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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids, Black

18/10 STAINLESS STEEL MIXING BOWLS: The Set comes with 3 mixing bowls with lids; with convenient sizes 1.5 quart bowl with lid, 3 quart bowl with lid and 5 quart bowl with lid. Matte finish inside to prevent the surface from scratches and keep the shiny steel look! Now in two colors, Elegant Black and Beautiful Wine Red!


(402 customer reviews)


Dawn Hutchins
Dawn Hutchins
Durable, beautiful, and healthy everyday pan/stew pot
I recently devoted an entire day to trying to find a pot/pan set that would fit our needs, be durable, beautiful, healthy (I've heard really horrible things about the non-stick) and stumbled across your "AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Tri-Ply Base, Chef’s Pan with Glass Lid, Silicone Coated Ergonomic Loop Handle" that we can also use both on the stove-top and on an induction burner. I tried it out with an induction burner I purchased at the same time and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size to replace a pot with lid and skillet with one streamlined option. I can't wait to get more for the rest of my healthy-cooking-class teachers.
Sturdy, attractive, great value
I was looking for a mid-size sauce pan and ordered this because the price and reviews were good. It is a little smaller than I really wanted but that is because I failed to look at the size of pan that I had to determine what I needed. The pan is sturdy and attractive.
Brittany B
Brittany B
Loving This Pan
I wish that AVACRAFT sold more sizes of this pan because it is amazing! I've found myself looking for sauces and such that I can cook in this. I haven't used the lid very much so far, but I love that it has the option to use it as a strainer. I'll admit that I'm not the best cook and some stuff has burnt/boiled over on my watch, but since the pan is stainless steel instead of non-stick, I've just been able to soak and use steel wool to get rid of everything.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Excellent for cooking!
The main quality these pans have is their sensitivity to heat. They heat quickly (and evenly) so I can control the cooking much more precisely. I have used non-stick cookware for years, and I am transitioning back to stainless steel w/aluminum core. My non-stick cookware heated about the same no matter how high or low I set the stove. Not so these! I actually burned the butter (in less than 8 seconds) the first time I used these. Chagrined over the loss of a little butter, but I am thrilled that the pans are that responsive--I simply wiped out the pans, added more butter and turned the stove way down. They worked perfectly! I look forward to browning chicken in these, and quickly sauteing mushrooms, mirepoix and much more!
Love it, just give it a try!
I have a set of Saladmaster cookware that I’ve used for 23 years so it’s hard to impress me with other pots and pans. That said, I was looking for a smaller pan for omelettes and thought I’d take a chance on this Avacraft 8” and I’m glad I did. It’s not as heavy as my Saladmaster so it cooks things a bit faster, but it cooks evenly and nothing was left to cleanup. Just used a little coconut oil to season it when I got it and it performs like it’s non-stick! The lid is an added bonus. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, Sleek, Nondrip, Multifunctional Carafe
Love the shape and smooth lines of this carafe. SO APPRECIATE the nondrip functionality - of great importance to me (I use these for cooking oils). Great price! Looks fantastic when out on countertop. I will buy more! Thank you!

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids, Black

These nesting metal mixing bowls with matching black silicone lids allow you to measure, mix and store food all in the same bowl. With convenient sizes, 1.5 quart, 3 quart and 5 quart, has a matte finish interior that prevents scratches and keeps the surface looking pristine.

  • Beautiful Design: Ideal to Measure, Mix, Store in same stainless steel mixing bowl.
  • Perfect Nesting: Nesting metal mixing bowls with BPA Free silicone lids for easy storage.
  • Measurement Marks: Easy-to-read measurements in liters and cups.
  • Smart Design: Lids for food freshness, silicone handle for easy grip, non-slip silicone base, spout for no-drip pouring.
  • Best Quality, Durable:Made with 18/10 food grade stainless steel which resists rust, cracks.
  • Feedback: Top rated by customers. AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging, women driven, brand!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every AVACRAFT product is backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% refund.

We want you to love your product just as much after decades of cooking together as you did on day one,

or we’ll refund or replace your purchase.

402 reviews for Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids, Black

  1. yellowhaze

    I really like the fact that the bottom is non slip It …

    I just received them in the mail on Sunday. I really like the fact that the bottom is non slip It really prevents the bowl from spinning around. The lids are super-convenient.
    They’re extremely versatile, I’ve already used them to make yogurt, mix a salad and to just use them as storage in the fridge.

  2. Rajpat

    I love this. A must have for your kitchen!

    Ordered this set as it had lids thinking I could not only make salads and pancake batter but also refrigerate them. And I was right! There are many features I really like about this set. They are pre marked, have anti slid bottoms and a nice handle.The material of the handle and lids are of good quality material and not the cheap breakaway material.The lids have rings (not sure what to call them)on the side that lets them fit nice and snug unto the bowl.The steel is of very high quality. They are sturdy and have a nice shine. They are perfect for serving as well. Now I don’t have to transfer them to another bowl for serving. Overall, I love this set!! Will definitely be ordering one this holiday season.

  3. Gary B

    Very nice bowls

    I am a rookie when it comes to mixing anything. I just started making waffles and these bowls work out great. I can prepare the mix, cover it with the lid and then use it each day from the bowl. When the bowl is empty just a quick wash and begin again. I like simple and these bowls, with the non slip bottoms make it simple.”

  4. MucoolB

    Nice mixing bowls with some thoughtful features

    Posting a review on behalf of my wife…I got my Avacraft stainless steel mixing bowls and I must say I’m very happy with it. I like that they are not very heavy like the glass and ceramic bowls and are much easier to handle and to clean. The silicon bottom makes mixing easy without sliding the bowls off the counter. I love that it comes with lids, I can marinate or make my dough and store it in the refrigerator. Also, it has measurement etched inside, making it easy to measure whatever you are mixing. If you are looking for some great looking and sturdy mixing bowls, these fit the bill!

  5. maria sawczuk

    and sometimes painful to hold a mixing bowl with my left hand

    These bowls are an answer to my prayers! I am right handed but have carpal tunnel in my left hand so it has been very difficult , and sometimes painful to hold a mixing bowl with my left hand, especially the heavy ones. Even washing it was a problem. These bowls have a big deep handle, a pour spout and silicone base so they don’t slide, and they come with tight-fitting lids. It’s a nice bonus that the insides are marked for various measurements.

  6. Vaibhav

    Five Stars

    Awesome product right size bowls can be used for multiple purposes.

  7. err zabel

    Best out there

    Love that these bowls won’t rust because they are 88/10 stainless, plus the lids are BPA-free and very durable! Easy transport of food to parties, and easy storage in the fridge.

  8. Il Duce Moto

    Worth every penny

    Beautiful bowls, reasonable price, exceptional value.

  9. B. L. Rucks

    Solidly made mixing bowls.

    Very well made. Quality is in the product. Should be functional for many years. Lids are very useful for storing food.

  10. Lana R

    Great bowls

    These bowls are a high quality stainless steel. The handles do not transfer heat and the lids have a good seal and are made of a good heavy plastic. The sizes meet my needs and I love the measuring details on the inside of the bowls.

  11. Jess

    Great bowls to invest in 🙂

    Love these bowls! I upgraded from plastic bowls to these with the lids for convenience of not having to transfer to other containers. The lids fit perfectly. I am sort of training myself to no more sliding around and holding the handle while mixing but I’m sure once I have done it enough times it will be more appreciated.

  12. Ellie Dowdle

    Love these bowls!

    These bowls are great in every way! Love the lids too!!

  13. Nancy K. Behrens

    sturdy, and are the perfect sizes

    Well made, sturdy, and are the perfect sizes!

  14. Kathleen Kipp

    Good quality.

    Bought as a gift. Looks to be of very good quality.

  15. Taraji gabriels

    Very pleased with the Avacraft stainless mixing bowl set I purchased

    Very pleased with the Avacraft stainless mixing bowl set I purchased. I am pleased with the handles that you can hold onto as to as you mix. The rubber bottoms help keep it secure as you mix ingredients unlike the set I had without that. The size of the bowls are amenable to most recipes you are making. The large bowl is nice for those recipes with many ingredients. They wash up very well in the dishwasher. Overall very good purchase.

  16. Sandra T Ferns

    Excellent Product… Go for it!!!

    “truly high quality than my last bowls that claimed to be 18/10 steel. Worth every penny.
    Excellent material, very good handle and lids. I like the fact that they are not shiny inside, avoids scratches. Will buy again for gifting.”

  17. RB

    Great product.

    Excellent product. Love the sizes and the measurement markings on the inside.

  18. Bill Burt

    Five Stars

    Very nice product.

  19. Pat

    best set of all

    Perfect in every way. They stack and store easily as well.

  20. MVSunshine

    Perfect set of bowls

    Excellent quality, useful sizes, helpful handles and covers. Great price value and arrived quickly.

  21. Kenneth Cromartie

    Great mixing bowls with style!

    Love the look but especially the nonslip bottoms. Having a lid is also great when after mixing something, it needs to rest.

  22. WM

    Love these bowls

    I orderd the 3 bowl set last week and I am extremely pleased with them. The handle has a nice design and allows me to easily hold the bowls for pouring. I now do more cooking in my semi-retirement and wanted to replace the plastic mixing bowls because of how they can stain and because you never really know how safe the plastic material really is (I am a chemical engineer and worked in the plastic resin industry.) The nonslip base has a nice “feel” when using the bowls. (I also bought a set of Pyrex bowls so that I would have bowls that can go into the microwave oven.)

