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Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom Saucepan 1.5QT

18/10 STAINLESS STEEL SAUCEPAN: 1.5 QT saucepan with lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy to read measurement marks inside.

(298 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom Saucepan 1.5QT

Our tough, double-riveted saucepan with its shatterproof glass lid with straining holes on both sides specially constructed to evenly distribute heat on all types of cooktops. Pour spouts on both sides accommodate right-handed and left-handed cooks, handle stays cool even when the pan is not.

Ideal kitchen utensils to measure, mix, boil and strain in same saucepot. AVACRAFT’s stainless steel saucepan designed to last like new for lifelong!

  • 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: Matte finish interior with easy-to-read measurements that prevents scratches and keeps it looking pristine.
  • All-IN-ONE FUNCTION: Measure, boil, strain and s and cook in the same pot.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Tri-ply stainless steel base with pure Aluminum encapsulation that avoids heat spots and distributes heat evenly.
  • STAY COOL HANDLE: Ergonomic handle stays cool even when the pan is not, for a firm grip.
  • Best Quality, Durable:Made with 18/10 food grade stainless steel which resists rust, stains, cracks.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

We want you to love your product just as much after decades of cooking together as you did on day one,

or we’ll refund or replace your purchase.

298 reviews for Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom Saucepan 1.5QT

  1. J. S. Mcmahon

    Perfect for vegetables and more!

    Fast delivery and it serves its purpose. Great item!

  2. C. Kellar

    Good feel and quality

    Selected this pan for they styling. Feels of sturdy construction and good in the hand. Design (pour spouts, handle, design) feels thought out, excellent. Feels like it will stand the test of time. Chosen for husband, who likes to heat his tea and he enjoys it.

  3. Shy

    Beyond Expectation

    I was totally satisfied at first glance and inspection. All expectations were met upon further examination. It had a nice weight like it’s made with quality steel. It appeared well designed, durable, and free from yielding water spots upon utilization. I especially like the flexibility feature of drainage from either side and the measuring feature inside of the pan. Really nifty! Have not cooked with it as of yet; have only given it an initial wash. Hoping that the handle will remain cool/warm enough to hold while cooking with it. Will update later if any dissatisfaction occurs.

  4. Scarlet

    This pan is terrific. I have used it several times since I …

    This pan is terrific. I have used it several times since I received it and am pleased with its performance and cleanup. I highly recommend this company. I am planning on replacing all my coated pans with this brand.

  5. NeedMO

    Four Stars

    Good product / service; and a little over priced.

  6. Lynne

    Light but very sturdy!

    Best little saucepan ever. I love that there are pouring spouts on each side.

  7. bud

    Perfect. Never boils over making a mess on my …

    Perfect. Never boils over making a mess on my stove. The lid makes draining easy with no scalded fingers. Love it.

  8. Cat Lady

    Sleek looking pan

    I have used this pan a lot since I purchased it. It has a clean look. Not as heavy as some of my other stainless pans – but it performs the same as the heavy ones. It cleans up beautifully. I like the pour spouts on both sides. I refuse to use our Keurig coffee maker for my tea (I can taste coffee in my tea)! I like boiled water in a pan and the AVACRAFT is perfect for the job. I got the 1.5 quart and it is just the right size for the job. I have an Induction cook top and this pan works great on it. I did find a burr (a tiny sharp piece of steel) on the rolled rim. I did give it 5 stars – that little piece of steel was not a problem for me. I took a nail file and quickly got rid of it before it cut me. The pan is well priced and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

  9. Margaret

    Five Stars

    Nice pot, light weight, but good bottom, time will tell about the rest.

  10. Jeff

    Five Stars

    We love our new Avacraft saucepan. It’s well made and lightweight. Hoping that it’s made in the U.S.A.

  11. Mii

    Received the pan and lid promptly and in perfect condition. I really like the size

    Received the pan and lid promptly and in perfect condition. I really like the size, quality, and usefulness of the pan with pouring spouts on each side and measurement levels imprinted on the inside of the pan. The lid is great and can be used to strain liquid before serving. The pan and lid look great too! Thank you.

  12. steffon long

    it’s a beautifully designed product

    It exceeded my expectations – as I replace all my non-stick cook ware I’ll be buying AVACRAFT.
    Form determines function – you guys hit the nail on the head: it’s a beautifully designed product!

  13. D. Haubrich

    Excellent little pan, good value

    I bought the 1.5 quart size sauce pan, and so far have used it a couple of times with good results. The trade off you get with a somewhat thinner pan like this is that it heats quickly, and cools down quickly, but it is easier to scorch food on the bottom. For quickly heating water, boiling noodles, warming sauces, etc, this little pan is perfect. The ergonomics of it are great, the handle is shaped well and stays cool, the pour spouts on either side well-designed, the lid works well. I haven’t tried something really challenging – like reheating rice dishes or pasta – in this little guy yet, but so far so good. Another trade off is that with an all stainless pan like this, you can put it in the dishwasher with no problem. Non-stick pans, not so much, at least in the long run. This pan is an excellent value for this price.

  14. Kumi

    Five Stars

    This a very good quality product. Good design. I love it.

  15. Gail Lewis

    Great saucepan

    Got this to go with my new induction cook top. Works great. Perfect size for one or two servings. Excellent quality. Love the glass lid with strainer side. Measurement markings inside pan is helpful. Very pleased with this product.

  16. Lucky Lady

    Love the double pourspouts

    As described. Love the double pourspouts.

  17. curt

    Five Stars

    Great Quality at a Great Price!!!
    We love your Product!

  18. Joe@VB Florida

    Well designed and made saucepan for everyday use

    A well designed, functional, well made, and versatile small pan ; I didn’t expect the features and quality on such a simple kitchen cooking item useful in making everything from a cup of hot water, soup, frozen vegetables, or sauce for one or more servings.

  19. Peter Y. Petrovich

    I like it. It is easy to clean and serves my purposes very well.

    I like it. It is easy to clean and serves my purposes very well.

  20. Reed


    The pan I received didn’t sit flat on the bottom. It rocked back and forth on all of my stove burners. I knew heat wouldn’t distribute evenly, so I returned it.

  21. Melissa M.

    Sturdy, attractive, great value!

    So far I like the product. I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive. Please check out the unboxing video I created.

  22. Jane Robinson

    A perfect saucepan.

    Excellent product in every way. The material, the lid, the handle — perfect.

  23. Sally

    Five Stars

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Wish there was a whole set.

  24. Mini F.

    it is great it works well with induction which is what i …

    it is great it works well with induction which is what i wanted, and the price was right. i have since bought the 2.5 qt version and it should do just as well.

  25. Jane R.

    Good purchase – value

    Husband uses it for soup – he loves . Perfect size for one or 2 servings. Cleans nicely

  26. Keith E. Zeff

    I am very happy with this pot

    My old pot purchased years ago was leaking. I am very happy with this pot. My husband prefers it nests nicely with our 2 quart and 1 quart pots. I like the internal measurement lines and steam hole in the top which my old pot did not have.

  27. PollyPurchaser

    Love the functionality

    Nice quality and balanced. Has 2 sided strainer, one side small other larger holes.

  28. Dorothy Carey

    Five Stars

    An excellent pot. Attractive and practical.

  29. barry

    Five Stars

    Great for the money

  30. Barbara Peterson

    Quality and design

    I am more than happy with the quality of this wonderful little pot.. I needed to replace my old stainless pots when I bought a new stove and did so with other high quality brands. However when I saw the design of this pot I had to try it—only wish I had found Avacraft sooner

  31. Mary

    Five Stars

    Love the pot

  32. Gerry S

    Doesn’t sit flat

    it looked beautiful and was just the right size, but it didn’t sit flat on the counter top. Wouldn’t work well on my induction or glass top ranges. I think the weight of the handle caused it to be unbalanced.

  33. student of the craft

    Great little pan

    Nicely made, heats evenly and easy to clean.

  34. lady gogo

    I love this pan!

