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Glass Oil Cruet - 420ml

GLASS OLIVE OIL DISPENSER: 14 OZ glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Leakproof Pour Spout and Measurement Marks

(33 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Glass Oil Cruet - 420ml

AVACRAFT Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Leakproof Pour Spout and Measurement Marks on the Oil container for Healthy Cooking, Beautiful Olive Oil Bottle, Oil and Vinegar Dispenser, 14OZ 

  • AVACRAFT GLASS OIL CRUET: Made with borosilicate glass, perfect for hot or cold olive oil and vinegar dispenser.
  • DURABILITY: 2.2mm thick Strong, durable high quality olive bottles for kitchen 14 Oz.
  • LEAD FREE: Eco friendly, Dishwasher safe.
  • MEASUREMENT MARKS:  It has OZ & TBSP measurement marks to keep track of oil consumption for healthy living.
  • SMART DESIGN: Specially designed pour spouts to avoid leaks, and lid to prevent oil oxidation.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand!

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Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

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33 reviews for Glass Oil Cruet – 420ml

  1. Saifee D.

    Good Job Avacraft!

    Wow, this one is cool. Looks really good, we both loved it. I get recommendation of products from my sister and this is really good one. It feels solid thick and works good. Filling oil is easy and pouring is breeze. I liked that the the dispenser has measurement marks which is much easier to keep track of. I think we will not use measurement spoons now. The lid part is very nice, it pours easy and almost doesn’t drip over the tip even if it drips, I won’t worry much as it goes straight inside the bottle, not that it will save lot of money but no messy cleaning hassles. We liked the shape, it looks really cool. Good job avacraft, will buy few more. I recommend.

  2. Stephen Olmon

    Functional and Clean!

    Love this product! It is very functional and easy to use. I no longer have to worry about olive oil running down the side of the bottle after every use, as any excess that pours out goes right back into the bottle.

  3. Neetu Agrawal

    As expected

    Looks good on counter; clean glass;

  4. Nan


    Finally a cruet that REALLY does not leak. Soooo pretty. Take off the top, pour, and not one single drip.

  5. Bleeding Fingers

    Nice Product

    Does not leak or get dirty I really like it

  6. Derick Helford

    Best olive oil carafe ever

    I’ve had other olive oil carafes and was never happy with them because they dripped on the counter. This one is great. I’ve had it for a few months now and it just doesn’t drip. The top goes on and off easily for refilling and the little plastic dome lid works perfectly also. I thought it would become greasy and slippery, but it doesn’t. The pour rate is perfect too, not too fast, not too slow. I’m extremely happy with this.

  7. AP1T

    Perfect Pour!

    Love the ease of use and the volume markings to help you measure. I will look for more products from this women owned company.

  8. Andre Redmond

    Great product

    Great product, works exactly how it said it would. I would recommend this product for anyone

  9. AmazonLady

    Does not drip down sides!

    The first one that arrived had a manufacturing flaw and leaked. I contacted the owner, and she had a new one sent to me right away – excellent customer service! I love this olive oil dispenser. It fits in my cupboard, is easy to fill, easy to clean, and does not drip. All excess oil goes right back in the dispenser. The glass is thinner than I thought it would be, but seems strong enough, as long as you don’t bang it around. The one thing that I wish it had is a stainless steel cap instead of a plastic cap. I am just afraid that after removing the cap multiple times, the plastic will eventually crack. Only time will tell. For now, I am enjoying my dispenser.

  10. Marblelutz

    Very good for mixing vinegar and oil in one bottle.

    I like this glass bottle. Its easy to hold and has the markings I need to make my own vinegar and oil salad dressing in one bottle. That is what I use it for and exactly what I needed.

  11. Suzanne

    Great buy

    Works great! Very pleased. No complaints

  12. Tejas

    Easy to use

    Easy to use oil dispenser. So far no leakage and works well.

  13. LES

    Can be used for a variety of oils and purposes.

    Handy for “priming”our cast iron skillet when searing cuts of beef or pork. Only a small amount of oil is required!!

  14. Devon

    Great product

    This is truly a no mess oil pourer.

  15. Meghana

    It’s leak proof!! It really works

    Very nice item, I like the way customer service was handled and quick response to make customers happy! Glass quality is good Only suggestion is that the glass could come with a silicon cover for safe handling.

  16. Sarah Heaton

    Cap takes some getting used to.

    When I first got this, I was so mad. Oil was still pooling on my counter. “leak proof- yeah right!” But, it turns out that the dispenser top is just a little finicky. You can’t screw it on willy nilly- you have to place it squarely on the bottle and then turn it- make sure that the threads aren’t crooked.
    Now I love it- easy to read measurements and no more oil pool.

  17. Charles Flynn


  18. Ursula

    useful size

    but it leaks

  19. Sandra Stewart

    I simply love it.

    The drip less spout really is drip less!

  20. James B

    Easily worth the price!

    Well made and quality product.

  21. GP

    Good article

    Good size and hygienic

  22. Malet

    Good value

    The glass oil dispenser looks good and works good. Worth the price.

  23. Kimber

    Great Dispenser Bottle

    I have been searching for an olive oil dispensing bottle that has measurement lines and doesn’t pour out to fast and I finally found it. This is a great bottle. Love the design. Easy to clean too.

  24. Belinda

    No Oil leaks on the Counter.

    I would recommend this product .

  25. Roger J. Bowin

    Buy in bulk, dispense with ease.

    Driven by the Corona virus, I bought both olive oil and canola oil in the the largest containers available only to find that measuring out a TBSP was a difficult task. These glass containers make measuring and dispensing so easy!

  26. NK Indy

    Great gift!

    I received this product as a gift from a friend since I’ve wanted something of the type for a while and I have to say I’m very satisfied with it. The design makes for great ease of use. It’s also very easy to clean, something that other products of this type struggle with. The spout also dispenses the perfect amount of liquid such that you can always predict and control exactly how much will come out. Overall, a great purchase.

  27. Jack 34

    Great Control

    It is easy to pour just a little olive oil around a pan. The guage on the container makes it easy to measure how much oil is applied. The no-drip spout works very well.

  28. Lauren Howard

    Still get an oil ring

    Absolutely love this, but the infamous oil ring is there. I’ve wiped down clean after use and still get the ring. I cannot figure it where it’s leaking at.

  29. Jess F.

    Glad I bought it

    It works. Replaced a plastic container with this. Good value. I am very happy with product.

  30. maria

    perfect size

    made well. Easy to handle and clean. Does not leak . Fits perfect my cabinet.
    I prefer glass instead of plastic. The cover is plastic. Stainless would had been better choice. Overall made well. Yes I would recommend. I purchased one at Amazon. I like it, I purchase the second one directly from avacraft site .

  31. Rose

    Works and looks great

    Great way to keep olive oil within reach and looks great in my space age kitchen.

  32. Monika sully

    Great product!

    Makes pour VO easy and mess free!

  33. Jennifer M Nunez

    I LOVE this dispenser. I’ve been home a lot and thus cooking more than ever and my constantly leaking olive oil bottles were driving me insane. I wanted something stylish that worked well and this was it! I love the design, the glass is thick enough that I don’t worry about breaking it, and the spout design really prevents leakage. Only caveat is you HAVE to have the silicone(?) washer in place, and the little spout must be oriented opposite to the very small hole that releases pressure in the lid. I made the mistake of misaligning them before and got spillage. But when I paid better attention to how I re-assembled it after washing, I had leakage no issues at all. Thanks, Avacraft, awesome product! Beautiful and functional

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