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Full Body Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan With Strainer Lid, 2.5 Quart

FULL BODY TRI-PLY STAINLESS STEEL SAUCEPAN: 2.5 QT saucepan with lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy to read measurement marks inside.


(370 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Full Body Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan With Strainer Lid, 2.5 Quart

Our tough, double-riveted saucepan with its shatterproof glass lid with straining holes on both sides specially constructed to evenly distribute heat on all types of cooktops. Pour spouts on both sides accommodate right-handed and left-handed cooks, handle stays cool even when the pan is not.

Ideal kitchen utensils to measure, mix, boil and strain in same saucepot. AVACRAFT’s stainless steel saucepan designed to last like new for lifelong!

  • 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: Matte finish interior with easy-to-read measurements that prevents scratches and keeps it looking pristine.
  • All-IN-ONE FUNCTION: Measure, boil, strain and s and cook in the same pot.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Tri-ply stainless steel base with pure Aluminum encapsulation that avoids heat spots and distributes heat evenly.
  • STAY COOL HANDLE: Ergonomic handle stays cool even when the pan is not, for a firm grip.
  • Best Quality, Durable:Made with 18/10 food grade stainless steel which resists rust, stains, cracks.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

We want you to love your product just as much after decades of cooking together as you did on day one,

or we’ll refund or replace your purchase.

370 reviews for Full Body Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan With Strainer Lid, 2.5 Quart

  1. Jed

    Five Stars

    It’s a very nice saucepan and has a great weight to it

  2. Lavern White

    Four Stars

    The product is excellent, i love the look and how it cook.

  3. Toni D.

    Five Stars

    Haven’t used it yet but it appears to be a high quality product. Going to try it tonight.

  4. Katherine S. Rogers

    Great pan

    Nicely designed, lid fits perfectly. Cooks evenly. Beautifully crafted.

  5. Margarete T. Schels

    Superb quality with great customer service!

    I searched for a long time to find the right pot, and I hit the jackpot with this one! It is of very high quality and has a handle that is cool to the touch. SO easy to clean and very sturdy. I know I made the right choice in this item!

  6. Wim Tanudjaja

    Excellent product

    Nice Product

  7. marilyn jacobs


    This saucepan MORE than met my expectations. Great quality and I love the 2 sized draining feature. Everything about this pan is great, from the ergonomic handle to the well-fitted glass cover! Would buy it again, in a heartbeat . Great pan for the money!

  8. Mike Bajsel

    Perfect for what I needed

    Perfect for what I needed. I use this for boiling smaller amounts of milk for pastries/desserts or hard boiling eggs

  9. Sfam6

    Less clean up!

    The quality of this pot was better than what I had seen at Target. The price is just right. I used it to prepare pasta and the lid strained the water without any pasta slipping out. Now there are less extra dishes to clean because a separate strainer is not needed. I am pleased with this pan and lid.

  10. Fae

    Quality product

    Very nice pan. Very pleased with construction-looks nice. Only used one time since I got it about a week ago and again, it is very nice.

  11. Seishisan

    Five Stars

    very very good!

  12. Ian

    Worth the money. Great item.

    Pennies very easy to clean. I can cook anything in it and after a little poking even the roughest of items wiill not stick. The cost of the top easy to drain all food items.

  13. Patricia Bay

    What a great saucepan!

    This saucepan is the perfect size and the strainer lids works very well and is easy to use. I highly recommend it!

  14. Gregory Roth

    Two things that appealed to me about the sauce pan

    Two things that appealed to me about the sauce pan: 1) It works on an induction stove top and 2) the lid will strain out water. I am very happy wi this sauce pan and will recommend it to anyone.

  15. Su-z-q

    Five Stars

    Very sturdy construction, and balanced for easy pouring. I love the measurement marks on the pot.

  16. Pamela G Keeter

    Five Stars

    Great product. Just what I needed to add to my pots.

  17. R. G.

    I’ve wanted a pan like this for a very long time and I am glad I found one!

    I love the ability to strain vegetables right in this pan and the measurements inside are very helpful. It is also a little lighter than my other stainless steel pans, which is a good thing. The price was also good. I’ve wanted a pan like this for a very long time and I am glad I found one!

  18. fghg

    So functional!

    Love this new pan. Perfect size and my first with strain holes in the lid. Used it right away and was happy with all that feature. Very practical, functional, useful!

  19. Mikila Velios

    Worth it

    I love this pot. It is the perfect size- 2.5 qt- for my needs, has measurements on the inside, and a strainer. My only gripe is that I keep boiling over rice with the stove set to low.

  20. Ande W

    Very good pot

    I like the stylish design and very considerate details. The handle, even made of metal, is not hot at all when on stove.

  21. Marjorie Hunt

    Very happy with this Avacraft saucepan

    I just used the saucepan to heat up some soup. Saucepan met my expectations. Even heating and the side spouts made for easy pouring of the soup into the bowl. Much easier than with standard saucepan. Recommend it highly.

  22. Debba

    Excellent product

    This pot is perfect for use on an induction range top. Love the drainage holes in top- very well designed

  23. Bram

    Great pot!

    This item is everything it stated. I love the style and looks. It replaced my old non-stick pot and I’m liking this one better than the non-stick.

  24. Gma B

    Great Pan

    Only used once since receipt but nice weight, cleans easily, well balanced. Better than other high cost name brands I’ve looked at or bought. Good luck with your company I would buy other pans from you if you expand into other sizes. Son also really likes this pan. Well done

  25. Nancy

    I love my pot!

    The handle is easy to grip and the holes in the lid make it easy to drain.

  26. Anonymous

    Good sauce pan selection

    Nice and convenient product. Good quality and heavy material but light weight. It makes boiling and draining pasta faster and easier. I would recommend this product. The 2.5 quarts size is large enough. If needing smaller pan better try the 1.5 quarts. Unable to comment on durability because I just got it

  27. Genevieve A. Hartman

    Versatile and beautiful

    Sturdy, heats evenly, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Handle feels good in the hand. Lid has two different size holes for straining and a rubber sleeve around the lid handle to prevent burning your hand.

  28. Linda H

    Great Pan!

    Love this pan–it heats quickly and evenly, and clean up could only be easier if a maid washed the dishes. 🙂

  29. Marty

    Best pot I have

    We just installed an induction cooktop, so we needed new pots and pans. I purchased a couple of pro-kitchen stock pots, a Calphalon & Le Creuset saucepans and this one is by far the best. If I had purchased it first, I could have saved a lot of money and had a better set of pots.. This pot also very attractive, easy to clean, I appreciate the gradient markings and the sieve holes on the lid are quite handy. Excellent purchase.

  30. bert

    A useful pot

    Great pot, no spills, has volume graduation on the inside, even cooking one, a flatter handle could provide better stability while pouring liquids.

  31. Dawn Taarud


    This is a solid quality sauce pan. It is exactly what I wanted. I especially like the venting holes on the lid.

  32. candace oeschger

    Awesome pot – perfect size and weight!

    Love this pan, it was exactly the size I was looking for. Has a metal handle so it can be put into the oven.

  33. Donna Segal

    The One Pot everyone needs

    Love the pot. It is an all in one pot. Measurements, lid with strainer, and a nice sturdy handle.

  34. Joann

    Fine pot …

    I bought two of these, one for my daughter one for me. Great lid that strains and love the pouring spouts on both sides of the pot. Hope it holds up. So far so good. Each time I use this pot I am pleased. My daughter called and she too is happy that I ordered one for her. Perfect size.

  35. Indi

    Great little pot!

    I’ve been looking for another small pot {saucepan} for over a year now! I did a bunch of research and found that some of the great brand names that I bought over a decade ago, are no longer making their kitchenware with the quality they once did. {My mom always says, they just don’t make things the way they used to, and I guess she’s right.} I was hesitant to buy this brand, because I’ve never heard of it, but it had some great reviews, MUCH better reviews than the high quality name brands I know of…so I thought I’d give it a try. I am very pleased with the quality of this pot for the price I got the 2.5 Qt. size and it’s a really nice mid-size pot. It feels like it’s very well made, despite being light {doesn’t weight much}. I am happy with my purchase and will likely buy from this brand again. I think it’s a small, woman-owned company, which is a plus too! I only gave it 4 stars since I’ve only had it for a week and don’t know how it will hold up, but my sense of it, after cooking in it every day for a week, is that it’s going to hold up well. I’ll come back and update if that’s not the case. I always rely on Amazon reviews and this is my first time reciprocating. Hope it’s helpful! : )

  36. Ann

    My induction miracle

    Just what I was looking for. It works perfectly on my induction burners, light enough to handle but heavy enough to cook properly. Love the easy to grip handle and the pouring spouts . I like it so much that I purchased their 10 inch frying pan, I love it just as much as the pot.

  37. Brad Causey

    Excellent value and features

    Bought the 2.5 quart version. This pan has every feature one could want. Stainless steel, just the right size to fit the burner on my stove, two different strainers, inside measurements, and a glass lid. When I need other sizes, I will buy them from AVACRAFT also. Cannot comment on durability, as I have had it less than 30 days. Highly recommended.

  38. Marguerite Burke

    Perfect size

    Love it

  39. Tessa

    Easy clean

    I love this pan.

  40. Mousa A.

    Great product

    Great product for boiling pasta for two people

  41. Lorenzo oyle


    I use inky for boiling water to cook eggs and make coffee

  42. Rufus Funk

    As advertised.

    As advertised.


    great design

    well made

  44. Bettina

    This is a great product

    Perfect weight, perfect size, great to have 2 spouts, great to have glass top.
    I couldn’t be more pleased.