    I received this pan a few days ago and since then, I’ve used it several times. It cooks perfect rice; and this morning my grits were just the best. This pan is a perfect size and I love the features of the inside measuring lines, the pouring lips and the straining lid. And it sits absolutely flat on my flat-surface stove top! If you’re “on the fence” about purchasing this, go ahead and give it a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  35. Lee B. Ross

    Perfect size

    Just what I needed. Seems to be quality construction and I love the way it’s easy to pour and drain food.

  36. vgr2011

    Very practical little saucepan

    I’m very happy with this saucepan. As it’s fairly small, it’s more useful for boiling veggies (peas, corn, broccoli, etc.) rather than pasta which I use a bigger pan for. I love the design of the spouts and lid. I can drain my veggies with the lid, without messing around with a separate strainer (i.e., less dishes to wash with dinner). The quality is great and it arrived fairly quickly with Prime. I’d definitely recommend.

  37. Francieska

    Very nice pan!

    Originally I thought that the pan was too light for us – generally we like a heavier duty pot but we really like this one! It heats evenly, the clear lid helps to see the simmer begin and the drain on either side is most helpful since my husband is left-handed and I’m right-handed. All in all a very nice saucepan!

  38. Linda Herner

    Absolutely LOVE this pan!

    Heats up quickly, super easy to clean, nothing sticks, very sturdy, awesome lid! I want the larger one, but it’s a bit pricey so I’ll have to save up – totally worth it though! I use this guy more than any pan I own now

  39. Anonymous

    Not for glass cooktop.

    Nice looking pans but I have a glass electric cooktop and the bottom of the pans are not level, or flat enough, to make full contact. They actually rock back and forth. Although I hated to, I had to return both sizes. (1.5 and 2.5 qt.)

  40. Dr. D. Do


    This is a great little pan. Like it so much I am considering the 2.5 quart, too. Heavy bottomed and stable. Firmly attached handle. Tight fitting strainer lid. Measurements marked on the inside to make measured filling easy.

    The only adjustment I had to make was to see that the steam comes out on the sides where the lid is perforated for draining, not just the hole in the lid for steam release. This could make a steam burn for the unwary.

  41. Asad D Dalia

    Why I returned the pan

    I liked the product. But I thought it was 1.5 G not Q. If you carry the above size for the same price I purchased through a scone, I would love to have

  42. linn

    Worth every cent

    This is a great saucepan. I just wish I could get a larger one too. You will not regret your purchase. Really happy with mine.

  43. Steve Marchant

    Thank you everyone who gave a honest positive review

    Because of the numerous positive reviews, I bought this pan, and discovered that no kidding, it is terrific.

  44. Skeet

    in good condition and exactly as described

    Product delivered timely, in good condition and exactly as described. Will definitely purchase from this company again. The pot is just the right size, well made and I love the handle. The handle fits very nicely in my hand and does not get hot, feels firmly attached and safe.

  45. baznet

    Sturdy and good value

    Good size and seems to be well made. Glad I bought it.


    Great idea!

    Combining a saucepan with a strainer is a fantastic idea! It eliminates using a colander or strainer leaving you one less item to wash! I have bought 2 so far and both people have absolutely loved them! I have a 3rd on the way and I’m positive the recipient of that one will love it as well! Great item, excellent quality at a fantastic price!


    makes life easier

    This is the best saucepan I have ever seen. I lamented when my 50 year old Wearever handle broke. But am so pleased with this replacement. Just love the ability to drain off water. No need for a strainer, no possibility of a steam burn. Cooks fast and evenly and cleans up in a jiffy.

  48. John



  49. Kay C.


    I love this pan. Just what I needed.

  50. REL

    Love it!

    I bought this for my daughter who just moved away to college, and she loves it!

  51. Reva

    The pot-handle as well as the insulated lid-handle stay cool, Heavy and durable–overnight on simmer and long after …

    Just the size for cooking three or four portions. The pot-handle as well as the insulated lid-handle stay cool, Heavy and durable–overnight on simmer and long after the liquid had evaporated, the pot has held up with no singe mark on the inside or out !! And the double sided spout is great for tipping upside down and draining pasta.

  52. Catherine Braniff

    Great kitchen pan for multi uses.

    This product is great. Not too heavy and I am a 72 year old lady and I can handle it well. Love the lid which has the strainer. So easy to use. What definitely recommend.

  53. B. Morey

    Love the lid with drain holes

    I was surprised by the quality of this pan when it arrived, I’m thinking about buying more sizes. Love the lid with drain holes, it also helps let steam out to keep things from boiling over.

  54. C Boley

    I would purchase again.

    I am pleased with my purchase and swift receipt of the merchandise. I would say, generally, I appreciate the light weight; but it seems to be at odds with a subjective sturdiness. I think the age old “gorilla” durability test would be a marginal “fail” when compared with the <'70s Revere ware.

  55. Jon

    very nice

    A very good pot. Good handle and lid. Love the glass lid. Works as expected on the induction plate.

  56. Cherlyn Colletti

    Excellent design

    Love the pour spouts on the pan and strainer on lid. More substantial than expected, which I like because I haven’t burned anything so far.

  57. JB

    Perfect Size For Reheating or Melting

    Just right to heat up one serving of soup or melt chocolate for baking, etc. Love the strainer lid & how easy it is to pour.

  58. Som

    Good product

    Good product- ideal for making Indian milk tea on induction: fast, easy to clean, convenient to pour

  59. Balroop Singh

    Light weight

    I didn’t like this pan as it is too light and small for cooking rice or pasta. The quality of steel looks good only in the picture.

  60. David Mosen

    Exactly what I wanted

    This saucepan is well-designed and well-built. I really like the pour spouts on opposite sides so I can pour with either hand, and the glass lid fits snugly. I use this saucepan with my travel kitchen kit, and it’s perfect for my purposes.

  61. Philosopher

    Quality made product

    This is a well made pot. I am very happy with my purchase. It is nice to see a product this well made. I very highly recommend it.

  62. Michael Berg

    Avacraft saucepan

    I really like this pan. easy to clean.and sauces don’t get stuck to the bottom or the sides.very happy I purchased this brand. definatly will be buying this brand again..

  63. jj

    Exceeds quality for the cost.

    Way better then expected , especially for the price ( Made in China ) highly recommended !

  64. Allen

    easy to use

    clean pot. easy to use. lid goes dip into pot which helps. pouring funnel shape on both sides of pot. very good. holes in lid on top and on sides to release and control steam release. all around a great product and well balanced with the price. delivery quick and accurate. AAA

  65. CR

    Exceeds Expectations

    This pot has exceeded my expectations. I like everything about the pot: the spouts on either side of the pot, the measurement lines on the interior, the weight, the thick bottom and the handle.
    Going to order the bowls and carafts.

  66. Nicole

    Great looking and affordable

    I have an old set of pots which I love but, really need to be replaced. I bought this sauce pan to start my new set.
    I love it! I like that it strains and pours so easily. I have arthritis, so the ergonomic handle works for me and the weight is perfect. Good looking on my stove too. I will be purchasing more for my set, also like your other kitchen products

  67. IsaacR

    Beautiful item

    Very helpful

  68. Jo Ann

    Very Pleased

    I recently purchased the 1.5 qt. sauce pan. I have already used it multiple times and I love it. It has a good solid feel to it. I like the built in straining holes in the lid. I have a 14 year old dog who loves to eat pasta with his meals. This pan makes it so easy to drain the pasta.

  69. Joan White

    Nice sauce pan.

    I like the pouring feature
    No more sloppy attempts to get from saucepan to a bowl.

  70. Nikolay Shilin

    Good for the money


  71. sorekat4

    Light weight and practical

    a favorite of my daughter in college: lightweight and practical.

  72. Susie

    It works

    It was exactly what I needed

  73. Pat

    Love these pans!

