan is the heat distribution. The heavy bottom saucepan is the only way to go. I love the fact it’s an easy pour pan too. And the cover is great.

  158. john rodriguez

    Best pot so far that I have seen.

    Excellent product, very well made, usage-easy pour no more mess with spout on both sides , even the measurements stamped inside very helpful, so good that I ordered the smaller 1.5q,, love it, thank you

  159. Debra McAfee

    Induction compatible

    Needed some pans to use on my new induction stove. This fit the bill nicely. They are easy to clean and attractive. We really like them.

  160. Retiree

    A Multiple Use Heavy Duty Pot

    I bought this pot primarily for pouring liquids out of it, such as water when cooking potatoes, making tea, etc. The spouts work well for these type applications (no dripping), and the heat distribution appears to be good. The handle stays cool. The lid works well with the arrangement of the drainage holes. The only issue that I think I may have is with the rivets that hold the handle to the pot. When scraping food out of the pot, the rivets get in the way of trying to clear off the sides of food. And when washing the pot, I thought that it was clean until a closer inspection of the area of the rivets showed a small amount of food residue that needed to be removed. This is why I gave the pot a 4 rating.

  161. oers0815

    See above

    versatile, durable, good price.

  162. Gordon V. Horrell

    This is NOT stainless steel.

    I have nothing but stainless steel in my kitchen. This pot reacted the first use. Stainless steel does not do this. Aluminum does. Junk. If I could give it a negative, I would. False description by manufacturer. I would return it, but, the box was already tossed.

  163. Amazon Customer

    first rate!

    very pleased with design, special features, functionality. I will definitely be interested in purchasing other Avacraft products, and in recommending them to friends and family!

  164. Janice Barre

    It is easy to clean and the fact that you can drain the liquid right from the pan

    I love it

  165. marilyn Barthel

    Easy to use. I like the way it strains food. Nice size! Would buy again!

    I use it to cook vegetables mostly. Works well and easy to drain potatoes etc.

  166. Ann Louise

    Great Pan!

    This is a quality pan. I only use stainless low to medium so things heat evenly and easily with no risk of burning. I highly recommend it!

  167. SMF

    Inside Measurements and Perfect Size

    I have needed this size for awhile. Perfect size – love being able to see measurements when reducing sauces.

  168. Sherri

    Simply put, I love it

    It is the size I needed. It’s easy to clean (no more nonstick for me). I love the glass lid and pour spouts. It’s perfect for my needs.

  169. Shauna G

    So good I got two!

    I really liked this pan. I used to have what must’ve been a thinner walled pan and my rice would always burn to the bottom, not the case with this pan. Plus I really liked the see through lid and the drain holes in the lid as well. I liked it so much I have two in the same size and will most likely buy a smaller and bigger pan in the future. Great buy!

  170. Sue

    Most of them are good

    I like most of them but handle isn’t good enough for holding

  171. Myon

    Great pot

    Heat fast and even with a great lid and cleans up good

  172. Michael Parker

    This is a quality product

    I purchased this pan as a birthday gift for my 82 year old mother , she is a expert on kitchen wares and she is raving about these two Avacraft pans the 2.5 and 3.5 she now owns ….. she began cooking for her husband in 1955 , she raised two boys and she has been cooking meals for everyone for 65 years , you could receive no higher endorsement for your product .


    Versatile Balanced & Beautiful

    Versatility is a strong appeal for this purchase. It is self measuring, two pour spouts, glass lid with vent, strainer in lid aligned to spouts. The handle is ergonomic and balanced perfectly. I purchased this as I decided to make good sauces from scratch. This can be used when I am
    doing reduction. Beautifully balanced like a work of art. I wished the bottom was weighted a bit more.

  174. Marcia Karon

    I use it for making yogurt

    The pot that i had been using for years was teflon, which started wearing off. Although this is slightly smaller, so when I pour the heated milk into my pyrex 8 cup measuring bowl, the bowl does not fit into the pan to cool, like my previous one did. But putting ice into the bottom of the pan and then sticking the bowl on top works, and yogurt has come out perfect.