  45. jonnamom6

    Excellent value for the price!!

    Excellent product for the price! I boiled it dry today and it came clean with a bit of vinegar. The lid is awesome and fits snugly. The handle stays cool and the pour spouts are very convenient. Love this pan!!

  46. Allison Zhao

    Love straining holes and spouts functionality!

    Sturdy, looks cute and works extremely well with the side venting and spouts. I don’t need to worry about overflow from boiling when making soups most of the time. It’s my handy go to cookware.

  47. Riley Queen

    Very Saucy!

    Wonderful pan! So many useful features! Quickly becoming my go to pan!

  48. Shirley

    Easy to clean

    Haven’t used it yet bought for my husband, he works out of town and lives in our 5th wheel. But I do like the weight of the pot and being able to pour out of both sides(it has pour spouts). Liked it so much I thought I might start buying pieces for me a set.

  49. extracrispy

    Very stylish but durable

    Very nice saucepan – inside measurements are very helpful. Durable with a well made glass lid.

  50. jerry haselbarth

    love that it’s stainless steel.

    I replaced a 2 qt pot that had teflon coating that was past it’s prime. i’ve used this one daily since it arrived. i like the spout.

  51. Cary D Schneider


    I used it today and i think this is a rely nice pot. conducts heat well great lid to drain and cleanup was easy.THANKS

  52. Pat Jahns

    Great quality stainless !

    Amazing quality beautiful design saucepan love the clear lid with vents and easy pour design……definitely a keeper!!

  53. Vinaya Verghese

    A good product

    It’s a good product and I use it all the time

  54. M J

    All of those above approvals

    cooking larger than medium amount of soups, but not large enough for a stock pot.

  55. Pamelyn Lin

    Nice pot

    It is nice packed when it arrived, and so far so good, hope it will last long

  56. Joan Henry

    A superior product.

    Cooks food well.

  57. Jessica Plagerman

    Love It

    Great Product! And even got a thank you email from the company for my purchase which is super cool. Love the built in strainer in the lid, cuts down on amount of dishes I have to clean which is always appreciated!

  58. Roopesh_Marar

    Product is worth the price..

    Thanks Asha..Product is very good and cost effective..We got it delivered in time and the filter design is very helpful to use for tea and coffee making… kudos to your product and the company…Will recommend to others..

  59. James Klingner

    Good, heavy feel. Well designed.

    I bought it to steam rice. I wanted one with a vented lid. I’m sure I will use this for many other purposes.

  60. jin


    Very good product, I am very satisfied.

  61. June

    My helpful saucepan!

    I love everything about this saucepan. The best feature is the lid with the holes for straining. I cook a lot of mashed potatoes and it makes it so much easier and I no longer get steam burn.

  62. Kim Maria Jackson

    Great Purchase

    These are great, especially the ability to strain out the water using the lid.

  63. joe s

    Quality is just as advertised!

    For the money and all the way around, this is a great addition to any kitchen for any cook!
    Highly recommend!

  64. Betsey P

    Would highly recommend

    Great product


    That you have great customer service

    I gave y’all a 5 star , it’s a Christmas gift , I’ll be able to review later.

  66. Lindylu

    Love the pouring spouts and strainer

    I had a similar pot but unfortunately left it on the stove while it was on, and ruined the pot. It was my favorite pot so searched for another like I had. Mine was no longer made, and this one was the closest to what I had, so bought it. It’s great! Even better since it has the measuring units inside the pot, which I find comes in handy. This pot is 2.5 qt. which makes it a useful size, and the inside lid lip has two strainers (one on each side). One side has larger holes than the other side, making draining noodles and things very convenient. I definitely would recommend this.

  67. pen-y-bryn

    Very well made.

    This product is exactly as described, very well made, comfortable to use and cleans easily. Just the right size.

  68. M. Williamson

    sturdy, well designed pan

    This is a good quality pan, good design. It is actually flat on the bottom, like it says it is.

  69. Mary W

    So far, so good

    Have used it a few times. So far so good. It seems to take a little bit longer to come to a boil than my previous pot, but the spouts and lid work great. Happy woth purchase.

  70. HOA Director

    Easy to Use

    I was replacing pyrex saucepans and these were wonderful. Lightweight, kept a rolling boil at med setting, the strainer lid worked well (has 2 different hole sizes) and cleaned wonderfully. I’d order gain.

  71. Geoff

    I am a fan of Avacraft now

    Heats up really fast with my GE induction cooktop. Handle won’t get hot. Very nice quality and craftsmanship.

  72. Pam Morgan

    what it is made of

    my husband wanted a good saucepan to make popcorn in and he was well satisfied but it will be used for cooking many things

  73. M. Rice

    Very nice cookware..we will order some more.

    Nicely balanced and very nicely finished. Beautiful to look at too.

  74. LovleyLacey


    I use this pan all the time! It’s very nice- I’m sure it’ll last for a very long time! Would recommend

  75. Carol A. Ayers

    Safety of pouring off boiling water.

    Cooking potatoes for mashed potatoes. Mashed them right in the Avacraft sauce pan. Easy clean

  76. Lisa D.

    AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid, Strainer Lid, Two Side Spouts for Easy Pour

    I bought this as a gift for my sister, I really liked the feel and look of it and will probably be back to buy myself one…

  77. Nancy Bjerstedt

    I liked the idea of the lid as a strainer

    have only used once – so far so good

  78. K from Oklahoma

    High quality

    Got our order fast. My wife is really pleased. Only used it once, but she thinks it is a great pan. Seems to be constructed very well. Has a heavy bottom so I don’t think it will warp over time.

  79. Richard Hafele

    so pretty and useful

    I love everything about it!

  80. Kent Slocum

    Just arrived

    Family was on hand when the delivery was made. We opened the box and everyone was impressed with the “heft” of the pan, the looks, the convenience of the little holes in the lid to allow easy draining. My wife and I feel this will be with us a long time. It’s a quality piece of work.

  81. Martha

    Good quality

    This pot/lid is really nice. The only issue is the handle does not have a good grip when pouring liquid out the side. Because the handle is so smooth It will slip a bit in your hand like butter. You may need to wrap a small towel around the handle to prevent the slip.

  82. Mobilian

    Healthy, versatile pan

    I’ve purchased several Avacraft items over the past year or so and enjoy every one so much on a daily basis. I added this one because of its convenient size. Avacraft stainless steel holds up well and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into everything–the design, ergonomic features, etc.

  83. Aaron

    Great Pan

    The Saucepan is great, just what I wanted and works well.

  84. Edward D. Hernandez

    Great Pot

    Great pot! It is larger than I hoped for, but that is my fault. Love it!

  85. Margie


    Great stainless steel sauce pan.

  86. Zheng Wu


    Like this saucepan. It is nice.

  87. 3721

    good size pot with strainer lid

    I purchased pot for its induction properties. Worked well on induction burner and was easy to clean. Met my expectations.

  88. Francis J Elliott

    Worth the money!

    All the features.

  89. Igal N.

    Nice pan

    Like it a lot ! Easy to use and clean ! Not too heavy which I love

  90. Hydrosteve

    Fantastically versatile.

    Couldn’t be more pleased with this product. I make ghee regularly and needed a pot with a spout for cleaner pouring. I put it to the test immediately. It heated evenly and my ghee was perfection. I love the weight of the pan, I can hang it with my other pans on a hook, and the slotted lid makes this pan fantasticly versatile. I can tell I’ll use this pan for many years to come.

  91. Konrad Hunter

    Great design! Good for induction cooktops

    Got this for my induction cooker. Feels very durable and has good features. Everything a saucepan needs to be. I would reccomend this product.

  92. Karen M Miller

    Quality and what advertised

    I bought 4 different sizes and i have not used them yet however they seem very sturdy and the lids fit perfectly. I wanted them to be able to drain without dropping food out and these should work.

  93. Carole BALLIGAND

    You Can release the water out of the sauce pan thanks to the cover

    Top sauce pan!

  94. Tighe

    Just what I needed

    I love this pan. It’s the perfect size for me ( 2.5 qt) for everyday things. I cook a lot of pasta for my son.
    This of course is great for that because of the straining holes. It is also light and the handle stays cool.

    Some stuff got cooked onto the bottom, but it cleaned out easily. I’ve also put it through my dishwasher at times. Very nice.

    I like the clear lid. See through 🙂

    The best aspect of this pan is how it is not non stick (we avoid that for health reasons, and also it does not scratch up our glass cooktop.

    Overall,5 stars.

  95. Stuart P. Ray

    Happy Camper

    Love the new pan, it rounds out my cooking pan portfolio.

  96. Julieanna Montoya

    Great Everyday Stainless Steel Pot

    I was looking for an everyday stainless steel pan with a good lid. I’m really happy with this pan, it’s a good size and has a great lid. The item shipped quickly and the company seems to stand behind their product.

  97. msen2

    Good gift

    Bought as a gift due to the quality and price.

  98. Dee S.

    Durable cookware

    I have switched from Teflon coated pots and pans to stainless steel and enamel coated cast iron. This pot has performed well and I like the lid which has drainage holes in it. I highly recommend this item.

  99. Kevin R. Kuhl

    Great pot

    So far I love this pot. It cleans really nicely and haven’t had any issues with it.

  100. Gary Sites


    I can’t give an account of the pan’s durability as yet, since I’ve only used it three times, but it looks to be of high quality construction. As for handling, especially when draining, it is awesome. So easy to hold the lid on while draining the water. I use mine for beans mostly. I am very happy with this purchase.