    I ordered the 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart, and 3.5 quart pans to replace some worn out “non-stick” pans that were chipping. I love these new ones! The food heats up quickly and cooks great. I am left handed and appreciate the pour spouts on both sides of the pans and the two different size drain holes in the lids. The pans are very easy to clean. My only suggestion is that the measure marks are not in cups so I have to convert for my recipes. These pans are beautiful and look like they will last for a very very long time.

  74. Rick

    High quality

    This saucepan is well made, stays cool, and is very high quality. I actually replaced a Mauviel with this, becasue the Mauriel was just got too hot to use.

  75. Julian

    Nice Features

    For morning chai, this is the perfect size to heat quickly and pour from either side. Nice to have the steam release hole in the lid.

  76. Chuck

    Great saucepan!

    The saucepan is exactly what i was looking for. It is heavyweight, yet easy to handle. It’s the right size. I have a 1 qt pan (different brand) which is too small for my use, but this size is perfect. The quality is great ane the pan is very durable. The lid is great, the different size holes on each side is really handy, etc. I damaged the lid, but it was entirely my fault. Is it possible to purdhase another lid? All in all, I really like the pot and would recdommend it to others.

  77. dos50

    Perfect Size for my Needs!

    I’ve tried to stop using non-stick cookware so I’m glad I found this 1.5 quart stainless steel saucepan with lid. Being left handed I really like that this pan has two pour spouts and that was the determining factor in my choice of which saucepan to buy (plus the positive reviews). It has been easy to clean and (so far) has not gotten stained.

  78. bAnsIonCal

    It does a decent job and stays clean and smooth

    Its lightweight and appeaes ro be good quality. Warms up quickly. Like all stainless steel aftwr cooking a few times it leaves shiny purple color marks.
    Only thing I find a little uncomfortable with is that when it’s empty and on my stove, it tends to fall sideways due to its lightweight structure.
    But it looks like its going to last me a few years!

  79. bansioncal

    It does a decent job and stays clean and smooth

    Its lightweight and appeaes ro be good quality. Warms up quickly. Like all stainless steel aftwr cooking a few times it leaves shiny purple color marks.
    Only thing I find a little uncomfortable with is that when it’s empty and on my stove, it tends to fall sideways due to its lightweight structure.
    But it looks like its going to last me a few years!

  80. C

    Quality, affordable saucepans

    I bought these saucepans to help out with cooking for a Thanksgiving feast – and they were well used in just a short 2-week period! I bought two sizes – 1.5Q and 3.5Q. They’re similar in construction and quality – the handle feels nice to grip and stays cool to the touch. The construction seems sturdy and durable and has a nice finish on the inside of the pan. The pour spots are really useful (and worked well for pouring gravy and broth!). The glass lid with steam hole are great features too. Highly recommend!

  81. Larry

    changed to five stars see update in review

    Great Idea with the drain holes. Pan and lid look very nice. But that’s as far as it goes. The bottom of the pan has a thick plate attached as many do but this one is not flat. I have a flat top stove and this pan rocks on the stove. May be ok on a gas burner but definitely not a flat top. Returned and got a replacement thinking this one was just one that slipped thru. Nope, the second one was exactly the same way. Poor quality control. Also after washing the pan the plate on the bottom traps water. The water drips out from the bottom long after the pan is dry. It all boils out on the stove when heated up. Returned both pans. Would give it zero stars if I could.
    ***** Update*****
    Avacraft went to great lengths to make sure I was satisfied. They personally put hands on to get me a pan that is flat. Excellent person to do business with. Took it personal when I left bad feedback. So I would do business with them again as long as they make sure all their pans are flat on the bottom.

  82. Leticia

    I love this 1.5 qt pot

    I have used this 1.5QT pan for soup and love the double pour spouts I haven’t had it long enough to see how it holds up but it looks like it will be fine

  83. Katherine H.

    Really does pour well

    This is a great pot for every day. It’s a little lighter than some name brand equivalents, but still quite solid. Really like the measurement inside the pot, and it pours neatly. Love it! I only hesitated rating the durability as I haven’t used it long enough to know for sure. Seems fine so far.

  84. Golam Rabbani

    The quality seems really good.

    It has 2 side spout for which food will not drop other ways during pouring.

  85. B Bopper

    It’s a pot alright!

    You can put things in it and put it on the stove and heat it up. Works great. Love that it has a clear glass lid so you can see what’s in it and it has the holes in the rim of the lid that can strain stuff if you need that function. Hope this helps!

  86. Robert E. Oliver


    Good size, very nice for the price

  87. vikvac49

    function, size

    This is a beautiful sauce pan and the perfect size for cooking and reheating smaller amounts of food. I really love the strainer lid and two side spouts feature makes it easy to pour out water. Great product, will buy Avacraft products again.

  88. The Gray Duck

    Very well made!

    Quality is outstanding!

  89. Rita Christian

    Quality product.

    Pan is so easy to use and I have ordered two more for family members. Great quality that will last a lifetime.

  90. Stephen J. Britt

    Exceeds expectations….

    Bought three of these stainless AVACRAFT sauce pans to replace coated Circulon pans, four years old, which were discolored and flaking. A- these pans are strikingly attractive. B – Easy to clean; and C – sticking no more of an issue than with the coated ones. They are even nicer than the reviews indicated….We are delighted.

  91. MicMac

    The Pot is real pot!


  92. Crystal

    Wonderful product

    Wonderful product

  93. mare e

    Left handed spout

    Pour spout for lefty’s. Replaced a slightly ratty looking tfal. Love the measurements inside the pan. Easy to clean. Cooks evenly.

  94. Danny

    Great little pot! Very easy to clean

    I really like that this pot is so easy to clean. I bought it because it has pouring spouts on each side. It’s perfect for soup.

  95. B. Bowse

    LOVE this pot!

    I love watching popcorn pop in it! I love the versatility of either venting the steam or not. Because of the holes, things don’t boil over. This is ONE GREAT POT!

  96. Sherry J. Gold


    I needed a smaller, multi-use sauce pan. Heating small amounts of soup or making small amounts of hot cereal or just a small amount of gravy is a perfect use for this size sauce pan. I am very happy with the purchase. The pour spouts could be a bit more pronounced but having them on both sides of the pot is really wonderful.

  97. lela

    As described from seller

    Very satisfied

  98. JJ

    Great addition to my cooking collection. Fantastic price.

    Mine came with a small ding on the edge. Doesn’t affect usability but speaks to the thin material on the sides. Should roll the edge for durability…but would affect manufacturability or the pour spouts… (Just me thinking out loud)

    Regarding cooking – trust the 3 layer bottom to distribute the heat and I found that using a smaller (gas) burner kept the sides from scorching my oatmeal. Cooks a variety of items really nicely once you figure out the right burner size. Pour spout on sides is also a nice touch along with lid/strainer combo.

    Checked the measurement lines and they are spot on!

  99. Kathryn

    Attractive and sturdy

    I wanted new saucepans that could stand the test of time. So far, these have been excellent and look great. I love the lids and the measurements on the inside. Great product.

  100. Heather

    Like it thus far

    Gift for mom. Loves it so far. Love straing and pouring feature with see through lid and quality less toxic materials!

  101. KR

    Good Quality

    This is a nice durable sauce pan to cook vegetables or sauces on my gas stove.

  102. manalive715

    Great little pan

    I’ve been using this little saucepan (Avacraft 1.5 quart) for nearly 9 months now. I love how quickly it heats and appreciate that there are convenient straining spouts on both sides. It’s my go-to pan for anything with small portions. I like it so much that I’ve ordered the 2.5 quart size.

  103. Alexander White

    Ideal Hot Cocoa Pan

    I bought this pot to use as my hot cocoa pan. And it works perfectly for my needs. Easy to pour without spilling, Easy to clean. Fits the burner on my Ceramic cooktop. No complaints so far.

  104. B. Fritz

    Nice pans!

    I have used this pan a few times and an very happy with the way it is designed. Love that there are holes for easily draining veggies or pasta. I thought originally that I would have wanted a higher gauge, but I am pleasantly surprised. Items cook well.

