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Full Body Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

WHOLE BODY TRI-PLY STAINLESS STEEL FRYING PAN: 8 INCH Fry Pan with lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy Pour Spouts on Both Sides.

(46 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Full Body Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

Our double-riveted frying pan with its wide flat base, shatterproof glass lid was specially constructed to evenly distribute heat on all types of cooktops. Pour spouts on both sides accommodate right-handed and left-handed cooks. Perfect for searing steaks, chicken, fish, shrimp or chops.
grip. Perfect for searing steaks, chicken, fish, shrimp or chops.

Frying pan with strong clear glass lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent ugly scratches. Mirror finish outside to look beautiful.

  • 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: Matte finish interior with easy-to-read measurements that prevents scratches and keeps the surface neat.
  • PROFESSIONAL FRYING PAN: Try-ply base eliminates hot spots, spreads heat evenly. 
  • INDUCTION COMPATIBLE: Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen cooktop compatible.
  • Versatile: Sloping sides with pour spouts for preparing eggs, omelette, browning potatoes, searing steaks, chicken, fish, or chops.
  • Best Quality: Made with 18/10 food grade stainless steel which resists rust, stains, cracks.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

We want you to love your product just as much after decades of cooking together as you did on day one,

or we’ll refund or replace your purchase.

46 reviews for Full Body Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid, 8 inch

  1. Rwadi

    The Multi Ply option for this 8″ Skillet is outstanding. Beautifully made. Solid.

    I just received it today. I’d asked AVAcraft what the basic differences were between the Multi Ply and the Tri Ply bottom versions of their cookware. Basically, the Multi Ply versions are constructed so the entire pan is Tri Ply: bottom and sides alike. They heat evenly. The Tri Ply bottom versions have this feature on the bottom: the sides are normal stainless. Both versions are outstanding & heat beautifully but since I cook a lot, I felt the whole pan version best for me. If you have arthritic hands & want the best pan ever, then go with the Tri Ply bottom versions of this cookware as they are a tiny bit lighter. Both are so well designed and feel outstanding. I seasoned the skillet & cooked scrambled eggs and had no issues with sticking. This entire line of cookware, whether you prefer the Tri Ply bottom core or the entire pan Multi Ply version, is made so well that you just simply can’t go wrong. Excellent price point as well.

  2. Steven L Brenner

    Great omelette pan.

    Perfect size for 2 person meals. Arrived as described. I like the pour function. Makes a great omelette skillet pan. I use it on my induction cook surface.

  3. Theodore R. Thomas

    Excellent Frying Pan with Cover

    All of my cookware is tri-ply stainless steel with a layer of aluminum or copper, but my smallest frying pan was 10″ and I wanted something smaller. I have owned this 8″ frying pan for about a month and cooked with it about ten times; mostly for stir frys and pan frying different meats. It heats up quickly and evenly, comparable to my other cookware. I love the side spouts that allow you to drain juice/oil with the cover on. It cleans easily with dish soap and a brush, or in a dishwasher. No rust or corrosion so far. Highly recommended.

  4. greensak

    Nice size and very easy to use

    The pan heated nicely and evenly. My eggs didn’t stick and it was just really easy to lift and use.

  5. Nancy Roach

    Great little pan!

    We are thoroughly enjoying this pan! It is very easy to use, easy to clean, a good weight, and a perfect size for just the two of us. We needed to replace a non-stick coated pan, and wanted to get away from any chemically treated surfaces. This is a perfect solution.

  6. mak

    Heavy duty stainless

    The quality of these pans are excellent……bought these to replace an older cheaper set and wanted a higher quality stainless. These pans are heavy duty stainless and the larger saucepan is perfect for cooking pasta,potatoes, etc…
    Beautiful pans and lids.
    Would highly recommend if looking for quality stainless cookware.