  101. David

    100% worth the extra price

    College student and this is my only pan. I regret almost nothing about this. The measuring units inside the pan are wonderful. I would never use it for measuring food accurately, but if I am filling it with water, it is very nice to have a marker to shoot for.
    Sturdy handle, gripy cool lid handle.
    My only complaint is that it does not strain as well as I hoped. If I am making ramen, whether I use the big holes, small holes, or a side with no holes, I always get some noodles falling into the sink. The best way to compensate for this is to flip over the pan quickly so everything falls in one mass.
    The lid sinks into the pan by ~1 inch. This makes it impossible to accidentally have the lid slip off while straining.

  102. E.C.F.

    Beautiful and great quality

    Very easy to make pasta and other recipes, I also like to make pop corn in the saucepan.

  103. dcb

    Sturdy cookware

    This was bought as a gift, and the recipient is very, very, pleased with it.

  104. Albin Trein

    Superb tool for the kitchen!

    Great grade of Stainless Steel, right size and for use with multiple applications. Pasta cooker, sauce pan, soups, etc.

  105. Fara

    Very nice saucepot!

    Easy to clean looks nice and functions well

  106. S. C.


    Pros: Beautiful solid item. Cons: Holes are too large for straining spaghetti.

  107. Wayne R. Adams

    Great pans!

    I was looking for a high quality sauce pans that will last a life time, these seem to fit the bill. The lids make it easy to drain without losing food down the drain. The cup measures etched on the side of pan is a very nice feature also. Someday I hope they will sell in sets.

  108. Kevin Jorgensen

    The design

    I like these. I have (2) of the set. I will have all (4) as finances allow.

  109. Rita Campbell


    So far I am delighted with this lovely pan. It works great. It’s very pretty and easy to clean.

  110. Licadsplit11

    If it gets stained us Flour to clean with a dry sponge

    Nice pan for the price. Great for pasta shells.

  111. Cat Brooks

    Amazingly lovely and handy in equal measure

    I’ve been doing a detox that involves lots of soup and warmed coconut milk, and I’d had it with my small spout-less pot and cleaning up after each pour. I decided to make it easy on myself by opting for the smaller of these saucepans, and I’m so glad I did. The pot is so pretty with it’s arcing handle and it’s sturdy, lovely lid. I love it that you can turn the lid so it transforms the spout into a kind of strainer. As someone who generally opts for “brand names,” I’m so happy I took a chance on this upstart.

  112. Angi

    I like the shape perfect and cleanses well.

    I love it it’s pours great

  113. JEANNE

    Love the strainer lid

    Just used the pan for the first time yesterday. Cleaned up nicely. Strainer spout in lid was great for draining frozen vegetables. Read previous reviews about “wobbly bottom”. No problem with my gas stove.

  114. Thomas

    perfect for real iced tea

    I’m so spoiled….My wife makes me sweet tea twice a week and this pot is amazing! In her words “this is perfect, I hate making it but this makes it so much easier” It pours easy, heats evenly, easy to keep the tea bags in with the lid on. FJust awesome!

  115. Kathy D. Mill

    wonderful pot

    It’s light weight, easy to clean. It cooks evenly. I let the water get too low while I was steaming and it didn’t burn the pot! The strainer function is great. The pot is shiny and it’s a cool shape. The lid fits very well. I bought this pot because the enameled ones I’m used to were too heavy. It is sooooo light!

    I can’t speak to durability because I’ve only had it a few weeks, but I look forward to buying another size of their pots.

  116. Daniel

    Strainers in the lid!!

    It exceeded my expectations. It is well built and I really like the two different types of strainers in the lid!! I will be ordering more items.

  117. mary k. hasenecz

    Love it

    Love this pot. Perfect size and easy to store.

  118. Christine

    Quality product

    These pans are awesome! I liked the 2 qt so much I bought a 6 qt. No more digging for my strainer

  119. P.A.B.

    I bought this pan because I had a smaller one by them that I really liked.

    Good size, good shape, nice -looking, even heat distribution, easy to clean, and not too expensive. I hav 2 Avacraft pots and like them both very much. They are a good buy for the quality of the pot

  120. Andie savage

    Very easy to clean and drainable lid a huge timesaver.

    Excellent product! The lid is my favorite! Evenly cooked and easily drained ! I highly recommend!

  121. Tangerine

    stylish cookware

    Easy to clean and nice heat distribution. Lookwise it is really nice.

  122. Karen O.

    I bought this pot for the nifty lid

    I would have given five stars but I only used it once to boil water to make ice tea and the tea did stain the pot. I love that the lid can strain noodles and I like the pouring spouts on both sides. I searched online for quite some time, hours, and I believe this is the best pot for what I needed.

  123. Ron J.

    love this pot

    Was needing a pouring pot and this one works great. Nice heavy duty stainless steal. I use it everyday.

  124. Dave R. Bradford

    Always thought nonstick or cast iron were the way to go – these pans are great and now my go to

    Steaks are great cooked in these pans

  125. Lucile

    Best saucepan ever used

    I don’t normally leave reviews on products. I’ve been using this saucepan for 6 months and it is wonderful! I have had no issues. Originally bought it bc of the pouring rivets and the strainer lid along with markings for measuring on the inside. Have found it easy to handle, easy to clean, perfect in heating and distributing heat, and clear lid to see what’s going on inside is a plus. Highly recommend!!!!

  126. ed ford

    Looks very good

    so far seems like a great pot

  127. Spence Smith

    Love this product

    I love the vented lid! It’s so convenient I’m going to buy another.

  128. Kyle C.

    A handy saucepan.

    The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the interior is not as smooth as I hoped it would be.

  129. Laura Vance


    Love it. Was what I wanted. Thanks. And reasonably priced.

  130. Maria L Mangione

    Great new pan

    I bought this pan to make smaller portion of pasta for my induction heater and we love it. It is the perfect size and love the way it drains off the sides. It was super easy to clean was impressed with the quality. The good thing about it is you can be left or right handed and it works for both and we have both in this house!

  131. Ellen M Paasch

    A must buy saucepan that very versatile.

    Very happy with the pot. Both pouring spouts, vented lid, and saucepan very easy to handle.

  132. PL Hayes

    Great Saucepan!

    I needed a medium size saucepan that would work on my induction stove. I’ve only used it once so far, but it was perfect. Love the drain lid and clean up was easy. I always wash my pans by hand and never cook on “high” heat. This pan should last me a long time.

  133. cathy


    A little big and heavy…

  134. Sunhee Woo

    Great for cooking!

    It works great for cooking!

  135. Tom



  136. K. Riddle

    Every Mom Needs This Pot!

    This is my first ever stainless steel pot. I ADORE it. My kids love buttered noodles and they eat frozen peas like no tomorrow so this was a perfect first stainless pot. It heats fast, the handle doesn’t get hot, and the strainer features is GENIUS. I decided to try this as my first stainless because I’d been afraid of cleaning them, but it was super duper easy and it stays shiny. I’ve been wanting to get away from non-stick coatings as I had read it can put chemicals into your food and I think I’ll be buying more. If you are like me and on the fence about clicking “Add to Cart” because it’s a little more than you normally spend, I’ll gently push you to click that button and buy this pot – you will not regret it.

  137. Kate London

    LOVE this Sauce Pan!!!!

    I love this sauce pan — the glass lid fits on it perfectly and it has a handy pour spout at the side. The stainless steel is high quality, Heats everything up extremely well, and easy to clean. For a great price!

    The only thing I would warn about is that Amazon defaults to the smallest saucepan size on this brand — if you aren’t watching it–you can order yourself a mini saucepan (1.5 oz) when you really want a normal size one. That’s what I ended up doing, but I loved the mini one so much, I kept it and then ordered this larger sauce pan one (2.5 oz), and then also the 11 inch saute pan – which should come in a few days.

    So I thought I would just get one–but ended up with three pans. There’s a method to their madness! – LOL.

  138. Gordie

    Great value

    I was a little hesitant about ordering these, 3.5 & 2.5 qt., after reading some of the reviews about sharp edges, etc,.
    Fortunately I ordered them. There are a couple sharp edges in handle cutouts, not a big deal at all to me. They are in a place where you really don’t contact much & they are not sharp enough to cut or scratch . I bought these in January and used them every day. 6 months later and I love this cookware. I’ve had Revere, Belgique, Cuisinart and All clad. I take excellent care of all my cookware, washing it often with Barkeepers Friend. This cookware is easy to use, heats evenly, comfortable to hold, the strainer covers are a big plus. I prefer it to my 4qt All Clad tri pot with loop, $200. plus for candy making . The All Clad retains to much heat. Short story is, these pots are in the same condition as when I received them, no spotting or stains inside or out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

  139. pushpa goswami


    love it

  140. cynthia mckinnon

    It is exactly like we were led to expect.

    We love it!

  141. Nash

    Greatest saucepan I’ve ever had.

    I used my Avacraft Saucepan for the first time today, and love it. Made a pasta dish with egg noodles and the water easily poured out of the pot because of the lid with the side spouts. Did not have to drag out my colander to drain the noodles. The noodles also cooked to perfection and there was no water boiling over and out of the pot as they were cooking Thanks for such a great product.

  142. karen

    Sleek Design

    I purchased a smaller AVACRAFT pot 1 year ago and have had nothing but a wonderful experience. When I needed a 6 quart pot, it’s no surprise to me that I thought of AVACRAFT.

  143. Jesika

    1 year of use and still going strong.

    I use this pot for everything I can, I love its versatility. I have had no trouble with rust nor stains. Occassionally it interior appears discolored, but it always regains it’s shine with a bit of elbow grease. I will be phasing out my nonstick pans in favor of this brand’s stainless steel collection.