  105. Steven U

    Very happy

    I received the pan the day after I ordered it and used it twice so far. Quality and finish is all that could be expected and it was easy to clean. Very happy with my purchase.

  106. Philip J Faraci

    Excellent sauce pan. Great tool.

    We bought this pan for clarifying butter and making sauce. I heats evenly and works great. This is a very solid tool for the kitchen. The shopping experience was also flawless.

  107. Deb

    Good quality

    I love that there is a pour spout on both sides of the pan. Also that there are small or large holes on the lid rim as strainers. Very good quality sauce pan.

  108. J. Henningson

    Good Quality pot

    I have not used this 1.5 Qt pot very much yet, but so far it is a very good buy. It is attractive, quite heavy with good heat distribution and pours well from the spouts. The straining lid works well. Very satisfied.

  109. Lucilla

    I liked the two sided pour spouts.

    Being a senior citizen the long handle made it easy for me to handle. Will use it for many reasons.

  110. Dennis

    A Quality Item

    A nice design, well built with useful features. No issues with a bowed bottom as it is perfectly flat. In short, no complaints, only appreciation!

  111. kay moore

    Very Pleased!!!!

    How it looks, and how it feels in my hand. Cleaning was easy.

  112. KNS

    I love this pan!

    We needed another small pot for our collection and this is fabulous I like that it has a lip for pouring soup into bowls. The lid is great and I think it does boil very quickly. Highly recommend!

  113. T. A. Cockerill

    A product that handled all my needs.

    When you cook hamburger and need to drain the grease from the meat, this pan with this lid mad this process soooo much easier to do. The lid handle was easier to hold onto and gave you a good grip. The pot handle was study. The ability to drain from either side made it great for whether your a left or right handed person. Very happy user and glad that I invested.

  114. M. Menser

    Great Pan

    It’s the perfect size and the strainer on the lid is genius

  115. LindaM

    Great saucepan!

    We’ve had this sauce pan for 3 weeks – works great on the stove, and goes right into the dishwasher. Even baked-on food washed out in the dishwasher. Handle is comfortable and long, so it stays away from the heat (we have a gas stove).
    I bought this to replace an old 1-quart pan that also has a strainer lid (the lid handle broke off), and I like this one better than the old pan.

  116. Jody

    Great buy

    Great pan, as soon as I opened it I loved it

  117. Hetal Patel


    It’s a good saucepan, worth buying it.
    I would surf more things of AVACRAFT for daily household needs.

    Another addition of 3.5 to the family..

  118. Kelly

    Great saucepan!

    This is a really nice quality saucepan and it’s exactly the size I was looking for. I love the glass lid. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  119. D. Vittaldevara

    Strong, easy to clean sauce pan!

    I originally had a Wearever 1.5 qt steel saucepan that we use everyday for almost 7 years. It is hard to find specially at this size with the two side spouts for easy pour. Was very reluctant to order this as I had other experiences where the pan was either too heavy to use daily and or gets spoiled easily in the dishwasher. So far this AVACRAFT pan exceeded our expectations in that its strong yet lightweight for everyday use and it cleans perfectly fine in the dishwasher.

  120. Pumas

    Good product and fast shipping

    Good product & fast shipping

  121. Melissa Albaugh



  122. Sue S Geren

    Love the two side spouts

    Side spouts and strainer in lid add to ease of use. Perfect size for a single or couple.

  123. JOHANNA

    Light weight but strong .

    So far so good , use in my rv induction top .
    Lighter weight so it’s not to heavy for me to use. Hope it holds up .

  124. Morrison

    Love the Pan

    Great pan with double spouts. Looks good and is easy to use and clean. Very pleased. Shipping was also very prompt.

  125. Piotr

    very good


  126. Jenna C Sather

    Great product, good price

    I got an email from the company owner asking if I wa satisfied directly; the pan heat well and cleans easily. Great product for the price, so far. I have only used it about 10 times so far.

  127. Jennifer

    Good looking and it works!

    Attractive and very functional.
    Will look to this manufacturer for additional needs

  128. D. Romano

    Great SaucePan

    I love this little pan. It’s nice looking, cooks fine and cleans well. What else could you want.

  129. Richard W. Raleigh

    Great Sauce Pan

    Used it last night for the first time and I was impressed with the style, the handle and lid and especially pot itself…cooked even and heated up fast….I would buy this again.

  130. SVSUMan

    All the Features I was searching for!

    Fabulous pans…met all my criteria: stainless steel, not too heavy, comfortably shaped saucepan & frying pan handles, stay-cool lids!!! Bought all the saucepans, the 8-inch fry pan, the 11-inchChef’s pan, and the stainless steel mixing bowls. Thank you!

    Looking forward to purchasing the 10-inch fry pan once those are back in stock. 🙂

    Additionally, Avacraft’s customer service is excellent! …the lid of the 3.5qt saucepan fit too tight and Asha was extremely prompt to respond to my inquiry. She’s sending me out a new lid and I don’t even need to mess around with sending anything back!

    Thank you Asha & Avacraft!

  131. marion broussard

    Well made.

    Quality made and will last long..

  132. L. Cauley

    A great pot!

    This pot is sturdy, feels great in your hand and it’s quite beautiful. It heats well and the strainer lid gives it more versatility. I appreciate the double pour spouts too. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  133. tee jones

    Good product

    It is good

  134. David J

    Like it

    Really like this pot for its lid and inner marking,good buy for my price range.

  135. Isabella

    1.5 quart saucepan

    Love, Love, Love my new Avacraft Stainless Saucepan! I replaced a non-stick pan and am very pleased with this. It heats quickly and evenly, and drained with its own lid. having drain holes o both sides of the lid is great as it can be used with either hand. The glass lid lets you see the contents without lifting the lid. I will be purchasing the larger pan soon.

  136. Alice L

    A Dream of a Saucepan

    Love this saucepan: 1. The side spouts — great for clean pouring of soups, etc. 2. The glass lid — to see how the cooking progresses. 3. The strainer in the lid for pouring liquid off vegetables, etc. 4. Easy to clean, no unnecessary crevices, etc. 5. A pan handle that stays cool even when the pot’s contents have been on a long, hot boil, for example, water for fifteen minutes. I have in general found it hard to find all of these features in a good, stainless steel, moderately-priced saucepan. Thanks, Avacraft.

  137. W. Smith

    Excellent cookware for the price

    I recently replaced all of our old cookware with stainless steel utensils to remove aluminum and plastic chemicals from the food we prepare on the stove and in the oven. This unit is beautifully designed and a real joy to cook with. It’s relatively lightweight, but the craftsmanship is not cheap. The glass strainer lid in itself is a key plus for keeping an eye on cooking food and straining pasta. It’s very easy to clean using non-scratch pads and the high-grade steel should outlast me by many, many years. Heat distribution using a gas flame can be tricky, but I have a modern LG gas range and have noticed no real problems with this cookpot. This is an excellent pot for the price.

  138. Olivia

    Good wax melt and pour pot.

    I needed a pot to melt wax and blend oils together for lip balm. I also needed it to have a pour spout to fill the lip balm containers. It’s a small hole to hit with lip balm containers. This pot worked fine for that process.

  139. BB laurel DE

    All the features

    This pan has all the features , Perforated rim on the cover to drain water from veggies,also allows steam to escape to reduce boil overs, has a insulated handle on the lid to keep from burning fingers and a strong riveted handle. The stainless steel is easy to clean. Well worth the price.

  140. bob woodward

    Lid not oven safe

    Overall it is a good pan, however the big negative is that the lid is not oven safe because of the plastic handle. If it had an oven safe lid it would be an almost perfect pan.

  141. Pat T.

    Nice small pan

    This has become my “go to” pan for small cooking jobs although I have others of similar size on the shelf. It’s a nice stainless steel with a glass cover. It’s easy to clean, and easy to see the action under the cover in the pot.

  142. LoneStar

    Nice pan for the price with extras

    Very nicely made pan. The handle stays cool and the coated handle on the glass lid also stays cool – no more fumbling for a pot holder. The volume measurements inscribed inside are accurate and convenient. Pour spout is very useful and the reason I chose this pan.