  23. Tom

    They are sturdy. I like the rubber grip on the handles …

    These came quick & reasonably priced. They are sturdy. I like the rubber grip on the handles & I really like the rubber grip on the bottom of the bowls as it keeps them from sliding across the counter when I’m trying to stir. They have a pour spout for convenient use. The other thing I really, really like is the still nest even with the plastic lids attached to each bowl. I’ve had others in the past that nest until you put the lid on then they don’t fit & need to store lids seperately.

  24. pure love

    Five Stars

    Beautiful and sturdy. Great buy!

  25. gingergal

    They will bowl you over

    These sturdy bowls are engineered for the cook. They include features which make them very useful: the handles are comfortable, the nonskid bottoms make it easy to beat, fold, and stir, and the spout is a great batter conduit. They also nest for easy and compact storage. I am very pleased with these bowls.

  26. Kamber

    Five Stars

    They are excellent quality.

  27. teddy anderson

    Perfect set of SS bowls.

    Great set of mixing bowls for household use. Love the silicone handles and the graduated markings inside. Lids fit very snug. Arrived quickly with great packaging.

  28. D.

    Great quality and product.

    Great quality and most definitely built to last. Not only are they going to last for the long haul, but they are going to look great doing it. The stainless steel looks fantastic along with being easy to clean. Definitely recommend this product.

  29. dullahan

    Love these bowls

    Love these bowls, from the day I received them I use constantly. Light and easy to use, cleans up effortlessly, just love em.

  30. YR


    Very fast shipping! very good product! I am very happy about these items and about their customer service .

  31. karen j. gray

    Five Stars

    I like these bowls and don’t scoot around the marble counter. Love them!

  32. Trinity

    These are fantastic and tough

    These are fantastic and tough. I just wish I had more so I didn’t have to clean them as often.

  33. Bonnie


    Thank you, the mixing bowels exceeded my expectations. They are a great weight, the lids fit tight and they were delivered promptly. I would highly recommend the company and their product.

  34. art streppa

    I am disappointed the covers are cheap and inflexible

    I am disappointed the covers are cheap and inflexible. The bodies and bottom non-slip work well but I believe over a short period of time the covers will crack. Also I do not like the handles at all too short and cheap.

  35. MickiD

    These arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I really like the weight of these …

    These arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I really like the weight of these – they’re not too heavy and the handles are comfortable to grip. The inside of the bowls are brushed steel which I think show less scratches than those with stainless steel interiors. Most of all, I love how the lids are airtight but not difficult to place or remove. I use these bowls primarily for mixtures I need to store in the fridge such as those that need to set or marinate. I also bought the Vollrath 3-pc Mixing Bowl Set, Stainless Steel, (1-1/2, 3, 5-Qt) – which I love for everyday food prep.

    These cost a little more than the other mixing bowl sets but I think I made the right choice so far.

  36. Kindle Customer

    Excellent bowls!

    Excellent bowls, lids fit nicely. We have had them for only a few days, but they have already been very useful.

  37. Bonnie

    Five Stars

    Beautiful product well manufactured

  38. ivanna teng

    One happy cook

    I was looking for a lightweight but sturdy stainless steel mixing bowl set and found this set with the lids. Very pleased, like the nonskid bottoms and the handle works well with my arthritic hands. Having the measurements inside is an additional plus. Wish I had these years ago. I would buy these for gifts because once you use them anyone would be thrilled to have them.

  39. georgina miles

    Five Stars

    Great product, nicely made, more than hoped for.

  40. mary k

    Five Stars


  41. Ysmael

    Nice bowls!

    Nice quality, sizes, rubberized bottoms and handles, inside measurement marks, pour spouts and snug lids! What’s not to like about these bowls! Awesome!

  42. Phyliss German

    Five Stars

    Great quality and value!! Super easy to handle!

  43. Fantina E.

    Avacraft Review

    I’ve written this review before and I will say it again. I am very pleased with the product. It is everything I wanted it to be

  44. Kelly

    The bowls are awesome. I ordered them for my Mom as a …

    The bowls are awesome. I ordered them for my Mom as a gift – she loves them. My brother really liked them so I ordered another set for him for his Birthday

  45. Ernie9

    Great purchase!

    Exactly what I wanted. Quality stainless bowls, silicone bottoms and handles, with covers. Thanks!

  46. hamilton

    Four Stars

    Like the non slip.

  47. Monette

    but I think I will be very useful. Thank you

    I received my order perfectly. I have not yet used, but I think I will be very useful. Thank you. That was really helpful!

  48. Lawman 910

    Excellent Buy

    Better than expected, well constructed and the lids fits well. Like the rubber bottom that prevents slippage. Would recommend and definitely buy again.

  49. Boris R

    Awesome mixing bowls!

    Thanksgiving prep allowed me to use the mixing bowls extensively today. The comfortable handles and non-skid bottoms were wonderful!! I just love my new bowls! The big bonus Is a lid for each bowl.

  50. Lara

    … thanksgiving I was moving fast and the bowls perform like a champ they stay were I put them they …

    I was cooking for thanksgiving I was moving fast and the bowls perform like a champ they stay were I put them they clean well and were ready for the next task just love these bowls

  51. kipper

    Met my expectations!

    They are exactly what I needed and expected!

  52. brenton dill

    Five Stars

    Love them!!

  53. Lulu

    Five Stars

    I liked them, good quality and size. Wish had red color on lids and bottom.

  54. brittany mccali

    Five Stars

    Expectations met

  55. Charmaine P.

    I look forward to putting this product to good use.

    I ordered 2 sets, one for my daughter-in-law and myself. I was impressed how quickly I received the items. After examining the bowls, the 18/10 SS, very high quality as advertised. The lids fit tightly, and the Non-Slip Silicone bottoms prevent the bowls from sliding. I look forward to putting this product to good use.

  56. Eva Dewey

    Five Stars

    Very happy so far. Thank you!

  57. lebby

    Five Stars

    Exactly what I wanted. Worth the price.

  58. Taylor chereney

    Good things come in little packages!

    From the small picture and no reviews at the time I decided to give these mixing bowls a chance. We absolutely love them!
    They have a slip resistant bottom so when you are mixing eggs the bowls stay in place, plus they have a handle and a tight fitting lid. I’m really happy that I bought these bowls!

  59. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Awesome very nice,practical,highly recommend

  60. Rena

    Perfect bowls

    Looked long and hard for the perfect mixing bowls and these are it! Couldn’t be more pleased.

  61. ic

    I like that the bowls have measurement markings and that they …

    The product arrived quickly. I like that the bowls have measurement markings and that they won’t stain.

  62. Helena

    Good value, nice bowls!


  63. Dulcinea El Toboso

    *UPDATED REVIEW*Great feel to these bowls- the handle is comfortable

    Great feel to these bowls- the handle is comfortable, they don’t move on the counter. Nice sizes – would like a larger one, too! The covers are nice, too.
    **UPDATE** NOV 2018
    A year later, and these are still the mixing bowls I reach for everyday. They work great and have a good “feel”- there’s something about the handle and the wide bottom that makes these easy to use. The black portions have been through the dishwasher countless times and have not turned color nor peeled. Three thumbs up-

  64. SS

    Mixing bowls

    Size and quality are great but a bit disappointed that it is not as non slip as it is supposed to be.

  65. corrierob1

    Seems to be very nice mixing bowls

    Seems to be very nice mixing bowls. I like the non slip bottoms and handle to hold on to. Thx again.

  66. Bob

    the handles are shaped in such a way that they are very easy to use

    This set combines the three features that I wanted: (1) non-slip bottoms, (2) pouring spouts, and (3) covers. It was hard to find a set that included all of those features. In addition, the handles are shaped in such a way that they are very easy to use, both for me (large hands) and for my wife (small hands). I’ve used the bowls only a few times, but they are sturdy, the covers fit well, and they stack nicely. Really, what else could you ask for?

  67. Matilda burlough

    Five Stars February 7, 2017

    Exceeded expectations easy to handle and very well made

  68. Shell L. Zappettini

    Great Product and Great Value

    I am more than happy with my new mixing bowls. won’t scratch my counters and have lids to boot. Get value and I recommend these to others, in fact I am going to buy them for my daughter.

  69. CLO

    Love them!!!

    These are perfect! Quality, size, shape, lids and price! I wish I had them decades ago!

  70. Alister

    Five Stars

    Great product. We liked it.

  71. JDB

    Five Stars

    Absolutely love these!

  72. sleeper

    Five Stars

    Love the handle and the non skid bottoms. Seal tight and easy to store

  73. Jim

    I haven’t used them yet…. I …

    I haven’t used them yet….I didn’t think the large would be that large….my stand mixer bowl was the size I was looking for I’ll rate the bowls after using them

  74. Paula Matson

    Five Stars

    These are excellent stainless. Bottom and lids are helpful with slippage and covering for frig. Good job.

  75. Lyra

    Nice set.

    Just as advertised. Nice set.

  76. denise

    excellent kitchen mixing must have

    these are quality mixing bowls. We enjoy using them often. the silicone bottom is great for holding the bowl still while hand mixing or scooping. Thanks for making such quality bowls

  77. anne

    Great purchase for a busy kitchen

    Just exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed them. The base keeps the bowlrom slipping, the measurement gauge is useful, and the matching cover makes the set perfect.

  78. tattgirl

    Love these.