  144. Ell Woff


    We use this for everything.

  145. M.Melchizedek

    The saucepan was perfect

    The saucepan was perfect, I wanted to brew some tea and the saucepan was perfect, it had the measurement and the two spouts, what else can I say except the sauce was perfect

  146. mkx


    Love this product. It’s a quality saucepan that I use on a variety of dishes. Looks great after many uses.

    I absolutely love the lid. It makes straining water out so easy. I also use the lid independent of the pan on a cast iron skillet. You can cover what you are cooking and the holes will allow steam and pressure to leave while evenly cooking your meal. Versatile, functional, quality and looks great!

  147. cathy vernon

    Just as promised.

    This is a nice pan. My mom is going to order one too.

  148. Jim Gordon

    Fair value

    First impression based on handy size, finish and visual appearance out of the box is good. Mine arrived well packed and protected from shipping damage. It has a clean durable appearance and handles are nicely made. I have had exchanges with the supplier who sincerely wanted to help with an issue I had, it was resolved. It also does grow the white spots in the bottom but this is just a quirk of the specific alloy they use, the spots come from minerals in your tap water and they wipe right off with white vinegar or you can ignore them. If you want the insulated lid handle with strainer feature this is a good choice for the 2.5 quart size. The pot handle does not get hot with induction cooking.

  149. Patrick Moyer


    Nice quality and sturdy pot.

  150. Nellie



  151. r.massey

    these are top quality sauce pans

    I like everything about these pans , very usable for sauces and soups , melting butter just many uses .

  152. Debbie Reeeves

    Super easy to clean.

    Every meal

  153. Paddy

    Just the right size

    Love it

  154. Edwin G Koethe

    You will love it

    Excellent Pot, workers as discribed

  155. Nancy

    Very nice

    Love it

  156. Debra Brooks

    Very sturdy and will purchase again

    I love everything about the pot. Its easy to clean and sturdy.

  157. DAVID

    It will out last me

    Great product!!!

  158. Stands With A Fist

    Same ole’ problem for us Lefties…

    Only complaint I have is that the measurements are made for right-handed people, and not on both sides of the pan for some reason. There are lots of left-handed ppl out there! I’m one of them. Other than that… very nice pan.

  159. K.DianeGillooly

    I love these pans

    I’m famous for reading reviews to help make my choices and then not writing one for items I’ve purchased. I love these pans. I purchased 2 different sizes. The larger one is perfect for making pasta, and with the lid, I could strain off the water with ease. they look to be good quality and I have had no trouble with heat distribution and they are very easy to clean. I would probably give them a 4 1/2 stars if possible because the handle which is of very good quality, could be a little more heat resistant. But that’s in a perfect world. Overall these are great pans, and I’m sure I will not have to purchase them again, as I expect these will stand up for a very long time.

  160. Smith


    I love this pan. It is easy to clean. Love the lid and measures inside. Great pot.

  161. Amanda Smith


    I bought this to replace a pot that was damaged. I’m so glad! I’ve used this so many times in just a few days. It’s the perfect size and I use it all the time.

  162. Hayley

    Excellent construction and weight!

    i am very very fussy about my cookware. This pan is perfect! the weight over all is perfect… the base is heavy construction, which you want! I will be purchasing more for Christmas Gifts! Friends and Family will be very happy!

  163. TjU

    Everything I wanted

    Great for pasta, boiled potatoes and vegetables. Love the drain feature.

  164. nonshopper

    Loved the lid

    The stay cool handle on the lid worked well- no burned fingers. The strainer lid was great. I loved not having to use a separate strainer. The pan worked as expected for everything but spaghetti. The spaghetti was thin enough to come out between the lid and the pour spout.

  165. skywalker

    Bottom of 2.5 Qt Tri-Ply Full Body is Perfectly Flat

    Update November 5, 2019:
    Shortly after my initial review, Asha from Avacraft contacted me and apologized for not getting back to me sooner – she was out of town. She offered to send me a 2.5 qt Tri-Ply Full-Body saucepan – an option I was not aware of since it is kind of hidden in an Amazon drop down menu . As far as customer service goes, Avacraft now gets 5 stars.

    The pan itself is beautiful and perfectly flat on the bottom. The Full-Body option seems a bit heavier than the capsule version probably because the Tri-Ply Body is thicker. This also makes the saucepan look like it is very high quality and rugged. I am extremely pleased. Another reason for 5 stars.

    —-Original Review——–

    I returned the first pan for a replacement. The replacement had the same problem – unlevel bottom surface which is not acceptable for a ceramic stovetop. Otherwise, the pan’s quality looked fine and would work well on a gas stove.

    I also tried to contact Avacraft through their email in hopes that I could work directly with them to receive a sauce pan that was flat. I never received a reply which surprised me because many reveiws stated the company was very responsive.

    I just returned the second pan and am now looking at other brands.

  166. J Rowlands


    Very nice pan. Cleans easily. Cooks perfect

  167. Christopher Frank

    Best affordable saucepans I have found!

    I bought both 1.5qt and 2.5qt saucepans and find them to be perfect tools in my kitchen! The curvature of the bowl works great with a whisk when making sauces and the spout pours very well. I love the lids ability to either vent off steam or keep it in. Very well designed and affordable!

  168. Nicolette J. Pirrone

    Great buy!

    Excellent product

  169. Momma of 4

    Love this pot

    Glass lid, measurements inside. I do not know why we waited 20 years to replace out spaghetti noodle pot. This works so well for everything. Highly reccomend

  170. Kathleen S.

    Great Value Great Quality

    I had 4 must have’s for the pot I was shopping for: needed 6 quarts, glass (see through) lid, pour spouts & heavy enough (good quality) heat conduction. This is probably the most affordable yet high quality cook ware one could possibly find! Love it!

  171. Todd W.


    Good replacement for nonstick teflon pan

  172. jessica

    It’s Cadillac rainbows and lots of spaghetti And I love meatballs so you better be ready

    Easy pour is convenient

  173. Erik Hindman

    Revised – issues were resolved

    I am revising my original review. To summarize what it had said: used it once, now it has spots, discoloration, and a permanent ring around the side.

    11/19/19 – After using it a second and third time, the “rust” spots were gone as well as the ring. Not sure why or how, but it looks new again. I will update this review if issues return.

  174. L. Larson

    Beautiful with Excellent performance

    These pots are show pieces! I’ve left them on the stovetop to display their Awesomeness since the purchase. Liquids and foods heat up quickly. The pour friendly edges work great! Customer Support responds quickly to concerns and questions. Very happy with the purchase.

  175. Bonnie

    As expected.

    Nice and sturdy.

  176. Jayse

    great pot

    a good size – not too big, too wide and shallow, or too narrow and tall – not heavy so it’s easy to wash, heats up fine don’t notice anything off or weird, and love the glass strainer lid. handle is always fine i can grab it. closer to the pot is hotter but if you grab middle to back it’s fine to bare handed. seems sturdy and high quality. all in all a totally awesome simple pot for a great price that does what it’s supposed to.

  177. Peter D. Hume

    Great Pan

    better than most

  178. Sasha

    Great pan for Holiday Fudge!

    I used this pan for my holiday fudge and it was great!!! I’m thinking about replacing all of my worn out cookware with this product line.

  179. Carol B.


    Love that I can strain boiled food directly from pot!

  180. Nathan

    Love it!

    Exactly what I needed for new induction cooktop. Good thickness for even cooking. Enjoy the updated features of pouring spout & strainer in lid.

  181. Cubfanbob

    Great value!

    I recently purchased both 2 1/2 qt. and a 3 1/2 qt. Avacraft stainless steel saucepans.
    I have begun to replace my much-loved Calphalon Professional Non-stick cookware with stainless steel because the non-stick coatings have begun to degrade and become lost (in our food?), after many years of careful use and scrupulous care.
    I shopped this A LOT and decided to try these, even though I had never heard of the brand. I do have some experience using All Clad, Calphalon, and Cuisenart cookware and I really believe these saucepans to be of comparable/equal quality at a much lower price.
    I liked these pans so much that I also just ordered a 1 1/2 qt saucepan for preparing our steel cut oats in the morning.
    Yes, this is early on for a review, but so far I am quite pleased and impressed.
    I will look for a ten or twelve inch skillet next.

  182. RDS

    Fits my whisk in the bottom corner!!

    I like mine so much I bought another as a gift. They love it too!! Fits my whisk in the bottom corner!!

  183. Mary

    Very sturdy.

    Sold, not thin, sturdy stainless steel – very easy to clean.

  184. D. T. Jones

    Pot is very well made

    I most like the handle, straining top and pour spouts which are what I bought this product for.

  185. Terry Noyes

    This pot won’t burn. Lol!

    The pot size is perfect and I like the measurement guide inside.
    I would’ve liked an option to buy a solid (no glass) lid.
    Overall, good pick.

  186. Lynn D.

    Just what we were looking for!

    Edit: I just wanted to edit this review after using these pans for over 5 months. I LOVE these pans. They still look like brand new and I love using them!
    We were looking to replace two saucepans that were 45 years old. Looking for good quality, stainless steel. These pans fit the bill. They seem to be well -made, but not too heavy. We purchased the 2.5 quart and the 1 quart pans. I think I will really like using them.
    Edit: After using them 2 or 3 times, there is some discoloration on the inside bottom of the pans that doesn’t want to clean off. It is not terrible, but slightly disappointing. (changed rating from 5 to 4 stars)
    Edit: Again changing my rating from 4 stars back to 5. I had to update about the discoloration on the inside of the pans. I normally prefer to hand wash pans. As I said, I could not clean the discoloration. My husband puts everything in the dishwasher. These pans came out of the dishwasher sparkling clean, no more discoloration! They look like new.
    We are very pleased with these pans.