  175. Leigh

    Love this pan!

    I have only used this a couple times so far, but I love it!! I love the strainer glass lid. I absolutely love that it has measuring lines on the inside, tells you how many cups. I didn’t think I needed that, but It is so great! The stainless steel cleans up so easy, which is why I was looking for stainless. Very pleased with this product!

  176. llou4816


    I order 3 different size pots…I love it!!

  177. Cherilyn

    I love

    I like

  178. bsilva

    Great value

    This is a top notch pot. Besides it being high quality it has a really nice design from the measurements inside to the pour spouts and lid.

  179. thumprchgo

    Way better
    The pot Is the perfect size, I’ve used it daily for months now. Solid, well balanced, and heats evenly.

  180. Jim E.

    Excellent pan, good quality, well constructed

    Great pan! Just what I was hoping for and more!

  181. comfort&style

    Pretty, nice padded handle, lightweight glass lid

    The pot looks terrific and works fine. The padded handle on the lid is insulating and lovely and the lid fits well without being too tight. The glass lid for some reason is very light in weight, a great feature.

  182. Mary Salmon

    Love Love Love

    Love love love this pot! It’s heavy duty and handles well. I love the lid that you can see through. It has a vent hole so that prevents it from boiling over. Plus the lid lets you drain off liquid while preventing food from escaping. It’s an awesome pot with lid.

  183. Mike McCarthy

    fine quality totally functional

    cook soups and pasta

  184. railman


    I like the strength and weight of it

  185. Chris

    Good pan

    Good pan

  186. Cham

    Love it! Love it!

    It is a great little Ian. Especially like the lid. Buy it you won’t be disappointed.

  187. Chrysteen Braun

    Great Pot, and handsome too!

    My husband needed a new pot to make his jello in and this is perfect. It has the measuring marks inside and is easy to pour from and most important, easy to clean. He loves it. And I do too, since I don’t have to make the jello.

  188. B Wu

    Like it, I use it everyday now

    It’s a good pot!

  189. Scor What

    Strainer lid adds a star

    We replaced a pot just like this one because we had burned frozen blueberries in it. Not the pots fault.

  190. Marianne Murphy

    So Far I am Happy

    Actually bought this for our camper and have only tried once a home. When we go camping I will have a better idea of my overall satisfaction. I really like the strainer lid.

  191. Walter H.

    Great Pan

    Love the pan

  192. Marlin Bizzle

    Quality cookware…

    A very nice addition to my cookware. Easily cleaned. Really like the strainer built into the lid. Works well on an induction plate. Not a lot of “quality” saucepans out there.

  193. TinyHill

    Just right.

    So far it is exactly what I was hoping for, not too heavy not too light. Just the right size. Love the drain spouts and 2 sizes of drain holes in the lid. I think it is a good purchase.

  194. gracesd

    Glide with its 2 drain parts is great!

    I really like this pot and especially the top it came with. No more burning our hands trying to drain the liquid from pasta!

  195. Basilio G Perez

    Super sauce pan

    Love the shape, size, handle and the fact that it’s stainless steel. Well made and durable.

  196. Jeff C

    Solid pot for price

    Good sized pot, no warping after 1 week of use, heats up quickly. Downside is I find rice and noodles easily stick to the sides and must be scraped off if not cooked carefully.

  197. Dorothy Ellis

    Best sauce pan ever!

    Great for all types of food preparation! Easy to clean, but most of all heavy duty!

  198. Stinkeye

    Good quality for the price

    Replaced my old funky pots with the Avacraft. I don’t know if it cooks any better than my old junk but there’s no flaking coatings and the pots look grat and clean easily.

  199. Barbara Ann Day

    This really panned out!!