    Love these. I don’t have a ton of cupboard/pantry space, so like the nesting feature. I haven’t tried the lids, yet.

  79. Nui Nalu

    Love these with covers

    This are really handy and versatile. The list of what we do with these goes on forever. Easy to clean. Easy to store.

  80. Chef extraordinaire

    Sturdy bowls that wash beautifully in the dishwasher or by …

    Sturdy bowls that wash beautifully in the dishwasher or by hand. The lids fit tight and I washed the lids in the bottom rack of my dishwasher and they came out perfect and not warped. The bowls have an excellent shape and size. No complaints.

  81. Rebecca

    Five Stars

    Great quality at a great price!

  82. visitor JT

    Looking for EXACTLY this

    Perfect sizes & love the spout & stainless steel.

  83. Heidi

    Nice bowls!

    I really like these bowls – very sturdy – and they don’t slide around. The kids fit tightly, and I haven’t had any leaks.

  84. Sharon Hodson

    these bowls seem quite sturdy and the are easy to pick up and pour

    While not quite as heavy as some, these bowls seem quite sturdy and the are easy to pick up and pour. I used a hand mixer in the large bowl and the interior was not marked. I love that they nest and have lids.

  85. Alaina K.


    Great set – works great and is exactly as described…would buy again!

  86. Brenda

    Four Stars

    I love this mixing bowl set – great purchase – I’m very satisfied! The quality is very good!

  87. JP Suwanee

    JP Suwanee, GA

    Great Quality, very well made

  88. tvier

    Five Stars

    Great purchase, Well described and delivered quickly!

  89. carbonated

    Good looking!

    Love them. I like their finish, their size, and their lids. Too soon to know if they will show signs of rust

  90. GONGYI G.

    The design and material using are great. The reason I take out one star is …

    The design and material using are great. The reason I take out one star is because of the product finish. The inside of bowl is very rough, you can feel lots of tiny particle. It’s like just out of the machine without secondary polish. BTW the small bowl don’t have that problem, only middle and big one have.

  91. Sandra M. Wakefield

    I love them! Quick shipping too

    I love them ! Quick shipping too. Thank you!

  92. Anonymous

    Five Stars

    They are wonderful!

  93. Furry Mama

    Great quality!

    Perfect grip, real stainless! Lids fit perfectly.

  94. philip sturgill

    Bowls are very nice, they don’t slip and the spout and handles …

    Bowls are very nice, they don’t slip and the spout and handles are great. The smaller bowl arrived with the handle unattached. I have yet to see how the company will correct this issue. But the bowels are great

  95. Rosemarie Archuleta

    I like it, rubber in the bottom so doesn’t slide …

    I like it , rubber in the bottom so doesn’t slide easy to grip . It’s wonderful I want to buy more

  96. Charlene K.

    Five Stars

    Just what I needed.

  97. Walter E. Elnetzke

    The non skid bottom are great. Love it

    The 3 piece Bowl is commercial grade,The handle,the pouring feature,The non skid bottom are great.Love it

  98. Rebecca Leslie

    Five Stars

    Great size. Easy to handle and clean. Lids fit on tightly.

  99. Anja

    Five Stars

    I like it very much ,easy to maintain and very handful set

  100. Dan S

    Great product!

    Great construction, lids fit well. If you haven’t noticed, they have graduated measurement markings on the inside.

  101. pbrouse

    Sturdy Bowls

    Pleasantly surprised how sturdy these bowls are. I especially like the handles.

  102. Mom of many

    So far so good!

    Nice weight, looks great and is dishwasher safe…love them so far!

  103. Dee Alexander

    Five Stars

    The brode was very happy to receive this

  104. verni

    Great set!

    I bought these nesting bowls to replace a non-metallic set I had that was chipped and worn out. These are great, I love the handle, the measuring lines inside, the lids and they take up less space than my old set!

  105. Listar

    Five Stars

    These bowls are awesome and have a lids with them are great!

  106. Shadow15


    More useful than I could have imagined! The large size is perfect for vegetables as you chop. The lids are so handy too.

  107. 206area

    Just awesome!

    Love these! Easy to clean. Love that you can cover it and store it. Also , love the handles & the non slip grip at bottom of bowl!

  108. Leif Mangelsen

    Excellent bowl set!

    Really nice. No where else can you find stainless steel mixing bowls with pour spouts, handles and lids. Silicone bottoms are a great feature.

  109. Kadin

    MY best set of mixing bowls at a great price!

    Just started using these mixing bowls today. This is a very nice set, not too heavy, yet has a solid feel. Best part is that it has a handle which makes it very convenient to mix and pour.

  110. trish

    Definitely recommend buying these.

    These are Great!!! I love the handles and they make it so easy to use.

  111. Bruce B

    Four Stars

    Looks good. Have not used as they are s a Christmas gift for a family member

  112. Jackie Witzel


    It was a gift.

  113. Nick Ko

    One Star

    There are only two bowls in the box.

  114. Venky

    Five Stars

    Very good quality Mixing Bowls, Will come for long time. Happy with quality and service.

  115. Gino

    Five Stars

    Good quality products and prompt delivery. Will buy again!

  116. Junior Noel

    Five Stars

    Awesome product

  117. J M.

    Super Bowls!

    I absolutely love these bowls. I love the sizes, the non-skid bottoms, the measurements inside, the handles, the spouts and the covers. I am not disappointed. Thank you!

  118. Martha S.

    Five Stars

    Nice weight, good sizes, arrived very quickly!

  119. Heather

    Five Stars

    Bowls are awesome! Very pleased!

  120. jo

    Love them.

    There great . Handle and lids with the rubber bottom and pour spots thank you so much.

  121. Laughn

    Great bowls, measurements are handy

    Great bowls, measurements are handy. Lids fit tightly. Non slip base works well. Handle and spout allow for easy pour.

  122. MP

    Four Stars

    They are really nice but the inside is not very smooth,

  123. R H. and L. Finch

    Love these bowls

    Love these bowls. Silicon bottoms are non slide; handles are easy grip when pouring; inside bowl measurements let you know exact ingredient measurements. Great buy. Would buy again.

  124. Lash

    Five Stars

    Very nice heavyweight stainless. I love the no slip grip on the bottoms.

  125. Walter Harvey

    Five Stars

    Perfect, just what I was looking for and a great price

  126. mimi


    I think these are well made and i think they will suit my purposes really well. I gave a 4 stsr because i havent actually usrd them yet. When i do….i will update mu review.

  127. Elizabeth Bowlin

    Five Stars

    Love it..!!.. small enough for my usage

  128. I Hunter

    These bowls are perfect!

    This is a great set of bowls; non slip bottoms, handles that are easy to grip and lids.

  129. Murphy Brown

    Five Stars

    Awesome, love them!

  130. Fleur

    Great value

    These stack nicely and appear to be good quality. Can’t wait to use them.

  131. Amy C.

    Very nice quality!

    Would buy again! Very nice quality!

  132. Deborah J Berthiaume

    Second set

    I love theses! So well made . This is my second set. I like them so much , I decided I needed one set for camper one for house. Quality is great

  133. drumore girl

    Packaged nice & received in short time

    Packaged nice & received in short time. This is a Christmas gift so I can’t say how they work ! They looked nice & sturdy though.

  134. pb

    Five Stars

    Nice quality and features with this set.

  135. Duncan

    goood bowls best ive

    Yes, goood bowls best ive seen

  136. teresa

    like the handles

    Found the mixing bowls as advertised. No complaints, like the handles, non skid bottoms and lids. Clean well in the dishwasher. I’m very happy to recommend these bowls

  137. harrison j gruschus

    Thumbs up

    These bowls are superior. With handles and no-skid bottoms, they really work well and the lids, too. Very nice.

  138. carolyn pennington

    Five Stars

    My daughter really liked these !!!!

  139. Butch McCoy

    Excellent product. Sturdy

    Excellent product. Sturdy, look good, with a great non skid bottoms. And, as a bonus, they have measuring marks inside. Very happy. Exactly what I wanted.

  140. Mohammed

    Five Stars

    It’s really good

  141. Susan Pue

    Five Stars

    Great bowl set easy to grip and non skid

  142. PatR

    While I like the product overall

    While I like the product overall ,and it was delivered quickly and as described, I’m a bit disappointed that after only 3 uses and hand washes (not even dishwasher) one of the bowls began to chip on the outer edge. It would be a 5 star for me otherwise.

  143. Judith Smith

    Five Stars

    Love the rubber grip on the bottom, which avoids slipping and the pour spout on each bowl isvery useful.

  144. Drew

    Looks and feels like a well built product

    Looks and feels like a well built product. Didn’t give five stars only because I didn’t use them yet. Will update review once I do.

  145. Phillip

    Five Stars

    I like them, would recommend these bowls to anyone

  146. floridasue

    Five Stars

    Good sized and love the lids

  147. Joe

    Five Stars

    This was a gift.

  148. Roberta

    Love these!

    These bowls stack into each other – saves a lot of space; perfect for baking; do not “walk”; and even have covers! Great product!

  149. Macky

    Very pleased, so glad I bought these

    Very pleased, so glad I bought these. I love the handle on the mixing bowls, easy to pour with the handle. They stay put when mixing.

  150. Swanlady46

    Fantastic bowls

    Handles on bowls are great. I got rid of all my glass bowls and use these instead.

  151. Kurtis

    Five Stars

    I love these mixing bowls. They are excellent quality. I especially like the rubber grips on bottom.