  143. TM Jones-Wilson

    Good weight – works well on induction stovetop

    Even heating – thick but not heavy – good heat distribution – cleans well – would buy again

  144. Paul de Temple

    great cooking utensils

    The cooking pots are of good quality and are as advertised. The vent in the lids is especially helpful when slow cooking grains, etc.

  145. LUmina

    Nice Saucepan

    I especially like Glass Strainer Lid.

  146. Ketaki Patel

    Love it!!

    Perfect sauce pan.
    Love the fact handle stays cool

  147. Jessica

    It is not easy to cleaning.

    It looks quite good product. But it is not easy to cleaning after I heat milk.

  148. Carol D

    Yay! Finally, a stainless steel s-m-a-l-l saucepan that is induction ready!

    This saucepan is perfect. I’m wondering how I can ruin my 3 qt. so I can replace it with one of yours. Love the lid, too!

  149. Jan S.

    Nice saucepan

    I didn’t think I would like the 1.5 quart size (was initially looking for a 1-quart saucepan), but after using it awhile, I find I’m liking the size a lot. The only negative aspect for me is the handle. I’ve had previous stainless steel saucepans with a silicone or rubberized inset in the handle for enhanced grip. If this saucepan had the same kind of handle, it would be perfection.

  150. dortkac

    Nice to have the pour vents.

    Can’t se thru lid as well as I would have liked. Love the pour vents.

  151. Colleen O.

    great pan

    this is a great little 1 1/2 qt. sauce pan. I ruined my other one this size and this is wonder. Did not boil over and easy to drain water with the spouts on both sides. works well on a flat stove top also.

  152. Helen Fielding

    The straining lid is great.

    I liked this pot very much, especially the straining lid. It was easy to use, just the right size, and not too heavy when full. Just what I wanted.

  153. crzyldy

    Well Made

    Mainly use it for melting large quantities of butter or butter & chocolate. Works very well.

  154. 1 Alaskan

    Good Overall Saucepan

    A good, reasonably heavy general purpose saucepan. I just received it, but it appears that it will do a good job for many years. Shipping was prompt and the package arrived quickly.

  155. WJ

    Perfect for single’s.

    Perfect for soup, pouring from the pan and for vegetables, drain and serve.

  156. Lon M.

    The lightweightness of the pot

    I like the pot very much. With my wrist giving out the pot is easy to hold and lightweight.
    I found a little dent in the side of the pot.

  157. Cindy L. Masek

    Excellent – second purchase

    I bought one a few weeks ago to replace an aging piece (bridal shower gifts don’t last for 30 years+). I was impressed with how well this pan was made. It has a significant weight, but not too heavy – just the kind of weight that comes with better quality. I have a glass top electric range and it heats perfectly! I made a receipt that is very prone to scorching and must be watched very closely – or so I thought. With this pan it was no problem and it cleaned up very easily as well. After seeing how well the first pan worked I just bought a second. Excellent product for a very reasonable price. I would recommend this for anyone!

  158. Jen Moser

    Started leaking

    This is a great little pot and I like how the lid can help strain but after 6 months, it has started leaking where the screws attached the handle.

  159. happykono


    I cook with convection. This 1.5 QT pan has everything needed… convection use, cover, strainer lip and perforated top lid for easy pour, and best of all, very easy to clean since it’s stainless steel. OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!

  160. librarian’s daughter

    I have purchased 2 of these saucepans – love them!

    These saucepans are great. I love the fact that they are stainless steel, have spouts for pouring and have a clear lid with holes on the sides for straining.

  161. George Johnson

    Pour spouts and strainer lid.

    Best stainless steel saucepan have ever purchased. Heats up quickly, sturdy handle and no need to strain pasta into separate collinder. Silicone covered handle also protects against burns.

  162. Sunny Girl

    Cleans easy


  163. Shiena

    Nice looking

    Well made looking good

  164. marlyn

    Very nice saucepan!

    Love the pouring spout on both sides. Keep the cover on, and pour out the liquid. Excellent design.

  165. Katherine H.

    Really does pour well

    This is a great pot for every day. It’s a little lighter than some name brand equivalents, but still quite solid. Really like the measurement inside the pot, and it pours neatly. Love it! I only hesitated rating the durability as I haven’t used it long enough to know for sure. Seems fine so far.

  166. Rosemary T Dronchi

    Great Pots

    I love my 1 1/2 quart pot and my 2 quart pot. I had ordered a 3 quart pot which I have not received as yet. I am very happy with them. I love the look, fit, and weight. Thanks.

  167. swags29

    Good addition to the bigger pans

    Good size for curries, a pot of rice or cooking for 1. Quality is also very good

  168. sam

    Perfect fit for what we were looking for

    We have been looking for a smaller pan to make single serving pasta in and this pan was perfect. It is not hard to clean (and we aren’t afraid to use steel wool on it). It great for boiling eggs and other such things as well. I was worried macaroni would slip through the slots for draining, but it works perfect without loosing food. We are happy with the product at its price-point.

  169. maria delguercio

    Easy to clean and strain out liquid. . .

    Great little pot – I used it to make hard boiled eggs and to boil water for instant cappuccino and to heat a can of baked beans –

  170. M.A.

    Love this saucepan

    Perfect size and great heat distribution

  171. D1

    Don’t use high heat, at low heat it’s fine.

    Nice little pot. Don’t use high heat on this pot, or else contents will stick.

  172. marcopolo

    Perfect Sauce Pan

    Ideal size (1.5 Qt), sturdy and attractive stainless steel, insulated handle grip, good price, withstands metal whisking and other day to day “abuses”.
    Ya know something, folks – – – “Made in China” is almost always damn fine stuff.

  173. Jacqueline Loyd

    Really perfect saucepan

    Was really impressed when I opened box and the tag noted the tie to Texas. I’m on a nothing from China purchases. It is manufactured in China, Still glad I purchased it. The Texas company should investigate the cost factor to produce product in US. The purchase price was not a factor. This saucepan exceeds what I expected.
    I bought another one, that’s how happy I have been with this purchase..

  174. Steven A Fisher

    Love this pan

    How did I live for so long without one of these? This pot is awesome. Handle doesn’t get hot but is the same material as the rest, I love the pour spout lip it has. The lid is genius – Would highly recommend

  175. Karen K.

    Personal selection to start their new life and home together

    The cookware was given as a wedding gift. The happy couple put only two pots and pans on their registry and it was your product. They were very specific about what they wanted. I think that says a lot about your cookware. Personally I have never used your cookware. I will pass along your message of great customer service to the bride and groom.

  176. Mel O

    Super nice little pot!

    This little pot makes me so happy- shiny and nice quality, great design, price and details especially the cup measuring marker inside!! Saves me a step to measure water for cooking rice etc. I will be using this a lot on my new induction stove.

  177. Nipaporn York

    Great choice, great value

    Met all our expectations and we saved a ton of money by being able to buy the specific pieces we needed as opposed to a complete set at Bed Bath &Beyond or wherever.

  178. Can

    Shining Pot

    Just the right size for noodles. Easy to clean and looks shining and beautiful!

  179. ron

    Very good quality.

    My wife wanted a new sauce pan. She gave ours to someone who needed it more than us. I found the 1.5 and 2.5 qt pans. She loves them. I like the strainers built into the glass lid. Now she wants some new frying pans!

  180. R. Rodgers

    Terrific, light, metal saucepan

    Good size. Very light, however, the bottom of the pan is thicker which adds to the durability of the product. Love the glass lid with the drain holes, and also the pour spouts on the side.

  181. cookiesandbeer

    Great pot, perfect size and multi-functional.

    I got the 1.5 quart saucepan and it is the perfect size. I live in a van and have a little two-burner stove, and the pan fits perfectly next to my skillet. I use the pan to boil my water and the pour spout is super handy for making my coffee in the morning. No drips or spills, and the pot heats evenly and boils water quickly. The 1.5 quart is big enough to cook up a few servings of rice, and the built in strainer in the lid is super handy for boiling veggies, pasta, etc. Great multi-functional saucepan and great quality for the price. Highly recommend!