  7. John

    Good deal, great pan

    I’m back to buy a second smaller one, an 8″. I’ve had the 10″ for a year, my first stainless. I was not a skilled cook and my stove is gas, so my first stainless steel pan cooking took some learning. It can be intimidating if you are used to non-stick pans. Everyone is terrified of burning and scorching the pan and making a difficult-to-clean mess. And I did. Quite a few times. But that is how I learned some tricks I’d like to share for other novices with stainless steel pans:

    1. Heat control: For me, I always thought I needed more heat than I did, at least with gas. What most call “medium heat” actually looks fairly low to me. Generally, lower heat seems to win. You just don’t want to have meat on low heat too long or it will dry out and get tough. Likewise, you will often want one level of heat followed by a second setting. You’ll learn to judge this by discovering how much heat you want delivered at what speed for what effect. As they say, once you learn how to cook, you don’t really need recipes as much. For pans, it seems to be about the rate of heat; that is, what intensity and for how long, and many dishes will have two or more heating phases.

    2. Clean up: You just stepped away from your skillet pasta for a minute, came back to stir and discover there’s noodles burnt to the pan; the heat was too high. What do:

    Relax. There’s no need to scrub your fingers raw. Scrubbing such a mess comes down to time, not pressure. You’ll want a newer Scrub pad for harder burns, but theres still no need ti scrub your brains out. If its only minor burning, you can let it set in hot water over night; 2/3s of the loosing work is done for you. For worse burns, you’ll fill the pan with water, boil for a bit, then let it simmer while making sure the pan stays filled. Later, empty and scrub while still warm, or re-warm the water. This is where time, not pressure, and a new scrub pad help.

    This is to help people nervous about switching from no-stick pans, and this is a sturdy, forgiving pan to work with. With a bit of patience, you will never ‘lose’ the pan. I’ve burnt mine silly till it was a charred mess, and after some hot soaking or boiling and a new pad, its never taken me longer than 15 minutes to rescue a scorched mess back to a gleaming shiny pan again, and without scrubbing my fingers raw. Let the hot water, new pad and patience do the work. Mine has endured my clumsiness and ham-fisted learning, and the inside still looks practically new. And once you learn how to deliver heat, the burns eventually stop happening altogether. Repetition, not pressure. And remember to use plain not soapy water in scrub mode, and little at that. You only want it mildly wet when you start scrubbing, not slippery.

    Its a fine pan indeed, and I hope this helps. I now want the smaller one to target heat for small things more efficiently, giving even greater control, now that I’ve learned some finesse, so I can cook small things for one faster with even less clean-up.

  8. beambets

    Just right for us

    This 8” pan is perfect for smaller households like ours now that our kids have moved out. I keep the heat much lower for cooking and it heats evenly. Clean up has been simple whether by hand or in the dishwasher. I do tend to spray with vegetable oil first before cooking. I appreciate the glass cover so I can see how things are coming along – especially when someone wants cheese melted on top of a dish. Looks pretty sharp sitting on the cooktop and feels substantial. A winner!

  9. Sue Greenwood

    Works well on induction stove

    Purchased for my father who has an induction stove that tends to be a bit picky about the type of pan that can be used. Pan works well on the stove. He likes the glass cover. He is adjusting to using a pan that isn’t non-stick.

  10. kchandler

    High quality

    It is hard to find high quality at a reasonable price these days, so I was excited when I realized this pan is both! I will be ordering more.

  11. Wendell W. Croom

    Great replacement for well used frying pan.

    I bought this product to replace a well used and very tired non stick unit of the same size. Upon doing a little “seasoning” I discovered that this product works as well as the 30 year old non stick pan it replaced. I also loved the fact that it came with its own see through lid which enables me to keep track of how well along my food is during the cooking process. After all the cooking is done it cleans up easily and due to its sturdy construction I can get a little rough with it and not worry about scratching off the non stick coating.

  12. Thomas Zelesnik


    Eggs slide off the pan

  13. Nathan Martin

    Really nice frying pan! Perfect for what I needed.

    I bought this and also a pot from AVACRAFT for my office to cook eggs and soups (in pot) etc. Love the lids and the pouring spout on the pot. I love the handle on both the frying pan and the pot. Both are easy to clean and have a very nice finish. Would definitely recommend.