  152. Jomma

    Great Quality

    This was a gift. The recipient says they are excellent.

  153. pay as you go is better

    Paid extra just for the lid covers

    I have upgraded my mixing bowls with these magnificent #%$&@!

    I had a similar mixing bowls in my wish list; however, when I saw these, this product changed that. I paid an extra four dollars to have included lids but it was worth it. No more plastic wrap for me. Only lids.

  154. David Wimbush

    Five Stars

    nice mixing bowls

  155. Phil

    Ok I guess

    Seem ok not sure if they are 18/10 or not. But not as thick as I expected. I will see how they hold up in the long run.

  156. Wonderwoman

    Great quality

    Great quality

  157. Nina

    Four Stars

    Nice size bowls and love they have lids.

  158. Norma Pagan

    The slid proof bottoms are awesome.

    They really do not have handles and the lids are hard to take off. This makes it tricky when you have a bowl full of something. The slid proof bottoms are awesome.

  159. creig jones

    Four Stars

    Pouring spout could be larger and deeper.

  160. Julie

    Gr8 quality!

    Bought as a gift for my hubby n he loves preping with them, gr8 for storage as well the lids fit airtight! Love the measurements inside!

  161. Melanie

    So glad I purchased

    Lids are air tight. I use them daily. So glad I purchased.

  162. Ms.Boops

    Five Stars

    Great Product.

  163. LM


    Just what I needed

  164. Diana

    Five Stars


  165. Michael

    Five Stars

    as expected

  166. Happy Reader

    Five Stars

    Great quality. I love the non-skid bottoms as I’m using them with a hand mixer.

  167. MP

    Great looking and nice quality bowls.

    Excellent quality. Easy to hold and mix with.

  168. Christopher Levy

    When you pour from them the product gets into the seam and it’s just not easy to clean up

    These bowls rock. Couple things though… I wish they hadn’t made these with a rolled seam at the edge. When you pour from them the product gets into the seam and it’s just not easy to clean up. Don’t put these in the dishwasher either as they will lose their shine.

  169. VR

    Very high quality

    Very high quality, the best I’ve seen. I’m very satisfied with the product, would happily order a set again if I need to.

  170. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars

    just what I ordered

  171. Nathan

    Great bowls!!

    Updated review. Seller made it right with me! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you

  172. PPerk

    Stainless steel mixing bowls

    I bought this for a Christmas present. Yes, I’m getting an early start. Since I haven’t used them I can’t speak on their quality but they look very nice and seem to be very good quality. If my sister likes them I’ll order another set for a friend.

  173. Princess

    great sizes and the lids are great

    Exactly what I wanted, great sizes and the lids are great.

  174. Cindy Joy

    Five Stars

    Wonderful! The bowls are better than they look! Nice size. Nice grips!!

  175. L. Barrett

    Five Stars

    easy to clean and store; works great – very happy with product

  176. Kenneth Aaron

    Five Stars

    Love these

  177. Beth NMI

    Easy to hold and use!

    I have great difficulty with strength and pain in my hands. The handle on these bowls make it easy to use. I can hold then is several different ways. They are not too heavy, and I love the fact that there are measurements inside each bowl. They nestle very well and having lids for them is an added bonus.

  178. Martin

    Great price for 18/10 stainless steel!

    The bowls are gorgeous!!!! I love the non skid base of the bowls and the sizes are perfect. I replaced my plastic bowls for these and I don’t regret the decision.

  179. Martin

    Great price for 18/10 stainless steel!

    The bowls are gorgeous!!!! I love the non skid base of the bowls and the sizes are perfect. I replaced my plastic bowls for these and I don’t regret the decision.

  180. daytongrandpa

    Exactly as advertised

    They came nicely boxed and arrived on time. So far they work great and the lids fit nicely with just having to push down in the middle of the lid. They look very well made and the handle is a nice touch.

  181. Libbie

    Five Stars

    Quality mixing bowls.

  182. Catherine Healy

    Lids fit perfectly!!

    Love these bowls so far. Lids fit perfectly and stay on!! I had just returned a set – I bought an expensive “Artisan” set at BBB for twice the price – made in China and of course the lids didn’t fit. Not sure how they’ll hold up in the dishwasher, and I honestly wish the largest bowl was a little deeper for mixing w an electric mixer, but overall the best product I’ve seen out there, and awesome price!

  183. Bay

    excellent quality bowel

    excellent quality bowel. I’ll update this i they fall apart in a month or to, but i just got them and the bowls look wonderful.. and they have measurements inside .. Really cool they have lids which will help save the environment by reducing the need for plastic wrap i guess.. Either way- great bowls.

  184. doctorsyd


    Ok but scratch easily

  185. Susanelizabeth

    Excellent quality

    Love the product.

  186. SkipRef

    Great mixing bowls

    These bowls were just what I was looking for. The non slip bottoms do the job.

  187. Jacqui C

    Avacraft mixing bowls

    Bowls arrived promptly. They are very well constructed and attractive enough to display on kitchen counter. Handles are a bit awkward thus the 4 star rating…if they were a bit wider the bowls would rate a 5.

  188. Kay Hunley

    Excellent purchase.

    These bowls exceed my expectations. They are beautiful, light weight, full capacity, quality bowls. I love the handles. I have been having trouble pouring from my old glass bowls and these handles handily handle the problem. The base is especially nice as well. Very good buy.

  189. Movie Addict

    Avacraft 18/10 Xgzinldx Steel Mixing Bowls

    Excellent quality! Love them!

  190. M.V.

    Great sizes and excellent quality.

    I love the large bowl for mashed potatoes. We whip them in the bowl and throw the cover on to store them in the fridge. Excellent for whipping since the bottom sticks to my granite counters and the handle never gets hot. Great buy and would recommend.

  191. Linda Day

    Excellent product!

    The bowls are exactly as described. They are high-quality. I like everything about them, their weight, the tight fitting lids, the measurements on the inside of the bowls, and especially the handles and pour spouts. I got these for use on our boat because they are multifunctional and don’t take up too much room. Because of their quality I’m going to get a set for my house.

  192. Jim Coulson

    Better Than Puck’s!

    The handles on the mixing bowls are great and the silicone bottoms keep the bowls from slipping all over the counter. Also, the lids fit very tight on the bowls, and are a much stronger material than the lids on “Puck’s” mixing bowls that own too; however, they’re heading to the Salvation Army donation box.

  193. Andrej

    Easy to clean

    Good bowls so far.

  194. Eileen R.

    Nice Bowls

    Nice bowls for a good price. Initially, medium and large bowls rocked and did not sit flush on a flat surface. I applied gentle pressure while pushing down and they ‘popped’ flat. Bottoms must have become convex during manufacturing process perhaps when non slip material was applied. Very happy that I was able to fix. Love the handles.

  195. Rihcrdaks

    The rubberized bottoms are awesome

    Really like these stainless steel mixing bowls. I like that they are deep and have covers. I also really like the rubberized bottoms – to grip the counter top!

  196. Craig Potter

    Great Set of Mixing Bowls

    Nice Bowls!

  197. Sasha Arenas

    Great mixing bowls

    These bowls are great. The handler is great and the rubber bottom makes them safe to use

  198. Vivian

    Great purchase

    Love them

  199. Nancy Jones

    Just what I needed

    Sizes are perfect for my mixing needs. Did well in the dishwasher. Stainless appears to be high quality.

  200. mkharmon

    Exactly what we were looking for.

    I love the non slip base and the measurements printed on the inside of the bowls is awesome. Very though out design and I am very pleased with the product. I would recommend.

  201. Binderless in Seattle

    Love these!

    Very good quality bowls. If you bake or cook frequently, you’ll be happy with these.

  202. eroars

    kitchen staple

    I was looking to replace some plastic nested mixing bowls with lids…very hard to find, so settled on these stainless ones. VERY happy I did! These store away perfectly, have a good sturdy bottom and handle and the lids are air tight. Won’t retain stains or odors. Highly recommend.

  203. Randall

    Love them

    We love them. Bowls and lids have been through the dishwasher about 20 times, and they still look brand new. Lids fit great.

  204. Jo E

    quality and well made

    Being a retired culinary professional ( executive pastry chef), I demand professional quality kitchen items. I recently moved and a kitchen box was lost; it contained my stainless steel mixing bowls which I had to replace. I could not have chosen better! And it is a woman dominate company ( I was unaware of this when I made my purchase), so I am super happy to support women in any capacity! Would definitely recommend.

  205. Joey

    I didn’t want to add a headline

    Haven’t used them yet but this is exactly what I was looking for. They feel sturdy.

  206. Isabella2012

    Great set!

    Great, sturdy bowls. Always have them in use and wash the in the dishwasher. Holding up well!

  207. Brandi E Mayer

    High quality and great value the cost!

    These bowls have exceeded our expectations on quality. We have been looking for mixing bowls with lids, rubber bottoms and pour spouts to replace some we received as a wedding gift. The handles are just icing on the cake (and rubber coated as well!). Worth the cost and better than I have found in several attempts.

  208. Always shopping

    Love these

    The handles make it easy to hold the bowl while pouring and scraping the bowl clean. Just the right weight and the silicone bottom is a great feature.

  209. Wayne McMahen

    Great looking mixing bowls

    Only had for short time. Seems great so far

  210. C McNulty

    All the important features

    Everything about them is perfect.