  182. SK

    nice little pot

    This is a very nicely designed 1.5 quart pot. The size is just right for making soup or short pasta or anything else for one. The pyrex lid has a vent, the sides have strainer spouts — and the cost is reasonable. I have larger pots, but they are old and basic — I will probably buy another Avacraft pot, in a larger size, eventually.


    Good quality

    Great features – spouts on both sides with built in strainer.

  184. Richard Biggs

    Good product but….

    A previous Avacraft sauce pan suffered from burned food which we could not removed ergo bew ones

  185. RobertP

    marvelous cookware

    I am working my way through my cookware replacing one pan and one pot at a time with Avacraft cookware. Excellent heat distribution so I set my stove to a lower heat and seldom burn anything. Since I use lower heat there is seldom anything to scrub, making it easy to clean. The lids fit well and I appreciate the pour spout on the pans. I plan to convert all my cookware over to Avacraft cookware.

  186. Susan C

    Love these Pots

    I have two of these pots in different sizes. They cook anything really nicely, very evenly, clean up great and they look good too. I especially love the spouts on each side, makes anything easily pourable. I like the lid as well with the steam spout on top and the graduated holes for draining liquid from steaming veggies for instance. Highly recommend these.

  187. Gloria

    Great Cookware

    Perfect for our induction stove in our RV!

  188. Ravindra Nath Gupta

    Good quality

    Slightly pricy

  189. PD

    nice product

    right size pan I needed for daily tea making. good product.

  190. adverbum775

    Everything I wanted in cookware and more

    The belly shape, pour spouts, the built in strainer lid, interior measurement markers, and comfortable weight, feel of handle complete my design wish list for the perfect cookware. Oh, and it’s just beautiful piece to look at.

  191. BeeVite

    Great little pot!

    Size is perfect, great for everything from cooking/reheating small portions of food, to creating small quantities of experimental sauces. Love the spouts and lid with drainage holes for draining/separating liquids. Beautifully designed and love that it’s a woman owned company… Thank you AVACRAFT.

  192. Stell


    Very satisfied

  193. HOD

    Fine Pan

    I have boiled water 3 or 4 times, the bottom of the pan has not pealed or flaked yet.

  194. Martin Daniels


    Great sauce pan and with the added 2 sprouts and looks great and a very solid pan

  195. Cathleen M.

    Very cute sauce pan!

    This is a really handy little saucepan. It is beautifully made, easy to clean, and just the right size. It holds four cups of liquid with room to spare to prevent boil-overs. The measures are easy to read on the inside the pan. I’m currently using it to make my ginger-lemon tea in the mornings, and I like the way the lid’s drainage holes keep the bits of ginger and lemon out of my mug. My only wish is that the pouring spouts would be narrower. They are a bit wide, and the liquid pours out in a wider stream than I would like, so I have to be extra careful when filling my mug so I don’t get boiling water splashed all over my counter.

  196. anita Carlson

    Great kitchen pan

    Great kitchen pan

  197. KAC

    Great everyday pot

    I have all teflon pots and wanted something I use that would allow to better see color changes to food in the pot like browning butter. It was perfect and a great smaller size extra pot. Love the glass lid and pouring spout.

  198. BlueIce

    Not sure if the straining lid locks. But it is convenient rather than pull out my colander each time. I like it.

  199. Bob Rader

    Great product

    Product and shipping excellant great product

  200. mikey

    Not recommended

    Really disappointed, lid is so loose there is no point in the strainer and lid vent. Bottom looks good but the walls are made of a very thin stainless. Cheaply made, not worth the money. Not recommended

  201. RW

    Good quality, easy to use.
    Use it almost everyday; love it!

  202. beambets

    New faves on the cooktop

    I had used my Paul Revere set since we married many moons ago now. With an induction cooktop, we needed induction cookware and so I purchased the 2.5 Qt saucepan. I enjoyed cooking with that so much, I ordered the 1.5 Qt which is perfect for smaller meals – heating soups, making sauces, steaming veggies. The heat is distributed evenly which is important for making sauces – no hot bubbling spots with cool runny patches. I love the glass top with the ability to strain liquids and the dual sided lip for easy pouring. The measures inside are helpful. I wish the 2.5 Qt measures were the same as the 1.5 which uses cups. My fave little sauce pan. Bottoms are heavier than you might expect but I think that is required for induction.

  203. Araf813

    Stains easily

    The bottom of the inside of the pot got water stains after one use.

  204. Dezz

    Just the right size

    Love the strainer lid and size. The pot material is very light, however.

  205. Sprite

    Ease of use

    The pan is sturdy, not heavy and the measurement lines inside the pot are most helpful. After cooking beans there was a white film that the dishwasher did not remove so I used a light sprinkle of Bar Keepers Friend powder and it removed the film and the pan was nice and shiny again. So happy I chose Avacraft to use on my induction stove top.

  206. S. Clark

    design and style


  207. Esther Rodriguez


    Quality looks

  208. Gordon V. Horrell

    This is NOT stainless steel.

    I have nothing but stainless steel in my kitchen. This pot reacted the first use. Stainless steel does not do this. Aluminum does. Junk. If I could give it a negative, I would. False description by manufacturer. I would return it, but, the box was already tossed.

  209. annabanana

    Great for my needs

    I purchased this especially for cooking and draining a small amount of pasta. It works perfectly for that purpose. It is a beautiful, well made stainless steel pot.

  210. Camila Umaña

    It works!

    It works but not the best product. It gets yellow when cooking and also it’s hard to clean. Sometimes the food sticks in the pot.

  211. D. M. Correia

    Good choice

    I only cook with stainless steel. This is a great addition to my pan sets. Solid without being to heavy. A great addition to my pans!

  212. Shelley Milhous

    Good quality, nice size

    I got this pan to replace a 1 quart Circulon that wasn’t quite large enough for two bowls of soup. This pan seems like good quality, sits well on my gas stove—no rocking or tipping towards the handle. It cleans easily and pours better than my old standby Revere ware pans. I haven’t used the lid yet, but I like having the strainer in it.

  213. JEAN

    very nice pot

    Have not used it yet but it is very heavy duty and will update once I have used it. Bought it for a gift but think I am going to keep it!

  214. Jeffer03

    I love this pan!

    This pan is everything you could want in a pan. It’s nicely designed and easy to hold. The nice glass lid and a small hole to vent steam and help prevent boil overs. Plus double pouring spouts, one on each side so whether you’re a leftie or a rightie you can pour with ease. Not to mention the straining holes on the cover is also adds that extra functionality. It heats up nicely and I have not had any issues. Plus I got the 1.5 Quart size which is just right for me. 1QT has always been a bit small and 2Qts a bit big for most of what I do in the kitchen. Of course they come in different sizes if you need it. No complaints at all and I give it an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up!! It is stainless steel so will not always be as easy to clean as non-stick but I can use my soup spoon to stir the contents which to me is a good thing. You just have to use it properly. It doesn’t hurt to own non-stick pans too which I do. Just use the right pan for the right job. Happy Cooking!

  215. Juliet Bushinski

    Nice little pot!

    I find this size sauce pan to be very handy in the kitchen. I love the pour spouts and the 2 cup measuring line inside the pot (great for making hot cocoa). I’ve used it three times since it arrived, which is quite a lot since this is my 2nd pan of this size. I’m very happy with this item and very happy to see it is being made in the USA!

  216. Jennin2

    Works great on induction cook top

    This is a wonderful little pot. I like that it’s 1.5 qts rather than 2.0. The quality is very good. I’ve only used to boil water on the induction cook top as that’s why I bought it, but clearly will do well with anything else that typically gets heated in a pot. The induction cook top boiled about 12oz of water in under one minute. It’s a great little pot. Glad I bought it.