    These pans are the best ever! I have used Cuisinart for many years along with many other brands, and have never been so satisfied with them as I am with these. The only thing I question with the sauce pans is the tiny hole in the top of the lid. Will that interfere with such procedures as making rice, which usually calls for aid to be placed on the pot? I love that one can see what is going on inside the pots while cooking, and the drain for removing liquid is a definite plus! Very excited about these pots and will probably buy at least one more soon. Too bad they have to be assembled in China. Wish they were 100% made in the USA.

  200. K. Smith

    I ordered 2 sizes! I love them!

    I ordered this product in two sizes — 2.5 & 3.5 quarts — and I am delighted with both of them.

  201. ThatGuy

    Good quality induction pot

    I really like this pot. I use this with an induction cooktop I bought off Amazon as well. This pot is extremely sturdy. I was scared because the price is relatively low compared to some other brands, but the material is VERY solid. I make sure to clean and wipe it dry after every use. Do this to prevent rust.
    I’ve used it up to 220 degrees fahrenheit without issue

  202. JS

    Great customer service on replacement; great for rice!

    Company immediately replaced first pot that came with a damage inside. Replacement was perfect. I love the clear glass cover because I can now see when rice is about to boil over! Also, the side pour spouts are great to release water when rinsing rice or beans.

  203. leslee

    Nice little sauce pan

    Beautiful sauce pan, it shines

  204. Diana M.

    Perfect price. Perfect cookware.

    Asha and the folks at Avacraft are a wonderful business and have mastered good price point Cookware. I purchased the AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid, 2.5QT and find it a perfect addition to my very busy kitchen. The handle is ergonomic and very comfortable and does not retain heat. The pot itself at 2.5 qts allows it to serve many functions from saucepan to general cooking. Lid fits perfectly and cleanup is a breeze. Will be looking at other items to begin a collection. Have had Farberware, French made pots and Calaphon and this beats all hands down. Thanks Avacraft!

  205. Solitaryreflection

    Sturdy, heavy bottom, even heat distribution handle does not get hot.

    Brilliant saucepan. It’s heavy and the food does not burn. I make ghee (clarified butter) in it and generally clarified butter requires even heat distribution and a heavy bottom so it does not burn. I love this saucepan. I also make lentils (dals) in it and it cooks well. I have washed it in the dishwasher and it is fine. This is one of the finest pieces of utensils I own. Very, very useful.

  206. Kothari

    Love it!

    This is our 1st purchase of Avacraft product & it is great. The clean is a breeze which I love! It has become my fav Tea making pot. I want to definitely try other Avacraft Products as well!

  207. Micello

    Great saucepan!

    Love this saucepan! Nice medium size that I needed, seems very well made!

  208. BarbM

    Love this product

    Easy to use, clean, lid fits perfect. I love this product.

  209. William T.


    I like the straining lid.

  210. Ahsan Ismail

    Good quality

    very good quality . my wife like it

  211. Julie Martin

    Nice quality

    I needed a medium size sauce pan that could be used on multiple cook tops.

    It’s a beautiful piece of cookware and I like the explanation card on care that came with it.

    I hope to have it for a while.

  212. tina

    Great product

    I use it daily. It is doing well and the straining feature is very very useful.

  213. tina

    Great product

    I use it daily. It is doing well and the straining feature is very very useful.

  214. Julie Martin

    Nice quality

    I needed a medium size sauce pan that could be used on multiple cook tops.

    It’s a beautiful piece of cookware and I like the explanation card on care that came with it.

    I hope to have it for a while.

  215. guiltygreen

    Works well

    This pot was lightweight, easy to use, and had really thoughtful design (the side spouts and the lid with holes). Found it perfect for my needs. Great product, I would buy it again!

  216. Bob

    How quickly it heats.

    Such a help, to have it heat so quickly.

  217. Bob

    How quickly it heats.

    Such a help, to have it heat so quickly.

  218. guiltygreen

    Works well

    This pot was lightweight, easy to use, and had really thoughtful design (the side spouts and the lid with holes). Found it perfect for my needs. Great product, I would buy it again!