  187. Miss O’Hara

    Cleans very easily.

    Love this pan. Works great on my Induction Stove. Very easy to Clean. Very happy with it!

  188. Noah


    It’s heavy and the pour spouts are very convenient.

  189. Nick Ice Cream

    excellent quality

    The pot is well made. I have used it and cleaned it a couple of times. No problems. excellent finish

  190. Richard

    great product

    This product has added a great dimension for cooking.

  191. CarolH

    So far, so good!

    This was a Christmas present for my mother. She needed something easy to handle, dishwasher-safe, and something that pours without making too big of a mess. Many years ago, she had some coated cookware with larger “spouts” and she loved those pots but as with most coated cookware, the coating gets scratched and breaks down over time.

    She has used her new pan several times and seems to be happy with it. I’m hopeful it will hold up over time.

  192. J. N.

    Good, but heavy

    I got this pot for my elderly grandmother. It is very good quality, but it is a bit heavy for her. I’m getting her the smaller size also. Hopefully, she won’t need the 2.5 qt very often or one of us will be around to help her with it.

  193. Bridgett

    Excellent pan for the pricepoint

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this inexpensively priced pan. It is a nice medium weigh pan which heats evenly. The slight curvature at the bottom of the pan makes for easy cleaning and allows easy access to cooking utensils so food does not burn around the edges. The clear lid makes it easy to keep an eye on food as it cooks. The pouring spouts make transferring sauces to serving bowls a dream.

  194. J Young

    Great Quality Pan

    We found the heat distribution, pour spouts and strainer lid to be our favorite features of this pan. The pour spouts are well designed and we did not experience drips, etc that we gave with other pots. The only thing I would say we’d like to see is for the handle to be attached to the outside of the pan without having the brads on the inside of the pot; it would be awesome for the interior of the pan to be completely smooth. We give this pan high marks.

  195. maika

    Sturdy & Good Looking

    So far no problems. Also it’s a very nice-looking pot and it’s very sturdy. It looks very well made. Plus I use it all the time and I make fresh meals everyday.

  196. Janel

    Make sure to heat your pan 1st, then place your food in it

    Love my new saucepan. It cooks evenly and throughly and clean up is so easy. I will say if you buy this pan buy a can of “Barkeepers Friend” and use a very soft sponge, clean up is a snap.

  197. Bryan Fair

    Does the Trick

    This is a high quality sauce pan that does the trick. I bought this mainly for the pour spout and it eliminates the mess that comes with trying to pour heated water into a French press. The handle has a nice, plump grip to aid in pouring control.

  198. Sandra M. Brooks

    Love this pot

    I love this pot it’s awesome

  199. Navroop

    Handel stay cool.

    Great product.

  200. Lynn Runge

    Nice pan

    Wonderful pan. It’s exactly as described. Great size for every day use.

  201. Pat Callahan

    Perfect 2.5 qt pan

    I love everything about this sauce pan. It heats up quickly and the handle does NOT get hot like so many of the higher priced pans do. The silicone added to the lid ensures that you don’t need a pot holder to hold any part of this pan which is always a plus. It’s beautiful, shiny and sleek looking and I like that it has 2 different sized holes on the lid for straining.

  202. Awsten

    Great Design!

    I bought this to make popcorn in. It works great. The lid design also is great for boiling pasta in and draining it.

  203. Carol

    Great pan!

    The best thing about this pan is the heat distribution. The heavy bottom saucepan is the only way to go. I love the fact it’s an easy pour pan too. And the cover is great.

  204. Jim

    Glad I bought it

    Love it. Made in u s

  205. Debra McAfee

    Induction compatible

    Needed some pans to use on my new induction stove. This fit the bill nicely. They are easy to clean and attractive. We really like them.

  206. Retiree

    A Multiple Use Heavy Duty Pot

    I bought this pot primarily for pouring liquids out of it, such as water when cooking potatoes, making tea, etc. The spouts work well for these type applications (no dripping), and the heat distribution appears to be good. The handle stays cool. The lid works well with the arrangement of the drainage holes. The only issue that I think I may have is with the rivets that hold the handle to the pot. When scraping food out of the pot, the rivets get in the way of trying to clear off the sides of food. And when washing the pot, I thought that it was clean until a closer inspection of the area of the rivets showed a small amount of food residue that needed to be removed. This is why I gave the pot a 4 rating.

  207. miles a. suydam jr.

    Beautiful stainless cookware.

    Love this cookware. I’m going to order other pieces soon. I use baking soda to clean inside and it looks new effortlessly. I don’t use on the outside because it may ruin the mirror like shine.

  208. oers0815

    versatile, durable, good price.

    versatile, durable, good price.

  209. Melanie

    first rate!

    very pleased with design, special features, functionality. I will definitely be interested in purchasing other Avacraft products, and in recommending them to friends and family!

  210. Lynn Hathaway

    Great purchase

    Very nice pans, great quality. Just what I was looking for.

  211. Lynn Hathaway

    Great purchase!
    Very nice pans, great quality. Just what I was looking for.

  212. Janice Barre

    It is easy to clean and the fact that you can drain the liquid right from the pan

    I love it

  213. marilyn Barthel

    Easy to use. I like the way it strains food. Nice size! Would buy again!

    I use it to cook vegetables mostly. Works well and easy to drain potatoes etc.

  214. Ann Louise

    Great Pan!

    This is a quality pan. I only use stainless low to medium so things heat evenly and easily with no risk of burning. I highly recommend it

  215. Customer

    Best purchase of the year!
    I have used my new Avacraft saucepan for about a month. I’ve used it to make oatmeal, boil pasta (love the built-in strainer in the lid!), alfredo sauce and to reheat leftovers. It is easy to clean; no real scraping necessary. I love how solid it feels and how sleek and elegant it looks. Planning to buy more Avacraft pieces.

  216. SMF

    Inside Measurements and Perfect Size

    I have needed this size for awhile. Perfect size – love being able to see measurements when reducing sauces.

  217. Amazon Customer

    Best purchase of the year!

    I have used my new Avacraft saucepan for about a month. I’ve used it to make oatmeal, boil pasta (love the built-in strainer in the lid!), alfredo sauce and to reheat leftovers. It is easy to clean; no real scraping necessary. I love how solid it feels and how sleek and elegant it looks. Planning to buy more Avacraft pieces.

  218. Sherri

    Simply put, I love it

    It is the size I needed. It’s easy to clean (no more nonstick for me). I love the glass lid and pour spouts. It’s perfect for my needs.

  219. Shauna G

    So good I got two!

    I really liked this pan. I used to have what must’ve been a thinner walled pan and my rice would always burn to the bottom, not the case with this pan. Plus I really liked the see through lid and the drain holes in the lid as well. I liked it so much I have two in the same size and will most likely buy a smaller and bigger pan in the future. Great buy!

  220. Sue

    Most of them are good

    I like most of them but handle isn’t good enough for holding

  221. Myon

    Great pot

    Heat fast and even with a great lid and cleans up good

  222. Thane

    Perfect heat distribution!

    I bought this item specifically for the purpose of making Ghee. This process requires good heat control with excellent thermal stability. Our new Avacraft pot nailed it!

  223. Orona Construction

    High quality

    Obvious high quality.

  224. Michael Parker

    This is a quality product

    I purchased this pan as a birthday gift for my 82 year old mother , she is an expert on kitchen wares and she is raving about these two Avacraft pans the 2.5 and 3.5 she now owns ….. she began cooking for her husband in 1955 , she raised two boys and she has been cooking meals for everyone for 65 years , you could receive no higher endorsement for your product.


    Versatile Balanced & Beautiful

    Versatility is a strong appeal for this purchase. It is self measuring, two pour spouts, glass lid with vent, strainer in lid aligned to spouts. The handle is ergonomic and balanced perfectly. I purchased this as I decided to make good sauces from scratch. This can be used when I am
    doing reduction. Beautifully balanced like a work of art. I wished the bottom was weighted a bit more.

  226. Marcia Karon

    I bought it for making yogurt

    I bought it solely to heat up milk to make yogurt. With the burner on the lowest setting on my stove, the milk sticks to the bottom of the pot and does not come clean easily. I have gone back and forth with Avacraft customer service, who tell me that keeping the burner low should keep the pot from burning the ingredients, but it doesn’t. It is possible that my pot is defective and Avcraft issued me a refund. When I have used this pot for preparing other items, I have ot had a problem.

  227. Elaine Ethier

    Best pan I own

    Its a beautiful pan and I am happy that I got it. I was surprised to learn that it is a company in Texas yet made in China. I would like it more if it gave Americans jobs.

  228. Elaine Ethier

    Best pan I own

    Its a beautiful pan and I am happy that I got it. I was surprised to learn that it is a company in Texas yet made in China. I would like it more if it gave Americans jobs.

  229. Leigh

    Love this pan!

    I have only used this a couple times so far, but I love it!! I love the strainer glass lid. I absolutely love that it has measuring lines on the inside, tells you how many cups. I didn’t think I needed that, but It is so great! The stainless steel cleans up so easy, which is why I was looking for stainless. Very pleased with this product!

  230. MB

    Food size

    Perfect for spaghetti.

  231. J. Busbea

    Great quality. These should be the last pots I ever need to buy.