  211. Solace K. Southwick

    Excellent bowls

    This design beautifully addresses two problems with mixing bowls– their stability and the ease of pouring their content. Highly recommend.

  212. TX Girl

    Easy to hold and use.

    Finally found mixing bowls that have everything I wanted!

  213. Janine L.

    Should have ordered a larger set.

    Orderd these without paying close attention to sizes. I just wish they were a bit larger. I would like a large bowl instead of the smallest one. My fault for not paying close attention. I may order a larger one to go with set. I like the lids I think they will last a long time. I like at measurements on the inside and that they are not shiny so won’t show wear.

  214. Amazon Customer

    Great bowl set
    This bowl set is what I had been looking for. It is sturdy, easy to hold and it grips to the table when it is being used.
    All of the reviews are correct — This is a quality product.

  215. Christine H.

    Bought as a gift
    We bought this as a gift for our daughter for Christmas. She has not opened it yet,
    I bought it because if the thickness of the bowls and the look.

  216. Nancy Jacques

    They look like a good product!
    They look like they are very nice! They are a Christmas gift so have not been used yet!

  217. The Gathering Place

    My review
    This was purchased as a gift for my daughter-in-law, who specifically asked for your bowls. I haven’t opened them yet but am sure that they will be great. Good luck with your company.

  218. holly b

    Please buy these ☺
    Exactly what I needed – high quality NOT PLASTIC bowls with nonslip bottoms, pouring lips, and helper handles – so good! Plus excellent customer service and company owner Asha great – and a coupon for future purchases – support small businesses!

  219. j p k

    Good product
    Only used once, but seem good/ functional. Would have liked them a little heavier, but that’s my choice not a fault of product.

  220. RG

    Love it!
    Excellent product. Highly recommended. I use them every day!

  221. E0316

    Great bowls with slip resistant bottom
    These have a non slip bottom and a handle to hold with one hand while stirring with the other. I use them all of the time. They are easy to clean up, in the dishwasher, and the lids are perfect. The price is great and they feel sturdy, not flimsy. I’m going to buy more to give as a gift.

  222. jmc

    Great quality, checked off multiple requirements for me!
    Love these bowls, they nest -fit easily in my cupboard, they have a handle to hold onto while mixing, serving, etc. and they have lids – perfect for keeping dough, or just for storing! Trying to get away from plastics and while I was making Christmas cookies let my husband know my wishes and then received these as a gift – perfect!!! Thank you!

  223. Shelly

    Excellent mixing bowls
    These are excellent and very good quality mixing bowls. They are easy to clean the handle on the side makes it easy to hold the bowl without getting your hands in your dough. The lids fit nicely and are airtight. Used them for my royal icing for my Christmas cookies and it is important to keep the icing airtight and these bowls worked great! I’m very glad I purchased these!

  224. Dariel Summer

    Solid buy
    Haven’t had them for long but am loving them so far! The rubber bottom really helps with slipping and they are so easy to clean up.

  225. Kathryn K. Darby

    great lids.
    The lids are a bonus.

  226. barbara bailey

    Five star product
    I absolutely love these. I wish I had bought these years ago

  227. Connie Cortez-Barb

    Happy with purchase.

    I’m very happy with my purchase.

    Thank you,
    Connie Cortez-Barb

  228. asavage

    Very nice bowls and exceptional Customer Service
    We really have enjoyed the bowls. It’s our first set of mixing bowls with handles and we’ll never go back. We love the measurement marks. Our order was missing 2 of the lids, but their customer service is exceptional and we had them within the week. We will definitely keep Avacraft in our go to list for products.

  229. Paula Tessmer

    Great service
    I had a problem with one of the bowls and they replaced it immediately.

  230. Jean M. Mcgraw

    Very impressed
    I purchased for an elderly neighbor, so I impressed I plan on buying for my own use.

  231. Carol Casasanto

    Stainless steel bowls are awesome
    Perfect for my baking needs and for leftovers having the kids were a plus

  232. Wanda

    Great product!
    I really like this set. I love the silicone base, the brushed stainless steel, and the handle on each bowl. The lids fit just fine and are very handy.

  233. valerie

    Love the non-slip bottom and the handle
    The lids are a wonderful bonus. Used same day they arrived.

  234. Mobilian

    Versatile, handy mixing bowls
    I bought this set after purchasing an Avacraft saucepan, which I like. Several handy features make this an excellent buy: the non-slip bottoms and handles, the spouts, the lids, and measurement markings on the interiors. The bowls nest to take less cabinet space. I like the use of silicone and 18/10 stainless steel since I’ve transitioned to healthier food-handling kitchenware.

  235. Lisa katzer

    Worth the money!
    Great buy

  236. Laura Guardiano

    Great set and value
    I just received them so I haven’t had an opportunity to use them, however, they are beautiful, solid and very light. Love the non-skid bottoms. The seller is extremely concerned with your satisfaction with the product. It’s a nice thing in this day and age.

  237. Amazon Customer

    Great mixing bowls
    I love the no slip bottoms of the bowls. It makes stirring a breeze. When I store lids with their matching counterpart, I usually nest the bowls with the lids on. With these
    bowls, I was able to nest each bowl inside one another, but not with the lids on. It’s not a big deal, it just makes storing items neater. I also appreciate the handle on the side of the bowls.

  238. Ernie

    Premium product
    They are heavy duty bowls with excellent non slip bottoms. Kids fit snugly too.

  239. Sera Kiernan

    These bowls are great. Well made.

  240. Susan

    Great quality and value.
    I use them for mixing batter when I bake, and also for mixing salad as well.

  241. Phos Hilaron

    nice quality and design
    shopped for a long time before deciding on these bowls, and I’m not disappointed.

  242. R. Varma

    Well designed and excellent quality.
    My 11 year old who is into baking & cooking loves these bowls. They are his go-to kitchen utensils for everything. He really appreciates the quality and I like how easy they are to clean and store.

  243. ray lynn dyer

    Why I am returning
    Your service was great and the product was top notch. I am returning because it just doesn’t fit my mixer, which I why I ordered it.

  244. Roxy21

    Non-slip is great!
    These bowls are very nice. They have everything I was looking for; stainless steel, non-slip bottoms, spouts, and lids. Though they’re dishwasher safe, I prefer washing them by hand. These bowls have met my expectations and then some.

  245. Debbie S.

    Great bowls!
    These bowls are exactly what I was hoping to find to replace my old melamine nesting bowls. The measurement lines inside the bowl are handy and the easy grip handles are comfortable. The nice base keeps the bowl from slipping on the counter, and the lids are perfect for keeping contents in the fridge. Highly recommend!

  246. Megan Iftner

    Great product
    Great product so far.

  247. ronald

    Good enough to make us wish it was replacement time for our current set!
    Given two sets..as gifts..to close Family members. Nothing but positive comments!

  248. Joe Belleville

    Wish I had seen them for sale years ago.
    Won’t tip over with spoon or stirrer inside. The outside bottom is coated so it will not scratch my countertop. There is measurements marked inside for reference. Has a nice lid for each bowl, so I can put excess in refergrator for storage.

  249. Alison Chapman

    I am cleaning out all the gadgets and plastics and poor materials in my kitchen. These mixing bowls are wonderful! I like the markings on the inside for measurements as well. Great price and quality stainless! And I LOVE that they have lids if I just want to throw the bowl in the fridge!

  250. P J

    Needed new bowls that weren’t plastic and breaking down and staining all the time. I really like the non skid bottom and the lids fit well also. Great bowls.

  251. Jennifer F.

    You will love them!
    Love them!!! Great grip for handle and counter. Does slide all over the place. Super easy to clean. Looks beautiful and classy! Kids fit perfectly.

  252. Sahajanand

    Nice, sturdy but not too heavy mixing bowls
    Sturdy bowls with a useful spout, small handle, and base. Volume markings on inside surface should be very useful. Just got the bowls last week so haven’t rated on durability.

  253. mesco

    Perfect bowls.
    These bowls are great! Love the no-skid bottoms and the handles. Nice features like pour spouts with lids which was just what I was looking for. They stack nicely as well.

  254. Gwen Gros

    Great set of mixing bowls.
    Great set of mixing bowls!!!! Love stainless steel, the handles and rubber grip on the bottom and reasonably priced.

  255. Carlynn S.

    Nice stainless bowl set! 9
    I needed bowls I could easily grip while baking. These work great! Nice set that nest easily and come with lids.

  256. Ed

    Well designed. Works for me.

  257. daming fan

    Good quality!
    I was looking for 8Qt container with lid, but I like this design and the quality shown. Even though this brand with higher price when compared to other similar products, I finally selected this one. It is what I wanted, high quality, detailed design, especially the holder which can help to prevent slip away from hand when using. If they have 8Qt will be prefect.

  258. B

    Buy them!!!!
    Love how these have the no slip bottoms & handles on the side make it easy to hold. They stack inside each other nicely. The lids fit great, even after being refrigerated!

  259. Regina Rose

    great non slip bottom
    Great non slip bottom and lids fit great.

  260. Ricardo C.

    As advertised!
    This product is everything they say. Received product, popped it in the dishwasher, and then used each bowl. We are very happy with this product!

  261. Anonymous0982

    Nice design
    Ordered on a whim and very happy with the bowls. Seem to be well made and no problems so far.

  262. Ron

    Would recommend
    Good mixing bowls

  263. Meg Angevine

    Measurements on the inside, pour spout, cover, handle, non slip base, light weight and stackable. What’s not to love? I wish I had these years ago!