  219. DeAnna & Sydney

    Multi-purpose quality

    Love this multi purpose pot. It is the perfect size and the quality is excellent.

  220. Connie McCauley

    It is beautiful.

    Sorry, but I have put it away and have now used it yet!

  221. Connie McCauley

    It is beautiful.

    Sorry, but I have put it away and have now used it yet!

  222. DeAnna & Sydney

    Multi-purpose quality

    Love this multi purpose pot. It is the perfect size and the quality is excellent.

  223. Roger D


    exactly what i needed ! i just started canning and this is the perfect pan.

  224. Heidi Husnak

    Nice weight and design

    I cook a variety of foods every day. Excellent for marmalade, soups, and any general simmered foods. I really like the coated handle as I have a disability that makes my hands unusually heat sensitive. Can’t beat the price either!

  225. Sandra L. Rearden

    The saucepan and lid are very well made and are ergonomically correct

    This product was immediately pressed into service cooking for my family.

  226. Ramona Smith

    Love the design.

    Because the lid has a deep lip I also use it to cover food on a plate to help keep it warm. I love the strainer
    holes on the lid. I need to order some different sizes.

  227. blondie007


    Love it for pasta for one but used it one time and bottom is stained. Use SOS pad and Still won’t come off. Suggestions???

  228. Cin

    Love this pan

    This pan is exceptionally well made. Handles do not get hot and everything cooks great in it. Will be purchasing more.

  229. Cin

    Love this pan

    This pan is exceptionally well made. Handles do not get hot and everything cooks great in it. Will be purchasing more.

  230. Anonymous

    Making bad noises

    When you use it on the induction cooker, it makes bad noises. But it is a useful pot. Good quality.

  231. Lee Snyder

    Perfect quality

    These pots/pans are simply awesome. The lid fits perfectly and drains pasta of all shapes very easily. Great for soups, etc. Nice thick bottom that heats evenly, sits flat and doesn’t act unstable when empty, I am very happy with these pans and will buy again and recommend these to anyone.

  232. Lee Snyder

    Perfect quality

    These pots/pans are simply awesome. The lid fits perfectly and drains pasta of all shapes very easily. Great for soups, etc. Nice thick bottom that heats evenly, sits flat and doesn’t act unstable when empty, I am very happy with these pans and will buy again and recommend these to anyone.

  233. Grandi

    My Favorite Pot

    I bought it for the built-in strainer but I love it best for the stay-cool pot and lid handles. No fumbling for a pot holder and hoping my grip doesn’t slip.

  234. Grandi

    My Favorite Pot

    I bought it for the built-in strainer but I love it best for the stay-cool pot and lid handles. No fumbling for a pot holder and hoping my grip doesn’t slip.

  235. songbird

    The perfect pot

    I love my new pot! It’s easy to drain pasta or cooked veggies. The handle feels good in my hands. It’s light but great quality steel. I will be buying more pots and pans from here. I feel like another cook read my mind when it came to my idea of the perfect pot!

  236. songbird

    The perfect pot

    I love my new pot! It’s easy to drain pasta or cooked veggies. The handle feels good in my hands. It’s light but great quality steel. I will be buying more pots and pans from here. I feel like another cook read my mind when it came to my idea of the perfect pot!

  237. anonymous

    Nice pot, but brand new one came with a dent on the side

    Brand new pot out of box has a dent of about 1.5 inches! What a disappointment, otherwise, it looks like a nice pot. Amazon said we can replace but what if a new one comes again with a dent. We decided to live with the dent.

  238. 4footed

    Pour spout? Nope, poor spout.

    This seems like a nice little pan, and I do find it handy for batches of mac and cheese.
    Yes, mine doesn’t sit flat, but it still works fine on my induction cut top.

    BUT, I bought it because I needed something in the 2qt range that could POUR. I make ghee (super clarified butter) and need to be able to pour hot melted butter evenly and slowly through a strainer. Even with the “pour spouts”, it just runs down the side of the pan. I already have pans that can do that.