  14. Peggy

    Healthy cooking

    I’m learning to use more olive oil and be sure it’s hot enough before I add the food that needs to be cooked. When that comes together, the food cooks evenly (using natural gas) and the cleanup is a little soak and scrub. I love that there are no PFAS!!

  15. Martha Jean

    Fabulous Pan!

    This is my first order of AVACRAFT; the pan is beautiful. It is not necessary to season it, just place it empty on medium heat, then add whatever oil you are using (I use avocado oil), allow it to heat then add item you are cooking. The pan is substantial in weight but not heavy. This is quality stainless steel with a mirror finish. The cover is not only a bonus but compliments the pan in its beauty. I cooked a sirloin steak beautifully. The pan was also easy to clean. I did order another pan but have not taken that one out of the box; I will review as soon as I use it.

  16. JPK

    A Nice Size for a Small Kitchen

    Cooking with this for dishes that don’t require a large pan is perfect. Any hard to clean residue can be taking care of by soaking in vinegar.

  17. Debra Brown

    Happy cooking…!

    Husband and I are very pleased with these cookware items. AvaCraft will take care of our cooking needs. We both cook and have taken quite a shine to stainless steel cookware. The absolute best for deglazing and making a pan sauce to searing meats…We are happy with our purchase!

  18. Rhodey

    Beautifully made – great results

    This pan is well thought out and beautifully made. I have several stainless steel pans. So I know how to initially ‘season’ them and how to clean them. This pan, like my other stainless steel pans, cleans up beautifully. It looks brand new after every cleaning.

    The heat distribution is perfect and I particularly like that they thought enough to put an air hole in the lid. This keeps the moisture of the item cooked from building up and effectively steaming parts of it. Also, it’s easier to see what you are cooking when you’re not looking through water droplets.

    After using the pan and liking it’s well thought sensibility — I am delighted to realize that yeah, it was designed by a woman and it is her company making the pan. Very Cool.

    If you are looking for a smaller (healthier) stainless steel pan with a lid, you can’t go wrong with this one. Please discover how to properly ‘season’ and clean stainless steel. I’m sure those reviews from people complaining about not being able to clean them – are not cleaning them in the way that suits stainless steel.

  19. Larry Alcorn

    Good product

    I like the pan !! First time use was to sear a steak. Did as expected .

  20. Ivan Valencia

    This is a good product but a little bit expensive

    This is a good product but a little bit expensive

  21. Montana DJ

    great glass lid

    This lid is as I hoped it would be, and as described in the product write-up. It is of excellent quality, and fits my Cuisinart 8″ frying pan perfectly!

  22. Susan Deidrich

    Awesome pan!

    This pan is awesome! Clean up is a breeze. I wish I had know about Avacraft before I bought a whole set of another brand.

  23. Dennis Hillquist

    Excellent quality!!!

    Best at low heat !!!! Otherwise, excellent for cooking.

  24. salman786171

    Top quality product

    Excellent Quality Product!!!

  25. Sheila

    Safe for foods

    Works well and easy to clean

  26. Lucy

    product met expectations

    Size was perfect and easy to use

  27. gary long


    I have not used the pan yet. I don’t have any wooden spoons or spatulas. It is too beautiful to mar with metal utensils!

  28. Candy

    Beautiful Stainless Steel Fry Pan

    For Those Of You That Don’t Know High Quality Cookware .this is Not Your Non Stick That Cracks and Chips .This Stainless Steal Cookware will Last For Years But You Have To Take Care of It . I Use Baking Soda To Clean Mine I Love This Pan and I’m Getting More .Good Bye Non Stick Nasty Pans Hello Stainless Steel .

  29. Gregory S Ramirez

    Outstanding 8 inch frying pan with lid.

    Wow, this 8 inch frying pan is truly amazing easy clean up, heats up quickly you don’t need to cook with high heat unless you’re searing. But overall I give this pan from Avacraft two thumbs up would definitely recommend this product, outstanding. And with a lifetime warranty this product cannot be beat.

  30. Jennifer Valentin

    Good quality

    Good item fast shipping

  31. CJ

    Love this pan!!