  264. Denise Blackwood

    AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl set is a Must have!!
    I just received the bowls and am very happy with my purchase. The weight and look is what I was looking for. The sizes are perfect for my needs and bowl nest perfectly to allow saving storage space. The non-slip silicone bottom is awesome and the lids are a bonus. I will highly recommend!!!

  265. Ellie J.

    Should have better quality control
    The numbers on the mid-sized mixing bowl that I received were faded in places and there was an extra bit of rubber hanging off the handle. Not terrible problems, but at this price point I would expect to see much better quality control. I’m still giving these mixing bowls 4 stars, though, because they have every other feature I was looking for: stainless steel, pour spout, non slip bottom, and handle. I just received them this week so I will be back with an update later this year.

  266. Tammy R.

    gotta have them

    These bowls make cooking, baking and storing a breeze lids are just great!

  267. Tammy Ray

    gotta have them
    These bowls make cooking, baking and storing a breeze lids are just great!

  268. Granny of boysAmazon Customer

    Very nice product.
    Bought this set to give to my oldest grandson for his new apartment. I imagine he will use it in good health.

  269. Pamela B.

    very nice bowls

    These bowls are very nice weight and fell very sturdy. I like the handles they are just the right size to be able to hold the bowls. I’m very pleased with them.

  270. Pamela Ballengee

    very nice bowls
    These bowls are very nice weight and fell very sturdy. I like the handles they are just the right size to be able to hold the bowls. I’m very pleased with them.

  271. Anonymous

    Awesome bowls!
    Non-skid bottoms, lids for each of the 3, and measuring lines inside! And, they’re made by Texans!

  272. F Jones

    Great lids.
    Love em so far!

  273. carlee

    Very nice!
    I first thought these were a bit pricy, but they’re worth it! Love the lids, the nonslip bottoms, the handles, and the ease of pouring.

  274. Elise

    This set is a keeper!
    I’m very pleased with these bowls. Thy are nice and deep and lids fit well. I do wish here was one a little larger!

  275. MS

    They are adequate not a heavy gauge stainless though price point reflects that so good.

  276. NY Diva

    Fantastic set; perfect sizing for kitchen tasks. Clean-up’s a breeze, doesn’t stain or retain odors. Also, loving the convenience of snug covers. Will purchase a 2nd set.

  277. Kailleigh Archibald

    Need a replacement lid
    I really like these bowls but the lid on the middle size has split. How can I order a replacement lid?

  278. User32

    Good bowls!
    Really nice set of bowls. 3 different sizes that will meet all your food or mixing needs. Non slip bottoms are nice, keeping bowls in place. Easy to clean. Very sturdy. Would recommend.

  279. Mark

    Quality product.
    Just purchased so I haven’t used yet. Great sizes, clearly marked inside measurements, good variety as well. Will keep all posted.
    Just heard via e-mail from the vendor with a big “thank you”. A good sign. I will definitely buy their products in the future.

  280. Emily

    Best bowls I’ve ever owned
    I am thrilled with these bowls. They are just the right weight and thickness to be sturdy, but not heavy. The pour spouts pour accurately and without any drips. The rubberized bottoms keep them from slipping on the counter and the handles are comfortable to grasp. Each bowl fits completely inside the next larger size. I value them being made of high quality, non-toxic, stainless steel. Having perfectly fitting lids for each bowl is an added plus.

  281. Hill Country Rider

    They do the trick
    Wish they were a bit heavier

  282. Glenn

    Nesting is a nice space saving feature, and the handles are nice to have. Love these. Replaced a few plastic mixing bows and these are much better! The measurements inside each are a nice touch as well. Oh, and love the rubber bottoms.

  283. Sasha

    New fan of Avacraft!
    Love these bowls. Nice weight to them, and the pour spouts and lids make this set so much better than other brands. Very nice quality. These were a great deal

  284. Eugene

    Works great, use all the time.

  285. diana

    Great product

  286. Shannon Danaher

    LOVE IT!
    I love everything about this product. I have been raving about it so much that friends are teasing me that I work for the company. I ordered it because I needed durable nesting bowls. What I discovered was that I loved the extra features. The measuring aspect, the pouring spout, the well-fitting covers, the non-skid bottom, the light weight nature of the product, and the edge that makes it easier to hold are all amazing features. Yes, I would strongly recommend this product. No, I am not selling the product or employed by the company. Lol!

  287. blamawkg

    Happy cooking!
    I love the size and easy clean-up.

  288. Norma from Kalamazoo

    Size, clean up great, won’t break and stacking!
    I needed sturdy mixing bowls that would not break , as I have grand daughters that love to bake, these are perfect and just the right sizes! Love how they stack and take up such small cupboard space! Finally have great mixing bowls that are NOT PLASTIC. I have not put them in dishwasher because they are so easy to clean.

  289. Monaco9

    Sturdy mixing bowls
    Nice set of mixing bowls. Nice weight with non-slip base. Lids to match!

  290. Beth Lane Sinclair

    Great stainless steel bowls.
    Perfect for kitchen use and you know what materials went into making them. Good product, great price.

  291. Mudita

    Highly functional and attractive
    I am entering old age and find the ease of use of these lovely mixing bowls to be exceptional. Their handles, pouring spouts and light weight making cooking much more pleasurable. I would highly recommend to anyone.

  292. Amazon Customer

    Good buy
    Good product and made well. I like the nonslip bottom and the handle.

  293. keepitrockin

    Great set of bowls and they get used a lot!! The lids fit perfect and we just love them. Do not use in the dishwasher as there are some rubber components on the bottom of the bowls for gripping purposes. The bowls are pretty heavy duty and should last a very long time.

  294. MAG

    Nice bowls

  295. Mary Jo Furey

    Bought these for my son and he absolutely loves them!

  296. CR

    Excellent Quality!
    Bought these for my granddaughter & she loves them. They are of excellent quality. They are a good weight, & having non slip bottoms & lids are a real bonus.

  297. Vegas Donna

    Best bowls ever!
    I really like these bowls a lot, especially the rubber non-skid bottoms and pour spout. That makes it so easy to pour and stir without the bowl sliding around. I also like the fact that their stainless steel. I purchased a set for my brother as well, and they really like them too 🙂

  298. CanadianPrincess

    Best bowls ever!
    Easy to store, easy to clean, measurements on bowl, has a pour lip! The rubber bottoms are very helpful on the outside for non slipping, they fit into each other for storing. They have an awesome handle which makes them super unique and very helpful! Bought another set for a gift!

  299. Meg

    Great bowls
    I love these bowls! They are just the right weight, size and shape, deeper than wide. I have used them for a variety of recipes and they performed well for every one. Good quality. I will buy more products from this company. These bowls would make a great shower/wedding gift.

  300. customer

    Love these stainless steel mixing bowls!
    I have been looking for a set of stainless steel bowls and was hesitant to order a set I couldn’t see and feel, but I am so glad I ordered these. It’s a plus that they come with lids.

  301. Dino Marsili

    Great Product
    Everything is as advertised Great product!

  302. customer

    Perfect for the RV
    Very pleased with this set of mixing bowls. Much lighter than my Pyrex set I have been using for years. Love having the ability to to close up with lids. They are a little deeper than what I was used to, which helps contain the batter when mixing.

  303. J. Torres

    GREAT deep mixing bowls
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. Have been using glass mixing bowl and a cheap plastic mixing bowl and I always ended up with splatters all over my table, my toaster oven, my coffee maker, my floor and ME…you get the point. These are GREAT! They are deep enough to mix without splatter and the rubbery bottom and handle make it easy hold and keep in one spot.

  304. customer

    Best mixing bowls ever!
    I bought this set of mixing bowls for my sister for Christmas. (She wanted a light-weight set with handles.) After doing research, I decided on this particular set. Since my sister & I cook a lot together, I got to use them the very next day. Each bowl has a silicone bottom, a silicone handle, a pour spout & measurements on the inside. They are extremely light-weight, & since the handle is at the top of the bowls, very easy to control. These are the best mixing bowls ever! I’m ordering a set for myself!!!

  305. customer

    Great Product and Price
    Set was as described and very nice with great handles to pour and stores nicely in cabinets

  306. Joni

    I highly recommend purchasing.

    Top quality! I purchased for a gift. He loves them. Now I’m going to purchase some for myself.

  307. Nina

    Great for making my bread

    Loved that it was dishwasher compatible, and came out clean and dry. It is easy to use, the perfect weight, and very sturdy!

  308. jaime

    Perfect bowls!
    Love these bowls. They all fit into each other to save space while put away. The lids are great if you make royal icing and need to cover it. Might purchase another set.

  309. Jayme S.

    Good choice!
    Looked at several bowl sets. Very glad I chose these. Love the non skid bottom and the handle!

  310. kathyk

    I am an avid cook so I’m glad I made this purchase of high quality mixing bowls.
    I was pleased with my purchase when I opened the box. These boys have a good sturdy feel and I love the little handle. I have to say the email that I received from customer service put the icing on the cake. They aim to please!

  311. Craig M.

    Easy to clean!
    Really good product

  312. beanseeds

    Happy purchase!
    Although I have only owned them for a very short time I am very pleased. I like the secure lid. I really like the the measurement markings on the inside of the bowl. Saves a lot of time and cleanup on simple recipes.