    I’ll keep it, but it might make a trip to the garage to “emphasize” the pour spout with a large hammer and a blunt chisel. I hope the strainer lid still fits when I’m done. It’s nice for that mac and cheese…

  239. Michael Cheung

    Nicely made

    Made of Stainless Steel with a shiny finishing.
    Easy to clean. Sturdy Lid with handle.

  240. James Costa

    Well made pan

    Best pan I have ever owned. Its only been two weeks but it seems that the pan will last for ever.

  241. Barbara Alexander

    Excellent Quality

    Received in a timely matter. Light weight and excellent quality. Easy to clean.

  242. william pitcher

    stars Sauce pot

    Great quality cookware. easy to clean up

  243. Barbara J.

    Wow, I’m impressed

    I accidentally set fire to my old sauce pan while making hummingbird food. So I was looking for a replacement and decided to get a good one. I ordered the 2.5 quart saucepan. I used it the day it arrived and absolutely loved it. So I immediately ordered the dutch oven to replace the non-stick one I had. I used it last evening and I’m so happy with it also. They are so well made and quite beautiful as well. This is quality cookware for a reasonable price – good and solid, no sharp edges, sturdy, superior quality. I can feel it in my bones that I will be ordering more pieces for my kitchen.
    One person found this helpful

  244. Kathryn Lenoue

    Tough and Beautiful

    i bought the 2 and a half quart saucepan with a glass lid. It’s absolutely beautiful. The heat distribution seems perfect, it cleans up like a breeze, can be thrown in the dishwasher, and comes out sparkling. I love that it has spouts on both sides (I’m left-handed) and you can strain pasta without dirtying up something else because the lid has holes on the sides. It’s just a really nice saucepan.

  245. Kindle Customer

    Good Size

    Very useful size. Not too big and not too small. Good for making donburi, noodles with dumplings in soup, reheating canned soup, package of ramen, etc.

  246. Helen Aims

    Dishwasher safe

    I love that I can put these pans in the dishwasher and they come out just beautiful. I love the stay-cool handles. Great pans.

  247. R.P.

    convient size

    Great sauce pan, convenient size and it can be used on induction cooktops. The lid has two different size strainers and the pot can be poured either left or right handed.

    Only issue for me is that the inside bottom of the pan became spotted the first time I boiled water in it, I have not been able to wash those spots away.

  248. Sam Jones

    The strainer lid is why I bought this

    Very well made and what I was looking for. A two-handled version would also be welcomed!

  249. Robin Bennett

    Great Product

    Great product! Was shipped quickly and arrived right on time!
    One person found this helpful

  250. Nan Duke

    Great construction and easy to use

    This produce is wonderful. I love that it has measurements engraved into the inside of the saucepan. So often recipes call for certain amounts of water, etc. and being in America, my measuring cups are in cups….. the measurements in side are in ml. So handy! Also, the lid has drain holes on both sides of the lip. Makes draining pasta, etc., much easier.

  251. J.W. in Atlanta

    Good little workhorse for your home range

    If you need a saucepan (live alone, small kitchen, etc) and can only have one in your basic kitchen kit, this is a great pick. This is not a top of the line chef model but it’s a very reasonable consumer piece that will get the job fone. It has decent heat distribution, is durable and pretty easy to clean; it’s a versatile little piece with the great addition of the strainer built into the lid.

  252. SoNJ

    Happy customer

    Very convenient

  253. ernesto petit

    stars Stainless pot

    Great looking pot

  254. Dan A

    Good quality

    Great size (2 QT) and good quality.

  255. AG

    Amazing pan

    Love everything about this pan, it comes clean so easy, wish I had bought it sooner going to buy the rest of the set.

  256. Carlos D. Colmenares

    Great product

    We recently purchased the 1.5 qt, 2.5 qt, and 6 qt stainless steel pots from Avacraft. While we have not used the 6 quart pot yet, the ones we have used are very easy to clean and my daughter loves the strainer built within the lids. They are also beautifully constructed and look great.