  217. Chisa

    great pan

    Great pan at a great price

  218. Amazon Customer

    great pan

    Great pan at a great price

  219. Tamara

    Not stainless

    This is supposed to be stainless steel. But after 1 use there are dark black spots in the bottom of the pan that will not go away?!

  220. Peter B. Roberts

    Now than just for heating…

    The side strainers are very useful.

  221. Peter B. Roberts

    Now than just for heating…

    The side strainers are very useful.

  222. inez

    You can depend on information and looks.

    Best cooking pot ever. Didn’t need strainer when I cooked several items. Spout on two sides and vent in lid. Fits in a small space, easy clean . I’m loving it. Has cup measure on inside also

  223. inez

    You can depend on info.

    Best cooking pot ever. Didn’t need strainer when I cooked several items. Spout on two sides and vent in lid. Fits in a small space, easy clean . I’m loving it.

  224. Mango Ramekin

    Great little pan

    I love this little pan. I was looking for a small stainless steel pan that I could do small tasks (ie melting butter, heating milk for a chai latte or hot chocolate). It is a perfect size and the measurements on the inside are very helpful. A lot of pans on the market only have a pour spout on one side, but this one is made for both right and left-handed people. Kudos!

  225. Mango Ramekin

    Great little pan

    I love this little pan. I was looking for a small stainless steel pan that I could do small tasks (ie melting butter, heating milk for a chai latte or hot chocolate). It is a perfect size and the measurements on the inside are very helpful. A lot of pans on the market only have a pour spout on one side, but this one is made for both right and left-handed people. Kudos!

  226. parfaits mom

    I like this product very much.

    What I really like about this product was that I am able to pour things out of the saucepan. I had problems with the saucepans I had when I was trying to pour something info another container. I really am happy with this product and recommend it highly.

  227. parfaits mom

    I like this product very much.

    What I really like about this product was that I am able to pour things out of the saucepan. I had problems with the saucepans I had when I was trying to pour something info another container. I really am happy with this product and recommend it highly.

  228. Marta



  229. Sukey

    Highly recommend these pans!

    Great pans. I just bought my second Avacraft saucepan. The handle feels solid and balanced. The bottom of the pan is thick which helps with heat retention and distribution and helps prevent scorching. The pan is marked for volume, has pour spouts and the lid allows for draining and is clear. Excellent price for such a quality pan.

  230. Katarina

    Great Sauce Pan

    Excellent sauce pan. Heats evenly and handle stays cool. Internal measurements of 2 and 4 cups is convenient extra.

  231. JaneTree

    Lovely pot – 1 1/2 quart is exactly what I needed

    Am pleased with the pot. Decided to pay more but I wanted a good quality pot that I use all the time. Heat is evenly distributed and aesthetically it’s lovely. Should hold up a good long time.

  232. Penelope Kahler Swan

    Good pan at a good price

    Good pan at a good price

  233. LINDA T

    Great saucepan

    What a great idea to put measuring levels inside the saucepan. I purchased one for myself and friend and we are both satisfied.

  234. Yvonne

    Nice pot with lots of benefits

    nice weight pot cooks evenly and very happy with size. Hard to find 1.5 quart size-love the double easy pour spout for sauces

  235. Ya-Yun

    Buy it!

    Great value! Will have one again!

  236. Margaret

    Overall quality excellent

    I just received two of the three I ordered. They seem excellent though I have not used them much. Please check back in a few months

  237. TADB

    Very satisfied

    Only had this a week or so, use it almost every day. Love the way it cooks, strains and cleans easily

  238. Laura

    Fantastic pot!

    I loved the notched sides to make pouring easier & the lid allows you to drain liquid without having to dirty a colander!

  239. Marlene Chavez

    Excellent SS pot

    Love it, love it, love it. The quality is superb. The lid is so practical for straining. Even heat. So much better and safer than non-stick cookware. Will last a lifetime.

  240. Lesley H

    Wonderful company

    My stove broke during quarantine. I ordered an induction hot plate but suddenly had to buy a couple of SS pots and pans to use ASAP. Amazon could not get this to me within a week, so I contacted the company- not only did they send it to me during quarantine I got it in 2 days!! And I love it- it’s well designed, easy to clean, works well. Very happy!

  241. Kay, Colorado

    Beautiful & Functional

    I have been looking at good pots and pans for some time and reading up on what the attributes of good ones are.
    i finally chose a small pot from Avacraft. It is beautiful. It has a pouring spout either side of the pot with cleverly placed sieve holes which correspond to the pouring spout if you choose. The post heats evenly and quickly and cleans like a dream!
    i will now buy my next saucepan from Avacraft too. Delighted!

  242. Indie Watcher

    Remarkable Kitchen Resource

    Well made, better than described, excellent design. I will purchase another in a different size. It just “feels” right in my hands.

  243. SLP

    Got two!

    These are fantastic. I never bought saucepans. Mine have always been hand me downs. I took a risk and purchased one. I’m so glad this was my choice. Very sturdy. The handle didn’t get hot at all. The lid was fantastic for draining. I didn’t lose half my noodles in the sink. I’m buying the bigger saucepans soon!

  244. Anne Voss

    love this cookware!

    I bought my first pan a couple of years ago and really loved it. I had to replace and older pan recently and chose your product.

  245. Marjorie Bagnell

    Wonderful pot for a Glass-Top stove

    This pot works well on glass-top stoves. It is easy to clean and the size was perfect

  246. Kathleen M. Olsen


    I really like the pots

  247. Paula B.

    Avacraft pan

    I like the even heat distribution. Also the measure to marks on the inside. The lid is great with the built-in strainers.
    It’s very goood-looking, and the handle stays cool.
    All in all, I love it. I also ordered the 2 1/2 qt size.

  248. Donald Tsang

    A nice and well made saucepan for the price.

    A nice and well made saucepan for the price.

  249. Carol W Ellison

    I love this saucepan!

    I prefer stainless steel cookware and this one is great. It is a perfect in-between size (1.5 quart), which isn’t easy to find. Wish all of my stainless cookware was Avacraft.

  250. Bella E.

    Excellent quality

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this pan. It has a nice sturdy handle. Love tha strainer top. Very even heat distribution. Perfect for use on my induction cooktop.

  251. Ray

    the pot is pretty and usefull with internal measurements

    Love the pot, its so functional with the pour lip & clear lid. I use it for specific purposes so this isnt a multi use review. The Customer service is next to none. I had white spots after boiling water. I contacted AVACRAFT, Asha immediately responded, gave me tips to clean it, spots were due to hard water, it worked and my pot is presitne again. Love this pot and kudos to AVACRAFT.

  252. Mika

    Stainless steel

    All stainless steel made in USA

  253. Iris Kensington

    Great sturdy small pan.

    Absolutely perfect for my needs. I already use this pan more than any others in my kitchen. It works with an induction cook plate as well as my standard electric stove. I haven’t tried it on a gas stove but see no reason it would do as well there.

  254. LWL

    the fourth Avacraft Saucepan I purchased

    I have purchased saucepans from other brands but ended up coming back to Avacraft. This is also the first Avacraft saucepan I had for 1.5 QT. Very good size and great product, as always!

  255. Kathleen M. Spencer

    The metal handle does not heat up!

    I love this pan. We got the strainer/lid option. The handle stays cool and the pan is lightweight. I like it so much that I am ordering more of these pans. It is sturdy and attractive. Thank you Avacraft!

  256. Cindy from Wintergreen

    Quality and beautiful

    Heavy weight, beautiful and top opening a little wider than usual which makes stirring/cooking easier. Best saucepan I own.

  257. Emily Scott

    Great saucepan

    This company was new to me so when I needed to replace a saucepan, I decided to try. I love this saucepan and its features. It is very attractive and I look forward to using it many more times.

  258. Dlvs

    All good!

    Love this pan. What else do you make?

  259. VL

    Even more than I was looking for!