    I love this pan!!!! I am getting rid of all my non stick coated pans and sticking with stainless steel! It’s beautiful, love the size and lid. I did season it and am relearning the simple beauty of stainless steel cookware. Will be purchasing other Avacraft pans as soon as possible!! Thanks for a great customer service and product!

  32. Carol G

    All requirements met.

    I love this pan. Just holding it says quality. When you cook a lot heat distribution is key. I love the two pour spouts. I’m right handed and my husband is left handed so it’s perfect for both of us. It cleans up beautifully especially when you heat oil before you put in the food. The handle never gets hot. All in all it’s a pleasure to cook with.

  33. dorka

    really nice pots and pans

    I am happy with my recent purchase. Pot and pan are easy to clean, they look beautiful, handle stay cold and side spouts are awesome features. So far I have no problem. I bought them as a start, to see how my performance will look in a stainless steel pots.

  34. Cecil Arni

    pre heat before you add oil or butter and then add food. it doesn’t stick that way

    I love everything about this pan and have ordered another skillet and 2 pans so far. I like that I can order what and when I want.

  35. Cory Gambi


    Small n comfortable handle with perfect fit lid

  36. MLK

    Great piece. Very satisfied.

    So far this pan seems to do everything it’s advertised to do.

  37. Michael Berg

    well made .lids fit well. very easy to keep clean

    i ordered the saucepan and lid. i liked it so much, i ordered another one in a larger size..

  38. mlsterl59

    The pan is a little heavy for an older person who has had arm problems (weakness).

    This pan is great for cooking and heating up smaller dinners (i.e. leftovers). My only problem with the pan is the weight of the pan. About 10 years ago. I suffered a shoulder injury which has left me with a problem of having to have my husband help me when I am turning the item just cooked onto a plate. I am very independant and I don’t like to have to depend on help for things I used to be able to do.

  39. M Doran

    We love the pan.

    It is what we expected. My family and I love cooking breakfast with it ever since we got it. Thank you.

  40. David D

    Happy customer

    My wife spent weeks deciding on which pots to get. She selected Avacraft and is very happy.

  41. Ynp

    Great pan.

    Happy with the purchase.

  42. Perundevi Srinivasan

    One of the best, or rather, the best

    Very rarely I write reviews. This one is amazing and made me write this. Since a week, I have been using this. So good, holds heat, and most of all, easy to clean.
    Am wondering why I invested in several other pans before.
    One thing: I have been using it for making curries and sauces. I have not used for making omelette yet.

  43. Annie

    Beautiful pan! Easy clean-up. Cooking with it is a joy!

    I ordered this to use with an induction cooktop, and got the 8 inch tri-ply full body. Not only is it gorgeous, it is the most functional pan I’ve ever worked with. I love to make sauces, so having a pour spout on both sides is brilliant! The poor reviews some have given, seems to be because they are unaware of the proper use of stainless steel pans. Always heat to intended temp before adding food! Please, just google the use and care of stainless steel cookware! The clean up is easy, and it has a lot of versatility. The pour spout on each side, a lid, handle stays cool, oven and dishwasher safe, (not that I would put mine in a dishwasher, but you could). I love this pan so much! It’s a good solid pan, distributes heat evenly, the handle stays cool to touch. And, again, it is a gorgeous pan! I intend to next purchase the 12inch pan, and a sauce pan.

  44. Amy Rogers


    Everything about this pan is awesome except that unless I am boiling food in it, the butter or coconut oil that I use burns on the pan leaving a residue that needs to be boiled/scrubbed off. I have followed the manufacturer’s instructions and rarely ever cook above low on my gas stove top. This isn’t much different from any other stainless steel pan, but I was hoping these might be different.
    I won’t return this pan because I like that it is light weight and the handle is long enough to stay away from the flame on my gas burner. It also is always cool to the touch, not requiring a pot holder.

  45. Ramamohan Pai


    After having used it for a few months now, we are happy about the quality. Its thick enough and not too heavy. Heats evenly.

  46. g.m.

    Great for omelettes

    I enjoy using it for making omelettes and reheating small meals. It is easy to clean, I just let it soak with a little liquid dish soap and it’s all shinny again.

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