    Love these pots. The handles are great. The only thing I really am not 100% on are sift and pour lids. They are very loose fitting and you really need to hold them tight to the pot to pour out of the spout. If they fit tighter they would be perfect.

  232. llou4816


    I order 3 different size pots…I love it!! I’m really enjoying these sauce pans. See through lids, steam hole, pour spout, measures inside the pans…it’s fabulous!!

  233. Cherilyn

    I love

    I like

  234. Tim Meehle

    similar quality to calphalon

    I recently wore out a calphalon pot.. took 15 years, so I think we got our monies worth there. In searching for a replacement, I immediately sought out another calphalon, and also found the Avacraft. Similar specs, half the price, and a woman owned business. Three wins for me, so I ordered it. Made rice in it the other night, our first use. Not perfect for rice – the lid doesn’t seal well enough to get up a good head of steam – but the rice came out pretty darn good all the same. I am looking forward to using this for other foods – veg, mashed potatoes, etc. Way too small for me for making soup tho – I break out the 6 gallon stock pots for that!

    overall, I am impressed with the saucepan, and would seriously consider Avacraft when my other pans wear out.

  235. bsilva

    Great value

    This is a top notch pot. Besides it being high quality it has a really nice design from the measurements inside to the pour spouts and lid.

  236. Tim Meehle

    similar quality to calphalon

    I recently wore out a calphalon pot.. took 15 years, so I think we got our monies worth there. In searching for a replacement, I immediately sought out another calphalon, and also found the Avacraft. Similar specs, half the price, and a woman owned business. Three wins for me, so I ordered it. Made rice in it the other night, our first use. Not perfect for rice – the lid doesn’t seal well enough to get up a good head of steam – but the rice came out pretty darn good all the same. I am looking forward to using this for other foods – veg, mashed potatoes, etc. Way too small for me for making soup tho – I break out the 6 gallon stock pots for that!

    overall, I am impressed with the saucepan, and would seriously consider Avacraft when my other pans wear out.

  237. thumprchgo

    Way better

    The pot Is the perfect size, I’ve used it daily for months now. Solid, well balanced, and heats evenly.

  238. Jim E.

    Excellent pan, good quality, well constructed

    Great pan! Just what I was hoping for and more!

  239. Spider

    Nice Pan

    Nice pan, works pretty much as described and is multi purpose.

  240. Annette

    Nice pot!

    Love it!

  241. Angela dick

    No drip

    Love it

  242. Jim Runge

    Solid construction, great cover

    We purchased this pan to make maple sugar and candy, needing stainless steel to keep the product clean without any “stuff” coming from the pan and an easy way to pour hot candy into molds. We were vey impressed with the solid construction and weight of the pan. The handle did not get too hot to handle despite cooking to a very high degree. Sugar turned out great and clean up was easy with no stains in the pan.

  243. H. E. Jackson

    Beyond my expectations!

    When I got my saucepan, I was floored! It is so beautiful and the heat distribution is like no other pan I’ve ever owned! Definitely worth the cost and might even buy a frying pan!!

  244. Nicky

    Excellent Saucepan

    Honestly, the best saucepan I’ve ever owned. Just perfect!

  245. Misty C

    The quality of the product is very good.

    The ability to strain w/no separate strainer in the sink. One less dish to wash.

  246. donna

    Eazy to clean

    Love it! Use it for cooking veggies & oatmeal so far.

  247. John and Jackie

    Awesome pot! Works lovely!

    I’ve been cooking for nearly 50 years. I love this pot; my goulash doesn’t stick to the bottom and I can cook and drain spaghetti in the same pot. Lovely. Wish I would have bought it sooner!

  248. Debbie Peters

    Exceptionally easy to clean, strong & sturdy

    I am very pleased with this pan, it’s exactly what I wanted. It has a sturdy feel, and has been very easy to clean, even with sticky & burnt on foods. It has cooked things evenly. I like the built in strainer and the lid is well made.

  249. Art

    The Product is very well designed and Good Quality

    The Product is great !! We really Love it.
    Best Quality.
    Best Price.
    Best Design.


  250. MOM


    I can use it to make fried eggs or cooked strawberries.

  251. RoxieRoxenthal

    Good purchase

    Looks good. Cooks good

  252. goodnluckey

    So far … very pleased

    As one who does a whole lot of canning and food preservation, I needed a good stainless steel saucepan and as a partially disabled senior citizen, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on one. I spotted this pan on Amazon and it immediately caught my eye. It arrived last week and I’ve used it several times and found it to be just what I needed. It looks really nice, it’s a heavier pan, and for the little I’ve used it, I am quite pleased with it. If this continues to be what I expect it to be, I will go back and look for a nice stockpot. I was also impressed that the company followed up with me to ask how I liked their pan. I’ve bought quite a few pans in my lifetime and I don’t ever recall having the company ASK me how I liked their product. So far, I have no complaints or even suggestions. That saucepan is about as “perfect” as I could hope for.

  253. Windman

    Great sauce pan for the money

    So far I love it. Only two minor things, one the there is a grove between the glass and the rim of the top which food gets stuck. The second is that I am right handed and hold the handle with my left and pour with my right hand. I can’t see the measurement lines if I hold it this way. So, to see the measurement lines I have to hold it with my right. No big deal, but perhaps Avacraft could put the lines on both sides.

  254. johnnydrumbone

    Very Nice Pot

    The strainer feature built into the lid sets this pot apart. Very good.

  255. S Caldwell

    Great pot

    Well made pan. Will purchase other products from this vendor.

  256. Rocknrod

    Worth the price.

    This pan heats and cleans easily when cooking at the proper temperatures and using the correct cooking oils. I really like the size. It’s not too small and not too big!

  257. David Brenner

    Great pan.

    Very attractive pan. It heats very evenly. I really like the measurement markings, the glass lid, and the pour spout. Nice job. This is our second purchase.

  258. Black eyed Sally

    high quality heavy pan

    Love this pan it is heavy. but ergonomically easy to handle. I have carpal tunnel and have no difficulty lifting it. It also has the strainer built into the lid which is great. I will be looking for more of this brand.

  259. Tamika

    A great saucepan!

    Really like the encapsulated bottom and lid with straining and pouring features.

  260. Priti Mankar

    Very useful…..

    I’ve been using this saucepan for many months now and can’t be more happy. I’ve cooked so many things and it works perfect. Just made a soup and wanted to put picture. If you like stainless steel this is it. I’ll be buying more from avacraft. Loved that they respond immediately.
    For people burning food and complaining of stains, learn to cook and maintain stainless steel.

  261. Geordo

    Solid and high quality

    I like the heat proof handle on the pot as well at the lid. Super easy to clean. Nice weight…not flimsy.

  262. Barbara Queen

    Avacraft, you have a high quality product. Thank you.

    I love that the cup measurements are printed on the pot. No measuring cups needed. It’s the perfect pot, and it cleans up easily…looks easily…looks brand new after multiple uses. Thank you AVACRAFT.

  263. Pamela Jackson

    Great pans

    Bought the 3 pan set and love them. I especially like the lids. Makes it easy to pour off excess liquid

  264. Harry

    Favorite pan.

    Love this pan, it is our new favorite.

  265. Raine Daisy

    Pours easy

    So far, it works perfect. Heats well. Pours easy.

  266. Redleg

    It works well

    I bought this to replace a 2 quart saucepan whose handle gave up the ghost. This Avacraft pan was bigger, 2.5 quarts, so it doesn’t nest like the old one did when I store it. For me, that wasn’t a big deal. I have used it several times and it does a fine job. Clean up is easy. I burned some beans and the pan came through unscathed. The pan and lid are gorgeous. The metal handle fits my hand and is plenty long. I would buy it again if I needed a pan this size which, I hope, never happens.

  267. james gemma

    Awesome product.

    What a great design. It is so easy to handle and works quite well. I wish I had found this pan sooner. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  268. Joyce Nolte

    Very good product

    These smaller pots are exactly what I was looking for … perfect for 1 or 2 canned goods and I love the drain holes in the lid. So far, zero problems with cleaning or heat distribution. Good product!

  269. Ms. Nancy Reeves

    Fabulous saucepan

    Great saucepan! Love the even heat distribution!

  270. Lucy

    Great pan

    Great Pan. I love to use for steaming fresh vegetables and cooking pasta.

  271. Kenneth Van Horn

    cooking pot

    Met my expectations and very similar to the one I replaced because I broke the lid. even has the side pour off areas which I like. nice snug top too.

  272. M. Banas

    Tri-ply full body – well made and durable

    This is for the 2.5QT full-body saucepan. I bought the full body because I’ve had problems with other brand (Calphalon) capsule bottom pots retaining water after cleaning. First and foremost, the Avacraft pan construction is first-rate, and unlike others, the finish hasn’t discolored or pitted after a few months of heavy use (and lots of acidic sauces). Best of all, the handle stays cool over our gas stove when boiling things, which was a source of irritation, and one burn, from Calph-stuff. The lid fits nicely and doesn’t rattle under boil because of a tiny, intentional vent hole. That said, the lid’s deep sides with strainer holes to pour out from (on two sides, no less) don’t let enough water through to really effectively strain a full pot. I normally don’t leave a review if the product just works, but the negative reviews of normal manufacturing problems bubble to the top on Amazon, so I’m hoping my positive review lets folks know that the full-body pan is an excellent value and great for the kitchen!

  273. Nancy Coleman

    Product was as expected!

    I needed a good solid pan to make my popcorn in, and also steam and/or boil veggies. This is the perfect pan to do it in! It arrived and the product was just as it was described on the site. Well done, and I will definitely order again from you in the future.