  313. GinSing

    Why did I wait so long? Why do we put ourselves last sometimes?
    All I can say is WOW. Get these. Get these for gifts – wedding, housewarming, whatever. Just get them. Don’t wait 40 years to think you finally deserve the good stuff. Get them now and use the heck out of them now. You deserve it.

  314. Jeff S

    Sturdy, non-skid and easy to clean
    We are very happy with these and priced right

  315. Sally A. Lowther

    Amazing bowls with lids!
    I love the new bowl I got for Christmas. I checked many reviews before I ordered this set. I have never had stainless before. I love how lightweight they are and if they fall they will not break. They cleaned up so well. As an added bonus they have air tight lids. I am so very pleased with this purchase.

  316. Karen

    Best mixing bowls I’ve ever had!!!
    UPDATE: When Avacraft found out about my lids, they reached out about replacing them, and I am genuinely blown away. It was my own fault for not realizing the lids aren’t dishwasher safe, and I was fine with working around it, but they’re doing this for me anyway. I will never not recommend these folks to anyone!

    What the title says. Seriously. I’ve struggled for years with mixing bowls that were plastic and tore up, or were beat up and unbalanced, slipped, or were awkward sizes. I saw these and fell in love with the idea of a stainless steel bowl I couldn’t tear up that didn’t play slip n’ slide on my counters. The idea of lids that weren’t plastic wrap I had to argue with were even better. And with the price on them, I ordered two sets without hesitating.

    I’ve had them now for less than a week and I’m already in love. The quality on the bowls is wonderful, I’ve made two batches of protein bars in them and they’ve taken every scrap of abuse I can heap on them like champs. The handle is nicer than I ever dreamed, and they clean up easily and beautifully. I cannot wait to make all sorts of other things in them.

    My ONLY complaint (and it’s pretty trivial in the long run) is that when I ran everything through the dishwasher the medium and large lids warped on me. I expect this was due to running them on the bottom rack because they wouldn’t fit in my top one, and the heat got them down there. Mind, they’re still functional. They seal firmly and tightly without pulling away. You just notice it pretty clearly off the bowl. If I had the option, I’d probably get some replacement lids as non-warped ones will store more easily, but as it is I won’t worry about it and will make sure to hand wash what I can’t get in the top rack.

  317. Kathy .C

    Sturdy Bowls …

    Great bowls! Easy to use and they don’t move when mixing. I purchased 2 sets and gave one away! I love them and if I need more gifts or bowls I will purchase more!

  318. VoraciousBuyer

    Looked nice, but weren’t sturdy…returned
    Looked nice, but were so wobbly, that it was irritating and I had to return them. Bought a set of Oxxo Good Grips ones and couldn’t be happier.

  319. Carly W.

    Lovin these bowls
    I Love these bowls, I bought them for my daughter-in-law for Christmas and hesitated with the handles. But, she loved them so I purchased a set for myself. Yes, you will use the handles and they are nice. Good Quality and easy to wash. I couldn’t find washing instructions on the site or in the box. I put the bowls in the dishwasher but didn’t take the chance on the lids.


    I was happy with the quality, lids, and price. Bought for gift which I’m sure will last her for many years!

  321. Amazon Customer

    Good value.
    Pleased with the quality. Good value for the price.

  322. BB

    Good quality and value
    We are very happy with this set. The sizes are exactly what we needed

  323. Grace Moyle

    These are amazing. We are always baking or perparing dishes and these are awesome.

  324. Amazon Customer

    Love the no skid bottom and marked measures are easy to read…highly recommended.

  325. Emilia

    Good quality. Well made.

    Good quality. Well made. Didn’t realize when we purchased them that they had measure marks on the inside of the bowls. They’re great and we’re happy we purchased them!

  326. ARIEL

    Well made and easy to measure ingredients.

    I liked that it includes all the features of other bowls all in one. Makes the job much easier

  327. BdG

    Good looking, Durable bowls.

    I liked these so much, I bought a second set. They are durable – and easily storable. I keep leftovers in them as the tips are great! I wash the tops in the top rack of dishwasher and have had no problem. The rubber bottom keeps them from slipping when using hand mixer – they are well made and so far look wonderful – (my first set is almost a year old).

  328. Eric

    Amazing bowls, better than expected

    Awesome, pleasantly surprised how nice and sturdy they are… not cheap think metal, these are pro.

  329. Jeremy Eubanks

    Excellent Mixing Bowls

    They are everything they need to be.

    Measurement markers on the inside are a nice extra

  330. th

    just what was advertised

    Great for mixing and short term storage; easy to use and store; very sturdy

  331. avid reader

    wish I had these bowls for the past 50 yrs

    love the deepness of these bowls, fact that they don’t slip/move around while using them, have measurements inside the bowls to help you when mixing ingredients. And…can put the lids on (yep they fit)and put them in the frig, take them out, put them back, take them out….. Oh, and the HANDLES……………………something so you can Grip the bowl. Yeah, I love them and if my daughter/s don’t have anything like these guess what their Christmas presents will b this yr?

  332. Lisa Engelke

    Would buy again

    Got these bowls as a gift and they are wonderful

  333. Theresa Compton

    Great purchase

    These are very nice bowls!! Great quality & love the lids. They go on so easy & give an air tight seal.

  334. Sandra Toogood

    Great value!

    The advertisement for these mixing bowls is actually accurate (what a refreshing thought!). The bowls fit inside one another perfectly, are lightweight and easy to clean. They also have a non-skid bottom so the bowl doesn’t go skittering across your counter when your electric mixer is set on high. The lids are perfect, also. Best of all, they are not expensive. A really great value even at twice the price!

  335. christine f

    18/10 stainless steel!

    Love the handles and non skid bottoms. 18/10 steel is the best you can buy. Nice to have lids to cover while chilling in the fridge. High quality and a good price! Company is based in the USA!

  336. Elizabeth J Cordes

    What took me so long???

    I have been using plastic bowls for baking/mixing for probably 20 years…I hate them. When I would use my hand mixer the bows would spin on the counter so I had to hold them with one hand and the mixer with the other and then turn the mixer off to scrape the bowl as was just out of hands!
    These bowls do everything as advertised and stay put on the counter. I also love the measurements inside the bowl…very nice addition. Thanks!!!

  337. Charles Allen

    Great Product!!

    These came in just in time to give one set as a gift and I kept one for myself! I love them they are easy to use, easy to clean and if you need to put the top on and place in the refrigerator they are so convenient. These make wonderful gifts! If you do purchase a set for a gift you might want to purchase one, also!!

  338. Maxwell


    I’m very happy with this. I used plastic mixing bowls for years, that would crack after a while. These are excellent.

  339. DC Metro Area

    Great buy and perfect for small storage availability

    Great product, exactly what I was looking for since last Thanksgiving I wanted new service of bowls but dual ability of measuring and stackable capability.

  340. Rogue33

    Great Quality!! Great Gift

    Gave these as a wedding gift and they loved them.

  341. Jan

    As advertised

    Good quality and value.

  342. Renee Kiser

    Stainless steel bowls

    I love these bowls. The handle is very helpful and they don’t slide due to the rubber on the bottom which is also very helpful. The lines of measurement are awesome. All in all very nice bowls!!

  343. Susanna Lam

    up to expectation

    very good to use for making dough and proof overnight in the fridge

  344. simmone

    very well made

    These are well made mixing bowls but not heavy, i have used them and run them through the dishwasher. They will be long lasting bowls.

  345. Robert McAllister

    Great handle for pouring out love these bowls love love

    Excellent mixing bowls love the rubber coated bottom stopped from slipping as a measurement chart inside the bowls Great handle for pouring out love these bowls

  346. Tim

    worth the money

    nice! used it for about a month now. nice rounded bottom, useful handle, good thickness, does its job, nests and puts away nicely

  347. Janis

    The Stackable set with great rubber on bottom to keep bowls from sliding.

    This is a great set of stainless steel mixing bowls with little handle on side to help with pouring. They also have rubber on bottom to keep them from sliding. I would have preferred a little heavier gauge stainless steel but with care should not be a problem. I would recommend purchase of this set.

  348. Sarah


    perfect mixing bowls!

  349. EG

    Best mixing bowls I’ve ever owned

    Weight is excellent, easy clean, pour spout is convenient and the lids are a big plus!

  350. drbanks

    Great quality!

    Love these bowls! Great quality! The sellers description is accurate! I had done my research before purchasing these. Very pleased!

  351. Cathy F

    Easy to stack store

    These mixing bowls are pretty awesome
    I will have them for a very long time

  352. gotrr


    This set of three covered, stainless steel mixing bowls meets expectations. There is a bit of strange staining after removal from the dishwasher, but I live in an area with VERY hard water. The lids fit tightly and I am extremely pleased by this, though I don’t think I’ll put the lids in the dishwasher.

  353. J. Randolph

    This is now my new favorite mixing bowls by far!

    Love these mixing bowls. I use the larges and smallest for baking and the middle size, I use for making soap. They are sturdy, they don’t slip around because of the nice silicon base, and they are a great size. They aren’t super heavy and they have a small handle which makes using them much easier than my other mixing bowls. The pour spout could be a little more pronounced, it doesn’t really direct a pour, but they are still 2 stars better than any other mixing bowl I’ve used. Especially for the soap!

  354. monica early

    Great set of stainless bowls!

    These bowls were exactly what I was looking for. I really like the size variations, the handles on the bowls to sturdy them while hand mixing, the pour spout and the grip on the bottom of the bowls. Also, the lids are a great added feature. They are easy to clean and are at a very reasonable price. Thank-you for such a great and well thought out set!