    I had some old RevereWare I wanted to replace and I had some criteria that honestly, was harder to meet than I expected. Had to have a stainless steel cooking surface, have a glass lid, have a handle that attached in a way that was manageable (if it broke, I could fix it rather than having to throw it away) and needed to be small – 4 cups max. I had looked in stores and on various online sites. I finally found the AVACRAFT product here. It had options I hadn’t been looking for but very much appreciate – measuring cups markings inside the pot, side spouts and a strainer lid. I have used and relied on all 3 features! Once I receive it, I also love how someone obviously also thought about cleaning these pans. The handle is set down low enough from the rim so that you can actually get it completely clean, whereas so many other pans have the handle up close to the rim. I also feel, a lower handle is where they should be as it feels better balanced when it’s full of food/water. The whole pan is weighty and feels like a quality product. I’m surprised at how much I like these pans. It’s so rare to be pleasantly surprised by a product and this one was a hit! Love that it’s a Women Owned company to boot.


    I love this pot and top

    I love my new pot for my morning oatmeal or grits. Its so easy to clean

  261. STEVE

    Great Quality Cookware

    Very well made and sturdy. Smooth and machined well surfaces make for easy clean up, as well as quality feel.

  262. Daune Slater

    Review for sauce pan

    It sticks
    I purchased it for oatmeal

  263. Mital Patel

    Very like it

    Love it . So easy to use..

  264. Jessie

    Very nice pan

    It’s a good size for small tasks and it’s well made. Works with my conduction stove top and the price is reasonable. It’s even pretty.

  265. Robert Klingle

    My wife loves it.

    When it gets hit it stays hot. it is easy to clean.

  266. Linda Raffa

    Great Pot

    Very good quality yet not too heavy for us old timers with arthritic hands. Going to look into a 5 quart pot next.

  267. james b murphy

    Loved the pans

    Loved the pans. I would highly recommend and purchase again. I bought three different sizes.

  268. william green

    High quality

    Extremely well designed and constructed product. Buy one. You will be happy you did.

  269. Anonymous

    High quality

    Nice and sturdy. Excellent addition to our kitchen and well worth the money.

  270. Angie Nelson

    Built-in strainer. good quality stainless steel

    I absolutely love it! Great to cook pasta, vegetable anything that need to be cooked and drained

  271. Shopper in ok

    Very happy with this pan

    I am very happy with this pan. Water boils nicely and it seems to distribute heat evenly. It is nice to have the staining lid as well. Handle does not get hot. Would buy again.

  272. Eclectic User

    Half the cost for nearly identical pan locally!

    Purchased a similar pan locally but paid much more and hubby left it all day until contents left only a charred residue burned onto the pan. This new pan cost half as much and has the same features including the two-sided pouring lip. Once again left on burned but easier to clean. (Bought a timer to remind hubby to turn the burner off!)

  273. jesse b. alcala

    Great sauce pan with spout on both sides for lefty or righty.

    See above

  274. Wally

    heats quickly

    Liked that handle stayed cool. Liked drainage holes in lid. Like the measurements noted on inside of pan.

  275. Widget

    Perfect Pot

    Actually worth 10 stars! I am very satisfied with my new 1 quart pot.

  276. Widget

    Perfect Pot

    Actually worth 10 stars! I am very satisfied with my new 1 quart pot.

  277. Auntie Ann

    It has some weight to it which I really like. It feels substantial and it cleans easily.

  278. Carol E

    So glad I bought this pan

    I bought this pan because I’m just getting used to an induction cooktop, and was needing a relatively small pan. I use it all the time. It promotes even cooking and the strainer cover is great.

  279. K. D. Talley

    Totally awesome kitchen TOOL

    This is a totally awesome saucier saucepan….. it has a beautiful “hand” to it — easy to hold, and wonderfully well designed and made — very high grade of stainless steel and, furthermore, just simply beautiful in terms of eye appeal. Wonderfully safe (and cool) “U” shaped handle on clear glass lid, equally safe (cool) long handle on pan that can sit securely in your hand. Three-quarter inch stainless steel clad pan bottom with aluminum core — which means when you’re making sauces, soup bases — you have absolutely perfect EVEN heat so that whatever you are whisking or stirring is the same temperature everywhere its in contact with the heat surface. Furthermore — the PRICE is incredibly inexpensive for pan of any sort OF THIS FINE QUALITY. THIS is a real find!!! I will be buying more for gifts for friends who love to do gourmet cooking.

  280. Odette Moore

    It has a small filter like teapot

    Fantastic for making tea or even pasta

  281. Francisco Ramos

    Heat distribution

    Nice heat distribution. Excellent quality. Easy to clean.

  282. B. Richardson

    Saucepan with lots of good features.

    I chose this saucepan for my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift. She has arthritis and has a hard time holding on to things. I like that this pan is lightweight, has a lid, steam vents, a handle that does not heat up, and the 1.5 quart size is perfect for her. It looks like it will be easy to clean.

  283. zoomia

    Very good quality cookware

    I bought 3 saucepans and one kettle to replace my old stainless cookware that was 56 years old! The only reason I replaced my old stainless is because a handle finally broke on the 2 quart pan, and I worried that the other pans could do likewise. I like the fact that Avacraft is a Texas company, started by a woman. (I’m also a Texan). I liked the looks of it, and it is a really nice quality cookware. Sometimes it has a little spotting in the bottom of the pan after I’ve washed it (I only hand wash them), but a little Barkeeper’s friend cleans that right up so it’s shiny again. I think that’s common to most stainless pans. At least my old set did the same thing. Love the cookware overall.

  284. RAN

    Love this.

    I love the fact it is stainless steel. Not heavy at all and the handle stays cool. Will be looking to replace more of my old aluminum cookware.

  285. Thelma C. Bishop

    Love it!

    I am so tired of the “non-stick” pans which so quickly start to “flake-off” their non-stick layer. Really like this pan. The sides which are made for pouring plus the strainer built in are “nifty”.


    As Good As Sitram!

    I needed another small pot with a spout. I have a Sitram that I love but I couldn’t find the small size I needed with a spout. This pot was the right size, came with a lid and the price was half of what the Sitram cost so I took a chance but I didn’t have high hopes. This is my new favorite pot. When it came I was delighted to learn that this is a woman-owned business and is made in the USA. I just bought a larger saucepan from the maker. Couldn’t be happier with it.

  287. Linda G

    Nice size

    Love the size and look of this pot. However, the sides burn easily although can be cleaned with some bartender’s powder and elbow grease!

  288. Sally K

    Good small pan.

    The pan looks good, and works well. We use it in place of a teapot for boiling water. It is solid and sits well on the electric burner.

  289. Denise Heltemes

    My go to pan!

    It is the perfect size I use for so much and handy having the strainer. Love it!

  290. Barbara G

    great pot

    I like the pot and am glad that a woman designed, produced it.

  291. Sharon

    Great Pot !

    I love this pot! It wasn’t really what I was looking for but so glad I decided to buy this pot. It’s perfect to cook so many things. Makes the PERFECT hard boiled eggs! I use it almost daily.

  292. Kris

    Amazing little pot

    Love the quality. This was built solid, the handle didn’t get hot and was able to use the strainer without a oven mitt on either hand. Ordering the bigger one because it also has the strainer in the lid.

  293. retired

    Nice looking

    Sturdy little sauce pan. Holds the heat nicely and looks good enough to leave on the stove when not in use.

  294. sweetviolets

    Great for everyday use

    I bought this pan because I lost pans in the fire and needed some smaller ones replaced. This has been our go-to pan for heating veggies, boiling water for hot drinks, sauces, etc.. I love the fact that it has a dip on the side and vented lid so I can drain the veggies I cook. A+++

  295. ECS

    It’s a pot!

    It’s a pot, what else can you say. After several weeks of using, it is still a pot. No rust or any other problems so far.

  296. Donald J.

    pot for life

    really impressed with quality and value. If we didn’t have endless pots at our age, I would want a set of these pots and pans. They are built to last a lifetime.

  297. Ann Harriman


    Loved it. Great pan.

  298. Darrell B. Eason


    Love this pot, I have already used it 5 times. Best that I have had in a long time.

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