    Very quality product

    Very quality product. Heavy duty

  275. Terri Kjolso

    Well made

  276. Penny L.

    I love this saucepan!

    Good quality and customer service! 2.5 qt is really a good size of a family of two adults too.

  277. Jessica

    Strainer feature is great.

    I really like the strainer feature built into the lid of the pot. Nicely done.

  278. Mary Mladek

    Good pot

    Have used this pan daily for several weeks and it is great,. Easy to clean, heats up well and am glad I bought it.

  279. Marian Gleason


    This is my third item of Avacraft cookware and each one is terrific: even heat distribution, classy styling, and the handle doesn’t get hot! Amazon prices are excellent!

  280. Kyla


    we like it, now are getting a one qt.

  281. Florida Mom

    Very nice Stainless steel pot

    I love this pot! Perfect size, clear lid, pour spout, measurements marked on the inside and heats up well. Looks nice and works perfectly.

  282. Selena

    Exactly what I wanted

    Needed an additional pan for my new induction stovetop and this works perfectly. Heat is distributed evenly, easy to pour and I love the top that has two different sieve sizes.

  283. Tim Moore

    A real nice try-ply sauce pan.

    A real nice sauce pan that is just the right size to feed two from a single pot dinner. I bought this pan to replace the single ply, light weight pan, that I now use. This pan holds and distributes heat very well, is easy to clean, and very well built. Of note, the body of the pan is enclosed, not segmented as the item picture shows. Much better. I have used it for several meals and am very happy so far. May buy the smaller size as well.

  284. Food Heals

    I NEVER write reviews on products but. . .

    I have been cooking for over 50 years and we are a family of professional cooks. I can’t believe I just now discovered this line of cookware. I have some very expensive pots and pans, but by far, I prefer my Avacraft pans. I can’t stop buying them. Family knows what to get me for birthday’s, and Christmas. The weight is perfectly balanced, the pan/lid design is sheer genius. I am not strong, but I have no problem draining liquids, basically never use a strainer anymore. The ergonomics of the handle is amazing. I have pans that cost much more but have clumsy handles that are difficult to grasp. The perfectly flat bottom works equally well on my ceramic top stove and the gas top. The biggest problem is keeping the rest of family from stealing them. Well done, Avacraft!

  285. Genivieve

    High quality product

    Beautiful product!

  286. Hedgehog

    Great design

    Wow, I never thought I’d rave about a pot, but I love this little guy! The size is perfect for reheating for one or cooking sauce. The inside has cup measurements, which means you don’t need a measuring cup! The lid with the drain holes is SO handy. Great item.

  287. babz

    No Room For Improvement–Excellent Quality Ideal for Herbal Teas and More

    I love my copper pots as well as my professional grade stainless steel ones. I buy the best kitchen equipment because I enjoy using them every time I cook. I was a bit hesitant to order this because I couldn’t feel it–is it really heavy enough? and I hadn’t heard of the brand but I liked the little extras they thought to add like left and right spouts plus the built in strainers. I make herbal teas almost daily so this pot is perfect for those. I’ve been enjoying it for a couple of months now and I would highly recommend it. It’s a lifetime addition to your kitchen so spend a few extra dollars and enjoy the process!

  288. Maureen Korros

    New sauce pan

    Handle seems to get warm to touch, was not planning on that to happen
    Really like the drainer lid

  289. John R. Ostlund

    Nice Size, great value.

    First use was a Alfredo sauce. Heating was even. The pan seems to hold the heat better than any sauce pan I have. Would recommend!

  290. Jtruax

    Impressed! Proud purchase.

    As a fellow Texas mom, and the main product consumer (and food prepper) for my household, I am SO PROUD to have found AVACRAFT when searching and comparing new cookware. I am confident the products I have purchased are of long lasting high quality and amazing value! Thank you!

  291. Alex

    Great quality

    Very well made. Extremely happy

  292. Melissa

    Easy to pour off water

    I usually use a two-handled pot for making pasta, and pouring off the water is kind of a mess. Last night I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Avacraft and found that the handle was exactly the right angle and length for a much easier pour. It felt like the pot was 2x lighter!

  293. Martin B. Schlam


    Well designed with all the right features. Quality and Beauty combined!

  294. wintermainiac

    great for noodles/spagetti..etc

    easy to use and no need for a colander

  295. CathyK

    Really like this sauce pan

    I like the heat resistant handle, like the pouring spouts, like how nicely it heats up. Liked it so much I ordered the smaller size also.

  296. Dennis A Burket

    Good quality

    They have put common sense accessories in all there products for a good value. Coated lid handle,vent . strainer. measure from inside of pot. Found product a couple years ago excellent product so far.

  297. Anya

    Just as depicted

    Good quality, easy to pour spout and strain, and well marked.

  298. Dr. D.

    High quality and affordable.

    High quality. I’ll probably have this pot for many years.

  299. grace

    Very good looking pan, seems very good on quality

    Like the glass lid, strainer detail, overall very useful product

  300. Roberta M.

    Great quality and value!

    I am impressed with all the qualities of these sauce pans, especially the side spouts and strainer lids. I will definitely be buying more AVACRAFT products. Besides replacing older items in our own kitchen, I think these will make wonderful gifts for newlyweds or young singles setting up their own first residences.

  301. Scott

    I Love It

    Love my new pot!

  302. Kathy


    Very pleased with my new 2.5 quart pan. Great quality, easy to clean. A good value.

  303. Rhonda L. Steigerwald

    Love this pot!

    This pan is very high quality. Nice and heavy, just the size I needed. The straining lid and pouring spouts are a plus. Love it!

  304. Richard A. Reinholz

    Excellent sauce pan

    This delivered quickly and was affordable. I love the quality. Excellent saucepan choice.

  305. FINN



  306. Dave H.

    heats very evenly, no hot spots.

    Very even heating, no hot spots. Comfortable to use, cleans easily, love the lid strainer feature. Have purchased a 2.5 quart and a 3.5 quart. Both have the same great features.

  307. Curtis

    Very versatile

    This product is excellent!

  308. asomeone

    very nice pot

    well made- I’ve purchased several in different sizes…. much heavier than the other brands I’ve bought lately

  309. sewing grandma


    I recently received this stainless steel pan. I have not used this pan yet but am hoping it last 45 years like my Revere ware pan I received as a wedding gift.

  310. Jenn

    Great Purchase

    I am very happy with this purchase. The quality is great. I have already used it several times. I love the cup measurements on the inside. It cleaned up very easily.

  311. cliff B

    Everyday pot

    Love it, perfect size for us, wiith strainer lid, two side spouts super easy to pour and no mess at all. It is now my family favor everyday multipurpose pot.

  312. TJ

    Great quality

    Great quality! Heats evenly, and easy to clean. Love the measurement marks, strainer lid, and ability to pour right from the saucepan.

  313. Stokes Adams

    A really great pot for induction cooktop

    I have been using the pot for 2 months on an induction cooktop and I am very satisfied with it. It’s a really good size and the pouring spouts work very well. Highly recommend it!

  314. Dewdrop

    Good strainer

    I bought this because it had measurement marks and the lid has the ability to be a built in strainer. So far I’ve used it twice and haven’t burned myself so 10/10 would recommend.

  315. Joan Markowitz

    Easy to drain excess water

    Love that you can easily drain the water. Pot is very sturdy.

  316. Czarina

    SOLID cooking pot!

    I am very very please with this cooking pot. Soo many details were taken in consideration when designing this pan. measurement on the inside,pour spouts on both sides!, solid strong handle and more . and very good deal. I also like how instruction were giving on how to care for the pot. This company truly cares about their products

  317. Helena Z

    Beautiful pots .great sizes!!

    I purchased few and I love them, they look beautiful and the handles are very comfortable to use. Will buy again. Thank you

  318. Brad

    Love this Pot!

    This is a great pot! My wife and I are replacing our cookware, and this purchase was to see if we like the brand. Overall we are very happy with it’s pwrformance. It looks great, very sturdy, and cleans easy. We will be making more purchases in the near future.

  319. StarWish246

    Beautiful & Quality

    Call me old fashioned, but, to most women, having a good pot or pan makes our ‘life’ easier. This pot is what I was looking for. Nice weight, draining lid, see thru lid, and stay cool handles make this pot a “wish I had had this years ago” pot. I will get the larger size, and they (along with my draining pasta pot) will be all that I need to improve my kitchen tools. Buy these pots, they are quality, and quality will matter through the years of use.

  320. E. Bradstreet

    Sturdy is the operative word.

    Well designed solid tri-ply stainless steel saucepan with a solid handle. Even heating & easy to clean. The glass lid has a non-slip grip on the handle which makes it more convenient when using the lid for draining. Another nice feature is the measuring marks on the interior of the pans marked out in cups, & liquid ounces. Overall a well made saucepan. I am very happy with my purchase & expect to use it for many years to come.

  321. Brandon Anderson

    Would buy again

    Amazing Product!!!!

  322. Derek H.

    Quality product

    Love it. Great quality! Highly recommend.

  323. Gwen

    Your product shows 2.5

    Your product shows 2.5 qt pot. When I clicked on description it said 3.5 qt so I ordered it. It was delivered as a 2.5 qt. I sent it back to ENT a refund and ordered it from the manufacturer

  324. Tony V

    Nice little vented pot

    Love the vents, this is perfect for making hard-boiled eggs

  325. TRY

    Works great

    Love it

  326. Caliber

    Good one

    Saucepan is good and sturdy one.