  355. Candy

    The Best Of Kitchen Mixing Bowls

    I Love This Company They Seen Where I Was Missing My Lid For My Small Bowl and They Sent me One .I Have All Three Lids For My 3 Bowls .These Bowls Are Awesome Rubber Grip non slip bottom and The Handle Has Rubber Grip Handle and Measurements on the side Love These Bowls Great For Everything .and Mix and Store with Lids

  356. Matt


    So far so Good

  357. Karen M. Jackson

    Lightweight, easy to use bowls

    Great for every day household use. Very easy to handle and store, both empty and full. Love them!

  358. vp

    Happy baking

    Absolutely marvelous

  359. Gini Wellman

    Best mixing bowls EVER

    The bowls are perfect – light weight but durable. I love the handles! Well done – from one Texan to another!!!

  360. Roberta Lindvall Cruver

    Like them

    Needed only 3 mixing/stg bowls
    and fit the bill nicely. The

  361. Daniella

    Not just mixing bowls but also is a storage bowl!

    My son loves them and the fact he can use the lids to tightly seal in the freshness of Any leftovers.

  362. MMason

    Great value

    These bowls are a great value. They stack easily, are lightweight and easy to care for. And they come with lids. Great for baking and cooking.

  363. MDDave

    Very Good Quality Bowls

    I really like the rubberized grip, which helps when my hands are wet. The bowls are high quality and quite solid, so I’d say they are medium-light weight. Very prompt shipment, and a good company.

  364. yulyia

    Well made

    I like them. I know they will serve me forever. The lids are tight but opened easily. Not very light because made of durable material and have rubber on it.

  365. Nancy

    Great bowls. Great supplier November 17, 2018

    These bowls are an excellent addition to my kitchen. Betty east to work with and store. HIGHLY recommended

  366. Ara

    Measurement markings are clearly visible

    Had my eye on it for awhile. Glad i finally got it.

  367. Jerry C.

    The lids fit tight and don’ come off if you bump the bowl.

    I’ve mixed and stored in the medium bowl. I like that they don’t slide around as you mix. The handle is nice for hanging onto as you mix. A good product!

  368. Konul


    Just perfect!!

  369. Adrienne

    I am a bowl lover

    I love these bowls! I have a love for all things bowls! These are amazing! Sturdy, pretty, lightweight… Would buy again.

  370. DadBodOnFleek

    Add To Cart RIGHT NOW! Excellent Set of Mixing Bowls!

    Exactly what my life’s been needing to replace all the far inferior bowls makeshift plastic bowls I’ve been using.
    The non skid bottoms are magnificent!
    Absolute Game Changer for this Old Man!

  371. Maria benita mercado

    Easy to use

    Love it

  372. warren b


    Good mixing bowels

  373. Dosha Blake

    User friendly

    Love the measurements that are easily seen on the inside of the bowl. The handles and pour spout very convenient

  374. Greg

    Top-notch and highly functional

    These are wonderful. Just enough variety in sizing, easy to clean, rubber base and grip make it so bowls don’t spin with whisk/mixers, lids make it easy to toss things together, measurements on the side are helpful, they stack… the list goes on. Best mixing bowls I’ve owned.

  375. Dillon77

    Mix, rest and store in 1 bowl…

    Love these mixing bowls. I use them to mix and rest dough. The handle gives a convenient method to hold the bowl and the lid is perfect cover when resting the dough. I imagine a this would be great for Making cookie dough and storing left over dough in the refrigerator.

  376. Julie Schneeberger

    Julie Schneeberger
    Nicely made.

    I mostly use to make cookie dough and the largest bowl is perfect for a large batch, can use lid and chill in refrigerator . The handle is very useful to hold while stirring and the bottom doesn’t slip on counter as it has a silicone sort of bottom. It pours nicely too. I made brownie and poured the batter into pan from bowl. Cleans up nicely and store all bowls n the large bowl. Glad to have this beautiful set.

  377. shania reid

    shania reid

    I love them!!!!

    Wonderful bowls and high quality.

  378. Mapuana Cosner

    Love it!

    Exactly what I was looking for. I used it a few times for different cooking events. The mixing. Owls are sturdy and with the rubberized bottom it doesn’t slide around when mixing. It is lighter than the ceramic bowls I used to use and easy to pour out contents with the spout and handle. I highly recommend this product.

  379. Yulia

    Hold well, even after being used as drums by two toddlers

    Great set: easy to clean, does not take too much space, has volume marks inside, sturdy and pretty looking. Does not retain smells like plastic.

  380. Finish Carpenter

    As Expected, Very Good

    Maybe I drank too much coffee but I went into hyper research mode before I bought this. There were so many mixing bowl sets so how do you tell the difference? First decide on glass ceramic or stainless. I decided I was just going to use it for mixing and not displaying so I went with stainless. Would I ever use it as a double boiler or for cooking? No. so the rubber bottom was a plus. Then I learned about stainless steel. 18/10 (refers to the alloy composition) does not rust as easily as 14/4. Sometimes it’s 18/8 but they call it 18/10 anyway. Stay away from stainless steel cookware from India as they sometimes mix in radioactive scrap. Then why do some bowls cost twice as much even though they are almost all made in China? The answer to that is marketing costs. I saw one very nice set made in Sweden but it was four times the cost. Then after that it was just a matter of finding a set that was sturdy so I searched the other reviews that mentioned that. This set is sturdy enough, has a nice grippy rubber bottom, lids, and the price is good. What a lot of work! Sometimes it’s easier if you just go to the store and they have one set and it’s good. Now I know more than I care to about stainless steel cookware production in the early 21st century.

  381. JR Cousins

    Nice finish

    Its what it i,s as advertised, lightweight but sturdy enough for its intended use.

  382. Bea Davidson

    Great Find

    I love my new bowls. They are exactly what I was seeking. I love the lids which were included. They are wonderful!

  383. Aaron Kowalski

    The handles are bomb!

    I am not sure why the other reviews say it’s not air tight. They are. The handles are dope. I cannot believe I had stainless bowels without handles for so long.

  384. Rick Peters

    Handle and measurements marks are great features

    Great bowl’s. Handle is great for holding while mixing

  385. Marvin Halsey

    It’s quality and user friendliness

    I love them and them for all my cooking

  386. koolkatt

    It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

    Best mixing bowls I’ve ever owned. Amazing quality! Highly recommended!

  387. Xuan Gao

    Sturdy and well made mixing bowls

    Bought this product for general cooking and to make salads, after spending an embarrassing amount of time researching online. The product is very well built (4 stars on sturdiness for now, will update after a few min months of use). The steel is quite thick – these are not flimsy at all. They are very easy to clean as oil does not stick to it nearly as much as my old plastic mixing bowls. The handle itself feels like metal wrapped in rubber, so no flex at all using it to lift the bowl even if very heavy. Very happy with these bowls thus far.

  388. Steve G

    Great product for the price.

    Well built and user friendly

  389. Hugh B Cecil

    Best rated for a reason

    Just bought a 2nd set of these for our 2nd home. They are so highly rated for good reason!

  390. Wagok

    My Go-To Mixing Bowls!!!

    LOVE that they are not heavy. The pour spout actually works! I was apprehensive that liquid would just spill over the side, but it doesn’t. Very happy about that. Love the measurements on the inside of the bowls. These bowls have everything you need. Such a fantastic product.

  391. charlie a.

    Great product!

    These are great bowls. Very sturdy, and easy to clean. Lids fit very nicely

  392. Bernie

    Great quality

    I like everything about this product. It has many features including non-slip bottom, easy pour, lightweight, handle. The bowls have measuring information on the inside. The cover snaps on and off easily.

  393. Oz


    Very pretty

  394. Linda MW

    one of the best

    This was given as a gift so I can’t really say although the feedback from the recipient was positive.

  395. Renee

    Perfect bowls!

    Quality bowls. The non-skid bottoms are great. The measurements printed on the inside of the bowls is a plus.

  396. Susan B.

    Perfect mixing bowls!

    These are just the right weight and the handle on one side and lip on the other make them perfect to use. The lids are an added bonus that allows you to also store food in them (like cookie dough that needs refrigeration before baking).

  397. M Lawson

    Quality stainless steel bowls

    Durability and tight fitting lids.

  398. Wendy Drummond

    Perfect Purchase

    I love the light weight and exceptional quality, super easy to clean. Wish I had purchased sooner.

  399. carol lewis

    Love that I can measure, prepare food & refrigerate all in one bowl.

    I mix my ingredients and store in the refrigerator all the time. I love only having to use one container for it all. The pour spout also comes in handy.

  400. Bill Stone

    Excellent mixing bowls.

    Easy to store and having lids makes a difference.

  401. MKV

    Super Mixing Bowls!

    They are so lightweight and the rubber bases keep them from slipping on the hard surfaces. They’re also great looking, and I love the lid

  402. MsKaty

    Great bowls

    I purchased these as a gift, but then the person ended up buying them herself so I kept them. I’m so happy I got to keep them! Great bowls!

  403. A Regular Shopper

    BEST Mixing Bowls I’ve Owned

    They’re sturdy, nonslip, and the handles are useful. The measurements on the inside are an added bonus which I didn’t expect to use but do! Also, the lids fit securely, unlike another brand I ordered and sent back twice before giving up.

  404. Marilyn danielson

    The description was exact ! size, color easy to clean

    love the product ! light easy to clean pretty

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