  257. van myers

    Good product

    Good buy

  258. Carol M.

    great pots

    Love the convenience and size of the pots.

  259. lanna

    Lovely addition to my kitchen

    I really like this product. I needed a low maintenance, versatile saucepan to replace the recently retired one. I love this one, it seems to be made out of a high grade stainless steel, its not too heavy and is easy to use and care for. I especially love that the lid is designed as a strainer.

  260. Tazmania

    Extreme versatility for my needs and uses.

    This is a beautiful and versatile pan for everyday use. The pouring spouts on either side (for right or left handed persons) and drain holes in the lid make this useable for most any and every thing. I have no other stainless steel pans so have had to learn to control the gas heat downward. It will become one of your most favorite kitchen tools!

  261. cardhuny

    Best cookware

    Really pleased with this item.

  262. Melissa

    My new favorite pan

    Love love love it, use for everything!! Same great quality.

  263. Lindnberry

    Great value, cooks evenly, fabulous lid

    I use this pot to make soup, to cook rice, to make short pastas. It heats evenly, I love the lid. It fits tightly and also releases steam and also allows for things to be strained. Given all that, I couldn’t believe it cooked rice as well as it did. An amazing value and great quality.

  264. Glenda B

    Great pot

    I’ve wanted a stainless pot of a long time. This one does not disappoint. Easy to clean. Heats evenly and I can strain from 2sides! What more could I want!!

  265. Dustin Moore

    Fantastic stainless steel sauce pan and lid combo

    Got this to replace a slightly smaller non-stick saucepan. I’m really glad I did. The increased capacity is nice, and it heats evenly enough for anything I’m doing. Cleanup is easy because you can scrub it to your heart’s content without needing to think about if you are being too tough on a non-stick costing. And th strainer built into the lid is a nice bonus. I love remembering I have it and using it. I’m sure it isn’t as nice as a $100 pan, but it’s great and I’ll definitely get another if I ever need to replace this – although since it is stainless I imagine this will last for a decade or three easily.

  266. Barbara Tostado

    Just a perfect pot!

    Love love this perfect pot..alittle pricey but worth every penny

  267. Martin Shank

    A sturdy, good-looking pot with room for improvement

    When the pot is full, it weighs ten pounds. It feels much heavier than a ten pound dumbbell because you are holding it by the handle, which is a distance away from most of the weight. The handle, which is nicely shaped for my hand and is cool, is too short to hold onto with both hands very well, and I suspect that the pot would be quite a load for most women and elderly people. A second small handle would have been an improvement.

    I make rice in the pot, and it would have been nice to have had markings starting at one or two cups. They start at four cups.

  268. Kimchi


    Love the look and the size but the handle is not easy to hold by one hand. Wish they can make one with two handles.

  269. Very pleased

    Thumbs up

    Bought as a gift. Daughter loves it. Handle stays cool so no pot holder necessary. Loves the pour spout on each side and easy measuring inside pot.

  270. Jennifer W.

    Light, versatile, easy to clean pan with pour spouts and marked measurements

    Love the marked measurements and pour spouts! Pan heats quickly and evenly. I don’t recommend using metal utensils in it, my spoon made some little scratches. Lightweight and easy to clean.

  271. SWR

    Wonderful customer service and product

    Well made product, looks very nice, functions well. Gets daily use. Issue with delivery delay prompted me to reach out to them. Their customer service was stellar. They were very attentive and helpful until all was resolved.
    One person found this helpful

  272. Palmie

    Easy pour spout on the side!!!

    Love this pan!!!

  273. Patricia Eastland

    Nice addition to my kitchen!

    I’ve cooked everything from rice, potatoes to sauces and gravies and the pot has been easy to clean after each use. I like the fact that it keeps its nice shiny appearance.

  274. blondie007


    Love it for pasta for one but used it one time and bottom is stained. Use SOS pad and Still won’t come off. Suggestions???

  275. mvukich


    What a beautiful piece of cook wear!

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