  327. Charles Kelly

    The only bad thing is you can not heat them over 350 degrees in the oven

    I don’t know but I think I pitted the inside bottom of the pan with salt in the water with out stirring. Other wise great pan. The only bad thing is you can not heat them over 350 degrees in the oven . So long cottage pie.

  328. Charles Kelly

    The only bad thing is you can not heat them over 350 degrees in the oven

    I don’t know but I think I pitted the inside bottom of the pan with salt in the water with out stirring. Other wise great pan. The only bad thing is you can not heat them over 350 degrees in the oven . So long cottage pie.

  329. Roger D


    exactly what i needed ! i just started canning and this is the perfect pan.

  330. Heidi Husnak

    Nice weight and design

    I cook a variety of foods every day. Excellent for marmalade, soups, and any general simmered foods. I really like the coated handle as I have a disability that makes my hands unusually heat sensitive. Can’t beat the price either!

  331. Virginia

    love it

    absolutely love it

  332. Sandra L. Rearden

    The saucepan and lid are very well made in the U.S. and are ergonomically correct .

    This product was immediately pressed into service cooking for my family.

  333. Virginia

    love it

    absolutely love it

  334. Ramona Smith

    Love the design.

    Because the lid has a deep lip I also use it to cover food on a plate to help keep it warm. I love the strainer
    holes on the lid. I need to order some different sizes.

  335. Glen Mann

    What an innovative idea!

    This is a beautiful, heavy pot and strainer lid that meets and exceeds all expectations! It’s so handy to be able to strain pasta, etc. without having to use a separate kitchen utensil.

  336. cheryle

    Heating mechanism

    There’s nothing to dislike the product, I especially like the heat handle

  337. ydfq

    good quality

    its nice and useful

  338. joyful

    quality material- keeps its shine- easy to clean

    love this pot- plan to get a few more in different sizes- easy to clean-keeps its shine-cooks very evenly!

  339. Steven B.

    Really good product for the price

    I like all the thought and detail that when into designing this sauce pan. The internal measurement guide, the dual spouts and the slotted lid for straining. I also love the glass lid to see inside! The weight is good – not too light and not too heavy. I have a set of All Clad that I use in my home. I purchased this pan for my RV and it has worked VERY nicely. I’ll be ordering more for sure!

  340. Karl Clapper

    great pan

    great features

  341. Kiel Montana

    High quality

    The pan is very high quality and is elegantly made.

  342. MLK

    Very satisfied.

    I use it often and haven’t had a problem with this pan. I love the side pour feature and the clear lid. I wish they made a 12″ frying pan.

  343. Cassidy Simmonds

    sturdy and reliable!

    Love this saucepan. Definitely worth the money.

  344. Ed Spina

    Great pan!

    Very solid feel, nice even heat distribution, heats fast over gas flame, less heat required to cook on. Follow the mfg’s instructions and it’s easy to clean.
    Bought 2.5 qt. sauce pan and 10 inch skillet to replace old Teflon coated pans that were losing their coating. Was worried about food sticking or burning but turned out to be a non issue. Just use much less heat to get started and you won’t burn anything. Yes you do have to use a little butter or coconut oil on the skillet but it does not require much. Will be ordering a few more to replace all my old non stick pots and pans.
    Very pleased.

  345. Ed Spina

    Great pan!

    Very solid feel, nice even heat distribution, heats fast over gas flame, less heat required to cook on. Follow the mfg’s instructions and it’s easy to clean.
    Bought 2.5 qt. sauce pan and 10 inch skillet to replace old Teflon coated pans that were losing their coating. Was worried about food sticking or burning but turned out to be a non issue. Just use much less heat to get started and you won’t burn anything. Yes you do have to use a little butter or coconut oil on the skillet but it does not require much. Will be ordering a few more to replace all my old non stick pots and pans.
    Very pleased.

  346. Efrain Avila Hernandez


    Utilizo este producto para varios cosido ,peguenas porciones carne , papa ex.

  347. jmarie0315

    choose full body tri ply

    I bought this to replace a pan with similar features that was leaking. This pan, however, is far superior to my old one because it has full body tri ply. My old pan had a tri ply bottom only. Water cannot get into the full body tri ply pan because there is no seam. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, handle stays cool. My one wish is for the pour spout to extend out a little so it doesn’t spill. Pouring is the only thing I don’t like about the pan and it’s still so useful I just bought a second. 2.5 quart is the perfect size.
    One person found this helpful

  348. jmarie0315

    choose full body tri ply

    I bought this to replace a pan with similar features that was leaking. This pan, however, is far superior to my old one because it has full body tri ply. My old pan had a tri ply bottom only. Water cannot get into the full body tri ply pan because there is no seam. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, handle stays cool. My one wish is for the pour spout to extend out a little so it doesn’t spill. Pouring is the only thing I don’t like about the pan and it’s still so useful I just bought a second. 2.5 quart is the perfect size.

  349. Miriam Marti

    Good value

    I haven’t used it yet. It is beautiful and definitely is what I expected. I can foresee it will work as good as it feels.

  350. Miriam Marti

    Good value

    I haven’t used it yet. It is beautiful and definitely is what I expected. I can foresee it will work as good as it feels.


    As described. Perfect pot.

    Perfect pot. Well made and great size.

  352. James Bernauer

    Love this stuff!

    This is going to sound crazy but, while we have yet to cook with our new pots, all of us (husband, wife, son) simply love the look and feel and features of this cookware! It’s composition of stainless steel with encased aluminum (exposed aluminum is now a health concern for us) and its features of see-through lids with strainers for pouring is delightful. Hopefully, we will have more to say in the future! Jim Bernauer

  353. E. Pratt


    I really like stainless steel. It works really well, and looks beautiful. The handle gets pretty warm, so you can’t pick it up without a hotpad or something,,,but I think they are all like that. I have other brands that say “stay cool handle”,,but you still need something to pick up a hot pan. But it works really well.

  354. WamFortWorth

    The best sauce pans I have ever bought. PERIOD.

    I have had mine for over a year and it boils down to this: I bought one. It was affordable and I made the choice to move away from “no stick” pans. I had to start somewhere.
    Got it. Loved it. And then bought another.
    These two pans are my “goto” kitchen ware. They are used almost every single day. No cracks or broken lids – which I have dropped more that once – no dents in the pans (which I have dropped several times) … no loose handles or rust from the “let it soak …” days.

    The ONLY negative I have is that I have used both of mine so much the measuring stenciling inside the pot has worn off. *shrugs* Who cares?

    I buy AVACRAFT any time they make it in stainless steel and I need it. And I will continue to do so.
    One person found this helpful

  355. Charles Turk

    Excellent pan

    This is an nice addition to my kitchen. It is has a sturdy build, and has excellent heat distribution. The design of the sides allows for pouring liquids without the risk of messes.

  356. Amanda Torres

    Love it !!!

    Only used it once. Cooked spaghetti. Having the lid on helps heating it up faster. Then put the lid so it vents by the spouts. Keeps it from boiling over. Easy to clean.

  357. steve carnahan

    great saucepan

    very nice well made saucepan works great no problems at all the best one I’ve ever had

  358. Chamberlain

    quality and great price

    This pan is real quality. Probably one of the best pans I now own.

  359. donna c

    Made in USA. The best !

    By far the best pan purchased! Love the rounded edges, see thru glass, cool handles on pan & lid. Easy cleaning.

  360. Runner Mom

    I love these saucepans!!!

    I love these saucepans!!! We’ve recently switched all of our cooking pans & skillets to stainless steel and cast iron. After months of reading saucepan reviews and going to stores to actually handle pans, I just wasn’t finding what I really wanted until I saw Avacraft. They had what I was looking for and more…glass lid, pan size choices & pans that weren’t too light or too heavy. Plus, they have great pour spouts and measurements on the inside. I bought the 2 1/2 quart size first to see how I liked it. I was so happy when it arrived; it was exactly what I had hoped for. I ended up buying one more 2 1/2 quart plus a 1 1/2 quart and a 3 1/2 quart. They heat up quickly so be careful; I’ve had to learn to cook at a lower temperature. I haven’t had any trouble with food sticking and they wash up so easily.

  361. Donna Ward

    Really good cooking with AVACRAFT pots

    AVACRAFT pots have good conductivity on our gas range. Water comes to a boil and the food cooks quickly. The pots clean easily and look terrific on our hanging rack.

  362. Larry Kuttner

    Nice pot!

    I’ve been using this several months now and am quite happy with it. The handle is very nice and easy to grip.

  363. bobbydaniel

    the most comfortable handle.

    Another best thing about this item is the handle: the very stable and comfortable handle I’ve ever seen.

  364. Ivy Fritsche

    Awesome product!

    Great pot! Everything I hoped for. Sturdy and solid.

  365. carole burke

    The size is just what is needed

    I use the pot for cooking the size is just right for many things.

  366. Tabitha Woy

    Heavy Pan

    It is a heavy, solid pan! I received it and went back and purchased another!

  367. Ivylisse

    Well made pot.

    The pot is nice. Looks good and heats up well. Its well made. The handle doesn’t get hot. I’ve out it in the dishwasher and it still looks good.

  368. Biketracker

    Makes pouring boiling water easier without spills.

    I bought this pot because of the pouring spout. I was tired of dumping boiling water around when I was pouring hot water for coffee and other uses. This pot works well. It is used several times per day without any sign of wear or problems.

  369. Linda Ingle

    I would buy these (1.5 and 2.5 qt) again.

    At 70 years old I have used a lot of pot, these are the best!

  370. Janet Kamras

    Sturdy pan with safety features

    Useful pan with multiple safety features and easy to clean. Thanks Avacraft!

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